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Wow.. I heard a lot of things about this CD. That it was epic.. more ambitious then American Idiot.. rock opera.

So much hype that I couldn’t wait to listen to it. I always liked Green Day but was never really INTO into them.. but when I heard Jesus of Suburbia, I was like YEA!!

Love that song. Really. LOVE that song.


So I downloaded the album today off of iTunes. Generally, the first thing I do when I get a new album is to listen to it from start to finish on my headphones while doing something else. This way, if a song resonates with me, it will catch my attention.

So far, the two that IMMEDIATELY jumped out were 21st Century Breakdown :: no surprise ::, Viva La Gloria and Before The Lobotomy

In fact, I must have played Viva La Gloria about 50 times so far.

So here’s my initial thought..

I’m disappointed. Although not in the drums. Green Day should really be :: if their not already :: known for their drums. God .. their insane!

But yea.. I’m disapointed. It’s .. what’s the word I’m looking for? “Light”?

After American Idiot, I really expected this album to be more. I don’t know of more “what”.. just MORE.

Maybe a harder edge like Jesus of Surburbia.

Dunno.. I’m not a music critic so please.. please.. PLEASE don’t bitch at me, ok?

I’ll keep listening to it because you never know.. this may be one of those albums that you have to listen to a few times before it hits you.

Don’t get me wrong.. I like it. Alot. I just thought it was going to be… yknow… MORE!! LOL