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… so there’s been a pretty heated conversation going on between Jen512 and my buddy The Goober about healthcare. If you’re up for it, you can read it HERE.

I was going to post my episode recaps for Project Runway and Top Chef but I think this topic is a little more important.

NOTE: Just let me set the records straight before I go on my tirade. I am not a liberal.. conservative.. Democrat.. Republican.. a sheep.. or a lion. I am just someone who tries to live right.. tries to provide for my family and loves my country. I don’t trust politicians OR the judicial system for that matter so please don’t think that I have a hidden agenda or am just spewing what I hear from someone else. I keep an open mind about everything and am the first one to google something I don’t understand before I form an opinion about it.

With that said…

Before I met Chief, I had very little :: okay, NONE :: experience with my state’s welfare system. I grew up in I guess you could say a lower-middle class :: or high lower class :: neighborhood where no one really knew they didn’t have anything because we had what we needed :: food on the table, roof over our heads, etc. :: and everyone was basically in the same position that my family was.

We went to Catholic school, went to college and then went to work. We got married.. bought cars and houses and didn’t have any of the drama that you routinely hear about on the news on in the paper.

When I met Chief, he was a working as a chef for a ridiculously high end caterer :: they wouldn’t do a wedding unless the price tag was a minimum of 50 grand :: but was making half of what I was making an hour. In fact, he was making less then an entry level position for the company that I worked for.  He was trying to raise 3 kids without any type of child support because all the judges he and the crack whore went before fell for her sob stories.

According to assistance limits, he was making too much money to get on any type of program that would help with electricity bills or heating bills but was able to get about 180.00 a month in food stamps.

That’s basically 6 bucks a day.

Which the state immediately cut off when he went on unemployment.

NOTE: There is a “down” time in catering and generally you work 8 months and then are laid off for 4 months. Carpenters go through the same thing.

If you think it was hard financially when he was working, imagine how hard it was when he was on unemployment. It was that reason why he decided to open up the store. The way we figured it on paper, my paycheck would be able to handle all the household stuff while his unemployment would go towards opening the store.. and then the store would be able to pay for itself.

He was smart.. and it worked. It was hard.. it was :: and still is :: 20 hour days and a lot of  sacrificing and a lot of worry and a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

I’m not complaining. It’s just how it is. We chose to open a store.. we knew it was going to take a lot of inner strength.. outer elbow grease.. and a lot of praying.

To say we work hard is an understatement. You can ask any one of customers and they will tell you that we do the very best that we can to give our customers things that they want that they can afford.

But what torques the hell out of my Chinese food suffering bowels is that while we are constantly pushing.. constantly striving.. constantly trying to make sure all our bases are covered, there are people that I wait on everyday who are just skating through life.. and think they are ENTITLED TO SKATE THROUGH LIFE.

The Crack Whore can run an air conditioner in every damn window of her apartment 24/7 and doesn’t have to care about what her electric bill is because she doesn’t HAVE TO PAY her electric bill.

She’s on welfare… the state pays it.

And guess what? On Tuesday, MY electricity was turned off because I owed a 28.00 back balance.

You read that right…


Or how about this one:

One of my regular customers came in on Monday asking if she could get a few things to hold her family over until her husband got paid on Wednesday. Knowing that she has kids to feed, I said “sure”. So she got something like 25.00 worth of stuff.

As I was slicing her lunch meat, she tells me that she will be having Gastric Bypass surgery in October.

Now, there’s no denying that she’s over-weight. But Gastric Bypass? There’s no way that I would have thought that she’d be a candidate for it. I know people personally that have had the surgery and they were OBESE. Like, can’t fit through the front door obese. This woman is no where near that size.

But guess what? She’s on welfare.. so guess who’s paying for the surgery?

At any rate.. it wasn’t even that pissed me off so much.. on Wednesday, she came in to pay her bill with her mother. While she was waiting for me to finish up with a few people in front of her, she started checking our our shelves saying that she had her first nutrition meeting and was looking for things that she would be able to eat after her surgery.

