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Ok.. that title’s lame. I admit it.



Geez.. could you give it a rest now?

Anway … Unless you’ve been cemented into an Amish family’s barn foundation, I know you’ve heard of Lady GaGa.

You may have heard OF her.. but have you ever HEARD her? I mean.. like her songs?

If not.. allow me five minutes of your precious time and watch this video:

Bad Romance happens to be my favorite song obsession at the moment and like anything I get obsessed about, I need to find out as much as possible.

Not having a job helps when your up to 3am cruising the internet for info, I’ll tell you what!

So now here’s the thing..

Yes, this emo / alt rock / classic rock chick really digs her music. I normally wouldn’t be caught dead with ANYTHING ‘pop’ or ‘pop’ related but this is the exception to the rule.

Alright.. alright.. I read Perez Hilton, ok? But that’s just because I’m a gossip whore who she really doesn’t care about what happens in celebrity lives but buys People and US Weekly.

But I will tell you what I like the most about Lady Gaga. Beside her songs. She is the complete opposite of the impression that she originally makes. She is committed to her vision.. she is committed to her art.. she has the chops. Her voice and talent are not studio created.

And dare I say she is humble and authentic?

Big words to use for some one who has had 5 consecutive #1 hits of a debut album.

I downloaded The Fame Monster the other day and I have to say that I love every song. Another rarity. Each one is different in it’s own way. For instance, give me another three minutes of your time and check out this song:

This was the video that made me realize that there was a lot more to her.. so yea she’s hot.. and her videos are sexy.. and she’s Italian-American.. but don’t be so quick to write her off and if you get a chance to see her interviewed, don’t change the channel.. you won’t be disappointed and you might just change your mind.

Oh.. and by the way.. she has replaced Angelina Jolie as my Girl Crush!! LOL

The only thing I knew about KOL is..well.. their name. I’ve heard it being buzzed around alot lately but could never attach the band to a song.

NOTE: The worse things the Internet Nazis did at work was to limit our internet access meaning, no more listening to my favorite radio station online so my discovery of new songs, bands, etc. is extremely limited now.

Anyway.. there was a conversation going on around my cube about Kings Of Leon and since I was already in the iTunes store I bought the album.

Honestly, at first, I wasn’t really thrilled. I mean, I liked “Use Somebody” but I wasn’t used to their kind of “sound” and was kind of surprised that they are listed as “alternative”

I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out how to describe their sound but I’m coming up empty. It’s kinda raw.. kinda sexy.. kinda moody (not in a PMS kinda way).

I do know that the more I listened to them the more I started to dig it. Really dig it.

Highly suggest you give it a listen.

Especially “Revelry” .. “Sex On Fire” .. “Cold Desert” and of course, “Use Somebody”

And just in case your not familiar with them, here’s a couple of videos to check them out:



… this is like my most favorite favorite song.

I could listen to this all bleeping day!