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Posted: February 13, 2011 in Bubba, Chief, Just Me
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Remember about a week or so ago there was a confrontation at dinner regarding Bubba and his online school work?

Ok… there’s ALWAYS issues.


At any rate .. the deal is that Spaz gets on the computer at 7pm and stays on until he’s ready to get off sometime before his bedtime at 10pm.

He can stay on five minutes.. he can stay on  until 9:59pm .. his choice. Spaz is out of the house most of the day because of school and since Bubba spends every waking moment in front of the monitor, I think that’s fair. Actually, no… it isn’t fair.. Spaz should be able to go on whenever he wants to after school because at least HE’S DOING HIS SCHOOL WORK!

Neither here nor there …

So anyway .. Wednesday night we eat dinner relatively early. We try to time it so that we’re finished by 7 and there’s no opportunity for Bubba hog the ‘puter and eat at Spaz’s time. But Wednesday we got done early and me and Chief were in the bedroom trying to fix the blinds that one of the cat’s had messed up when Spaz comes into our door way and asks his father to tell Bubba to let him on the computer.

It was 7:10pm.

Chief tells Bubba to get his ass off the computer and Bubba starts whining that he’s “… doing something”.

Chief yells that he’s “.. always ‘doing something'” and if he didn’t get off RIGHT. NOW, Chief was going to pull the plug on the computer.

Bubba did get off but not without calling Spaz a fag*ot bitch.. Chief threw down the screwdriver and went out to the living room with a few choice words for Bubba.

Me? I had had enough of this every single night so in the wee early morning, I got on the desktop and removed the passwords that Bubba and Spaz had on their accounts. I never wanted them to have their own accounts but they did and while Spaz’s password was more of a copy cat move, Bubba’s password was designed to keep everybody out of his account. He had even made himself an administrator.

Yea.. that went out the window too.

I also set time a time limit on each account so whoever was on it, the computer would shut down at 11pm. And there was nothing that Bubba could do without MY password.

So Thursday comes around and when Bubba wakes up, Chief tells him about the computer. He didn’t get ornery * surprise surprise * but he wanted to make sure that he had free reign to stay up as long as he wanted on Friday and Saturday night.

Now Friday comes.

Around 5pm, I check his online schooling log and it only showed him doing about an hour’s worth of work. I show Chief.. Chief tells Bubba and Bubba says he’ll do more.

A little while later, he asks Chief for the password of the admin account so he can do whatever. Chief asks me and before I give it up, I check his online school log again .. 27 minutes.

Chief’s not happy and let’s Bubba know it.

I wind up falling asleep and a few hours later, Chief wakes me up asking for the password on Bubba’s request again.

I gave it up because 1)I wasn’t thinking right and 2) I was still asleep enough to not feel like going online and checking his log.

But that’s ok because things happen for a reason and I’m pleasantly surprised with how this all turned out.

I wind up waking up around 3:30am .. Bubba is still up. In fact, he didn’t go to sleep until around 4:30am … but when I checked the log, it only showed him doing EIGHT MINUTES of work before he asked Chief for the password when I was sleeping.

You done did it now, Bubba!

I patiently waited until Chief woke up.. and was fully awake before I busted Bubba. And you know, I told him that as much as he makes fun of me for watching Judge Judy, he needs to watch her more because he believes everything that Bubba says even though he’s a known liar and manipulator and he never questions it.. never drills down to the truth like I do.

So I told him that I was locking down the computer until Monday and then the only thing Bubba will be able to do on Monday was his school work. EVERYTHING was going to blocked. And that’s exactly what I did..

I also put a nice little note on the computer that said:

Don’t even ask about the computer.. it’s locked down. Last night you were to do more school work and you only did 8 minutes. So since you continue to play this way and not do what you’re suppose to do, the computer is off until Monday.

I put it there because since Bubba didn’t go to sleep until 4:30, I didn’t know when he was going to wake up and me and Chief had errands to run, etc.