She then tells me that what she is going to do is join Nutri-Systems after her surgery so she doesn’t have to worry about counting calories or proteins or whatever the hell she has to check.

You know what the going rate is for a monthly subscription to Nutri-System?

299.95 A MONTH!

You can’t make your fucking money stretch so you have to ask for credit from me to feed your kids but you’re going to spend three hundred dollars a month for Nutri-Systems???


So.. as delicately as I can be.. I asked her how she was going to be able to swing it and you know what her answer was?

“… oh, the state is paying for it because I have to have the surgery for medical reasons”


I had to swallow my tongue because you see.. years ago.. I was 12 sizes bigger then I am now. I’m not that big anymore because I just started to eat right and I exercised. A lot. And eventually, I got down to a size 12.

No surgery .. no state paid food delivery service.. nothing but determination and commitment.

Then there was the whole glasses fiasco.

I needed new glasses and Chief needed glasses period. My insurance basically covered the exam.. the frames.. and the lenses but not anything extra like transitions :: where the lens get dark automatically in sunlight :: or UV protection or that kind of stuff. Chief needed a bifocal so because that was out of pocket also, I had to give up the transitions so that he could have the bifocals.

Okay.. whatever.. his was more important then mine and we could have only afforded one so the bifocals it was.

Two weeks ago, Weed came into the store and I forget how the subject even came up but he pulled out his little welfare medical card and said, “… I LOVE this thing. Do you know that I got two pairs of glasses that turn into sunglasses.. and I didn’t even NEED them I just got them because I could.”

Remember that scene in Austin Powers when the mannequins head explode?

Yea. That was me.

Oh.. and did I also tell you that the state is paying for him to get his G.E.D and is giving him a laptop so that he could study and look for a job? All because HE WENT TO JAIL FOR BURGLARY AND DEALING?

Or how about the woman that comes in bitching that her 700.00 a month in food stamps isn’t enough?

Or the other woman who BUYS a food stamp card from some barfly for half the amount in cash?

Or the couple who come in saying that yes, they can afford to have a second baby because they’ll be getting more food stamps when the baby is born?

Is it me or is something wrong here?

Why can’t the widowed father of 5 kids get any type of help from the state because omg.. he actually has a JOB.. but a baby making factory can get free food, free housing and a monthly cash stipend and is doing NOTHING to make her life better? Because to HER .. her life is SWEET.

“… I ain’t gotsta do nuffin’. Dey gotsta give me my money” .. that being an actual conversation I had when I asked what she was going to do when the state finally goes bankrupt and her food stamp card becomes useless

Some would say that I have nothing to bitch about because I choose to accept the food stamp card in my store. But I couldn’t have a store unless I take food stamps. The majority of my customers are on it.. and instead of having a moral struggle with it, I just feel like I’m basically getting my own money back.. since as a working person, my taxes go to providing them their lifestyle.

So you’ll have to forgive me when I hear about how the current administration wants to give MORE of my hard earned income to somebody else.

I’m struggling but because I had a job.. and I own a store.. nobody cares. Nobody is giving my kids free school supplies.. or school clothes.. or lunches.

No one cares about how I’m going to make my next car payment or utility payment or the fact that I had to cut out a lot of things that we’ve become accustomed to in order to keep a roof over our heads.

As long as there are more people with their hand out then there are with their hands in their pocket.. we are going to be forced to dish it out. And that’s just plain wrong.

Give a man to fish and he’ll eat for one day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat everyday

… or something like that.

For more details on Food Stamps, read THIS post that I wrote back in April

<< end rant >>

.. so around 4pm yesterday, I was on the laptop in my bedroom working on a project and Spaz was in the living room watching tv when there was a knock at the door.

I assumed it was on of of Bubba’s friends looking for him so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Spaz then knocked on MY door saying that the crack whore “… brought all this food over for us” and asked if I could give her a cigarette.

So I go outside and sure enough, she’s there in her pimp’s boyfriend’s pick up truck and Spaz is bringing in cases of soda.

She said that she had had her food stamps reinstated and it was SO MUCH MONEY that she couldn’t spend it all on her and Weed so she got some stuff for the boys because we don’t keep food for them in the house.

