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So y’all should know by now that the only thing I’m addicted to are cigarettes and shoes.

NOTE: Please save yourself the frustration of trying to enlighten me  of the hazards of smoking. I know all about it but come on.. do you READ my blog?? It’s either smoking or black tar heroine!! LOL!!

And since my broke ass can no longer afford to drop paychecks on a pair of Manolo’s :: Yes, I did that. Yes, I still have them. Yes, they are surrounded by velvet ropes and are uplit! :: I quench my thirst and kill my early mornings drooling over the latest craftmanship of leather.. or patent leather.. or canvas.. HELL, they don’t even have to be crafted by a man!!

Anway.. the point is that last night I was had an epiphany.

Since I spend soooo much time looking at shoes.. since I have soooo many pairs of shoes… AND since I am a wealth of shoe knowledge.. why don’t I just create a blog??

So I threw the idea out there and got a lot of positive feedback.


So only BRAY left positive feedback but fuck.. it doesn’t take too much to motivate me, yknow!

The new blog is called THE SHOE WHORE .. because, really.. what the hell else would I call it, right?

Check it out and tell me what you think because your mission is a banner.

I am sooo not good with banners and I know some of you are **coughJEANcough** so if you want to help a sista out and waste a little bit of your time I would greatly appreciate it..

AND when I get that show on the Style Channel .. you’ll be the first one I thank!!!

OR.. you may not think it needs a new banner. Don’t know.. sometimes I’m not objectionable with these kinds of things.. Especially because I just started it so I’m not really THAT awake!! LOL!!

NOTE: It was not my intent to pressure Jean in ANYWAY to create a banner for me. She, after all DOES have a life!!


OH.. one other thing.. if anyone knows how to change the BIG BOLD BLACK lettering, can you let me know.. it’s just a little TOO BIG BLACK AND BOLD..!!

If you make one, just email it to me at!


Posted: July 20, 2010 in Convos

CHIEF: How come you don’t say “Holy Cannoli”?

ME: What?

CHIEF: The commercial that was just on for the 25 Best Jersey moments?

ME: You’re kidding, right?

CHIEF: No. Seriously. You’re Italian.. why don’t you say “Holy Cannoli”

ME: Guess I was born on the wrong side of the river.


ME: Thought so…


Posted: July 15, 2010 in Convos

Customer: Do you have rolls?

Me: Yep

Customer: Do you know where they are?

Me: Right there where the “ROLLS” sign is.

Customer: Do you know how much they are?

Me: Um… Nooooooo…. No. As a matter of fact, I don’t know how much I sell rolls for IN. MY. STORE

Customer: Oh.


Posted: February 10, 2010 in Convos

after over filling my mouth with left over blue frosting in a pastry bag

CHIEF: (shocked) What did you do????

ME: (innocently) Blew Poppa Smirf

CHIEF: Well.. well… well… you better be sure to swallow Missy!!!


Posted: December 29, 2009 in Convos

CHIEF: You’re sister in law thinks I’m hot…

ME: What?

CHIEF: Yea.. I’m not saying I’m all that or anything but she couldn’t stop staring at me during dinner

ME: Oh.

CHIEF: Yea.. she’s been staring at me

ME: She’s probably just staring at your broken tooth

CHIEF: Oh. You really know how to deflate an ego

ME: Welp.. that’s my job