We happen to be in our bedroom watching a movie when he rolled out of bed. Chief jumped up and went into the dining room where the computer is at and confronted Bubba.. finishing with the fact that all he does is play a game pretending to be a cop instead of putting his nose into school work and trying to become one.

I had to laugh at that. Bubba isn’t going to be a cop like he’s not going to go into the Marines. He was only saying that because it sounded good and kept people off his back.

Bubba says that he’s going out because he can’t be on the computer so Chief picks up the phone and calls the Crack Whore to tell her that if Bubba show’s up there, he’s not allowed on the computer and why. I heard him say, “.. he’s playing you” so I’m sure Bubba had already called her and started playing his “poor me” violin.

But when Chief hangs up the phone, he tells me that SHE got a letter from the school the other day saying that Bubba had gotten an F in one of his classes and she called and told Bubba about it.

Now.. MY first response was “… why didn’t she tell YOU about it when she got it?” which,  you know, is a redundant question but needed to plant it in his head that there are things being mailed from the school going to her address that he’s not aware of.

He wasn’t dealing with that.

But Bubba is still sitting in the living room and Chief goes out to to blast him again about the F.

There’s a knock at the door and Bubba leaves with his friends.

Chief comes back in the bedroom and starts bitching and complaining about Bubba and the what not and when he was finished I said simply, “… it’s your fault” and went on to explain that Bubba knows that he doesn’t follow through with anything and all he has to do is wait it out until he becomes complacent again and Bubba gets to do what he wants.

When he said that he has a confrontation every week about Bubba and school, I told him that it shouldn’t have continued after the FIRST week.. because what was done with the computer should have been done back then instead of always giving Bubba the benefit of the doubt. Case in point, the 8 minutes. He just took him at his word that he did more work instead of checking up on it.. I also told him that it’s tough being hard on him but the ends justify the means and if he wanted a son that he could be proud of, then he was going to have to be a father to be proud of.

Mind you, I really could give a rat’s ass about Bubba and his school work and whatnot. I’m not proud that it’s gotten to this point but really, when I said I was done I meant it. Now, I’m just the mosquito buzzing around in the middle of the night making his life miserable.

If he comes out better for it .. thumbs up.

If he doesn’t.. well, he really isn’t going to amount to anything the way he’s going now so it’s not like he’s going to be disappointing me any.

And besides, it doesn’t phase me one bit whether he calls me a bitch or not.

I’ve been called worse by better.

  1. Mrs. Wayne says:

    Way to go on setting computer limits! Tough love is so hard. I just hope he doesn’t make your life more difficult because of it.

    On the grades, can Chief not ask the school to mail him a grade report too?

    • Me 101 says:

      Chief requested from both the high school’s administrative office AND from his teachers to send up or at the very least, email us his grades.. The situation was explained to them and the teachers agreed to but never do.. even after repeated attempts..

      The admin office said they only send information to the address listed on the records.

      Have I mentioned that this is THE WORST school district in the state?

      I understand that whatever parental situation is going on in a child’s life is not their problem but when you constantly try to justify poor scores, etc. as having non-involved parents then wouldn’t you think you’d go out of your way a little when there IS an involved parent.. or sub-parent as the case may be??

      As far as making my life miserable? it’s game on at this point and I’m better at it!! LoL

  2. Amy says:

    I’m loving it! You’re right – if Chief wants those boys to turn into people that he can stand to look at, he’s going to have to take a stand. Sounds like those boys don’t respect him at all. You might want to watch to make sure he didn’t manipulate your password from dad and go in and make some “adjustments”.

    As for the grades, I’d be calling the school and either requesting that duplicates come to your house or the originals since that’s where the boys live.

    • Me 101 says:

      No Amy .. there is no respect for anyone..
      I already thought about the potential for him to monkey with the password / settings ..
      he may be able to get away with it once, but I change the password every night so he can try .. but I got other ways up my sleeve to nip it!! ;)

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