I explained to her the it isn’t that we DONT keep food in the house for them but that we don’t keep JUNK food in the house for them because they’ll eat everything at once and considering that Bubba is grossly obese and Spaz is MORBIDLY obese, the last thing they should be filling themselves with is sugar, salt and soda.

I asked her what she got for them and she said:

  • 2 boxes of pop tarts
  • 2 boxes of fruit snacks
  • 4 boses of lunchables
  • 4 cases of soda
  • 1 gallon of ice cream


Sugar. Salt. Soda.

I told her that it was great that she wanted to buy them stuff but they would be better off with healthier things like the 100 calerie snacks or the baked potato chips, etc. OR she could get them the Kids Cusines :: which are alot smaller portioned then what I remember as a kid ::

She told me that she would call every month for a list and I’m like.. you don’t need a list .. just get them things that are healthy.

I wasn’t trying to be difficult.. I swear.. but come on.

At any rate, I asked her what had happened to her stamps and she said that they had stopped them about three months ago when Weed moved in with her.

NOTE: Weed moved in with her 6 months ago and she has stamped about a month ago when she came in with her pimp boyfriend and bought 35.00 worth of stuff

She then went on to say that she got a full time job managing a cleaning service for this woman out of her house.

Um. Yea. I’m not even going to go there.

She said that she told the woman up front that she had a felony on her and the woman said that since she was honest about it she would give her a chance especially after the Crack Whore said that she wouldn’t steal from a house.

Um. Yea. I’m not even going to go THERE.

I feined the whole rose petal / kitten kisses expression :: OH! THAT’S GREAT! GUESS YOU WERE GOING STIR CRAZY NOT DOING ANYTHING, HUH? :: and then she said that the child support payment was already submitted to the the state and we should be getting it soon.

I brushed it off and said whatever but told her that:

.. yknow, there’s a possibility that I’m going to get laid off from my job so I’m not going to be able to support your kids in the luxury that they’re accustomed to.

Did I happen to ever mention that one of her eyes spins in a weird direction? Oh. Well, it does and that just made it spin more.

So I told her that she needed to keep this job because yknow, anything that takes any type of mental capacity, like the Thrift Store, doesn’t seem to be her cup of tea.

NOTE: It’s always fun having conversations with her when she’s blitz out of her mind :: which, of course, she was :: because when you say things that drip with sarcasm but with a smile on your face they just don’t get it and it’s fun to watch.

ALSO NOTE: I never said I was noble. Never even implied that I was so if my folly at the expense of a junked out Crack Whore is offensive to you then you just need to walk a block in my converse all stars and see how you handle all this.

She had asked me if I had seen Bubba and I said I didn’t.. she said he was suppose to come over to her place after school so she could get him a hair cut because HE said, “… Dad and Leese never have the time to take me.”

I told her that he’s a freakin’ liar because all he had to do was ask :: like the last time :: and I would have dropped everything :: like the last time :: and taken him :: like the last time.:: The problem is is that he’s never around to ask..

NOTE: When I met up with Bubba afterwards and asked him about it, he said that she didn’t say that. She said that she would have taken him on Sunday but everything was closed. Which, you know, in the age of Hair Cuttery and Super Cuts… that isn’t true but I’m not going to go there.

Also had a conversation with her about giving them her old computer.

NOTE: Did I write about that? Apparently, her mother is giving her a used computer and she asked Chief if she could give the boys HER old computer. Chief said fine but I told the boys they weren’t getting anything NEW :: which was my original intent :: or USED if they didn’t step it up at home.

So I told her that .. and I told her that there is no reason in God’s green earth that she can live in a clean space and I can’t … and the reason why I can’t is because of HER kids so she said that she wouldn’t send it over until I said it was ok.

Which.. yknow… isn’t going to happen. She just agrees and nods at me and then does whatever the hell she wants to do. I know that.. She knows that.. but at least I give it some hang time.

So she left and you know.. Spaz was all over the moon because she did something for him and that’s cool. I mean, I don’t get tourqued or upset or whatever..

