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Staring Leonardo DiCarprio

So over the weekend when I wanted to be as far, far away as I could from any address listed on my various driver’s licenses, I decided to go see Inception.

Maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of mind..

Maybe it has something to do with the couple in front of me arguing over an email he saw of hers that he was suspicious of and that she was getting all pissy about because he figured out her inbox password..

Whatever it was.. I just wasn’t getting this movie.

At all.

Now, I’m a fairly intelligent person who actually UNDERSTOOD the Matrix on the first go around so I was getting all pissy with myself because it wasn’t making sense to me..

Apparently, Leo :: who really should have sunk with the Titanic :: has the ability to enter people’s subconscious through dream manipulation.. or something like that..

Apparently, Leo’s wife is killed and they think he did it but he didn’t so he keeps here in a hotel of memories and he can’t come back to the States or he’ll be arrested … or something like that..

Some Asian dude wants him to get into some other dude’s subsconscience so that he can come up with an idea to break up his grandfather’s company and forgo world domination… or something like that.

I don’t know.

I WANTED to like this movie.. I actually even wanted to like the new fangled flavored popcorn the theater was selling but it was not to be.. and because I couldn’t turn the channel or jump on over to, I skipped out of Inception and planted myself into the screening room next door to watch:

Sorry... no Angie boobage in this one!


‘Cause if I was a lesbian, Angelina Jolie would be my fantasy!

Actually, she’s still my fantasy but that’s beside the point.

This has been reviewed as being the female Bourne Identity.

I actually thought that 90% of the story line was believable.. in fact, the whole children indoctrinated into Russian spy-hood and carrying out a decades old plan to collapse the US was brilliant..

What was unbelievable was some of the stunts and to me, that actually took away from it instead of enhancing the movie.

Maybe it was just me.. OR.. maybe I’d much rather see Angelina rolling around naked on a bed with Antonio Banderas.

At any rate .. I did enjoy it.

Inception? Really.. don’t bother unless you’ve smoked enough weed to not make you care that you don’t understand it!!


So I don’t really ¬†know what the deal is with me and trying to watch The Good Shepherd.

That being the movie starting Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie.

I’ve tried like 4 different times to watch it and every single time I fall asleep.

It’s not that it’s a sucky movie.. because what I HAVE seen of it.. it kept my interest as anything staring Angelina Jolie does.. but something happens when it’s on and I just tank out.

The first time I started watching it was a couple of months ago when it was On Demand.

Fell asleep about 40 minutes in.

I tried watching it again TWICE a few nights ago.. and yep.. tanked out.

So okay .. maybe I was too tired or it was too late or my bed was too comfortable.. dunno

So this afternoon, I came home from doing a catering gig at a church.. took a shower.. put the tv on in the living room and PURPOSELY sat on the uncomfortable part of the couch just to make sure I wouldn’t fall asleep.

And guess what?

Fell asleep.

I’m chalking this one in the NOT MEANT TO BE category but if anyone was able to stay awake and watch it.. can yout ell me what the hell happened???