Like I said before.. I know what these kids issues are and I know that she was a major factor in them having those issues. It’s not something my presence is going to fix. I’m not trying to replace her.. I’m not trying to cut her out of their lives.. the only thing I do DO is practice the art of spin control when she doesn’t something that hurts or disappoints them.

So as of now.. she’s getting 700.00 a month in food stamps :: is it me, or is that a GROSS amount for 2 people.. one of whom is also an adult :: so anything she provides for the boys is actually like me getting some of my money back.

As of now.. she’s working and supposedly is turning over child support.

Can you feel the warm and fuzzies??

Yea. Right.

Excuse me for being pessimistic but .. let’s just see how long its going to last.

Here we go again… the issue with Food Stamps.

THIS I didn’t know existed.

Apparently, there is a loophole which allows welfare recipients to purchase alcohol with their Access cards and Child Support cards

NOTE: I don’t care what people do with their child support money. For one, that’s private money and not issued by the state and two, after everything that I go through with Spaz and Bubba, I’m seriously thinking about two fisting some shots!

A State Rep, David Reed, has issued a bill that would prevent the sale of alcohol for people receiving food stamp.

And guess what?



Hmmm.. could it be that the State Rep is a Republican and that AUTOMATICALLY calls for opposition from the Libs?

Isn’t it the liberals who want BIGGER government? Who want the government to take care of every one of their needs? Bail out banks and fiscally irresponsible people? Who want nationalized health care? So why would they NOT think that the government would mandate how you can spend THEIR money??

NOTE: I’m going to post about this later but you want to know how Nationalized Healthcare works? You don’t need to look at Canada or England… just head over to your local VA Hospital and ask THEM how well they are treated.

Look.. everybody who reads this blog already knows my feelings about food stamps and why I feel the way I feel. But this is just ridiculous… how can someone actually think that buying alcohol and beer on food stamps is okay?

I’m of the theory that if your not part of the solution then your part of the problem.. and that if you’re standing on a soapbox proclaiming all that’s wrong then you should also come up with how to fix it.

So my fix with food stamps?

Let people work for it. I’m sure there are places, neighborhood, land where everyone lives that is over-grown or strewn with trash … I’m sure there is “blight” in every city, county, borough in the state / country.

And wouldn’t you know it? The governement has a WHOLE WORK CORP of people. You want food stamps? Then you have to throw on that flourencent vest and pick up trash.. cut grass.. paint over graffetti.

In other words.. EARN it. The government doesn’t have to worry about where they’re going to get the money from because they’re already dolling it out.

See. Simple.

But “Simple” is NEVER “Simple”.

I can hear the excuses now.. “I don’t have time to work painting walls” :: Why? Because you already have another job and are fraudently receiving state aid? It happens. More then you’ll want to believe :: “.. but I got kids” :: Then put them in day care or have someone babysit like the majority of the poplace does. Or aren’t you already getting money FOR daycare from the state?” :: “.. but.. but.. but..”

I think, a while back, this came up and I think doing that was deemed unconstitutional. I’ll have to do some research on that.

I’d love to find out who deemed it unconstitutional to work becase guess what? My ass will be out of my cube in a heartbeat!

… so if you read my previous post then you know that the Crack Whore Prima Donna of the Gutter started working at the thrift store next store to our shop and promptly quit after 3 hours.

This morning while I was packing Spaz’s overnight bag :: his Uncle Sarge is taking him down the shore overnight :: he mentioned something about his mother working there.

I told them that I had heard and he said, “… yknow she quit”

I said that I had heard that too.

He went on to say that she told him she quit because she had to stand on her feet all day and deal with nasty customers and :: get this :: that

.. that job was beneath her

So being a pill popping welfare recipient crack whore is ALOT better then making an honest living, huh?

THIS is YOUR tax dollars at work people!

While YOUR out working.. trying to make ends meet.. provide for your families.. sacraficing to put food on YOUR table and clothe YOUR kids.. part of your paycheck is going to people like her who just sit back and live the good life.


Something is really wrong with this picture, isn’t it?