That Time Of The Month…

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Just Livin'
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Not THAT time… hasn’t been THAT time in a LONG time ..

I’m talking about rent.


You know.. I guess it could be worse. While my landlord can be a real dick sometimes.. most times.. when push comes to shove he’s tolerable.

He doesn’t bother us.. we don’t bother him.. everybody’s happy.

So back some forever ago when we thought we were moving in November, we gave our two month notice. At the time, the King of Idiocy (that would be Chief) told me that the landlord was holding the last month’s rent and security.

I didn’t find out until mid-January that he was actually holding two months security so we owed him 1/2 a month for December (I had already given him 700.00 already for December) and for January (1400.00).

When it turned out that we were going to have to stay here for longer then either of us planned or wanted.. AND knowing that we were getting our income tax checks in by the end of February.. I called on January 23rd and left him a message stating that I would be sending him the money I owed him for December ( in two 350.00 money orders about a week apart) and that we would be sending him January’s and February’s rent as soon as Chief got his income tax check in mid-February.

I followed up that voice mail with an email with screen shots of the amount of his refund and estimated direct deposit date via Turbo Tax.

I also told him that we would be staying on, if that was okay with him, and explained that Chief got a job.. yada yada yada.

I never heard back from him. No phone call. No email reply. Nothing.

So on January 25th, I mailed a 350.00 money order.

On February 2nd, I mailed another 350.00 money order.

Again.. didn’t hear anything from them about nothing.

Today I get a phone call from the man himself saying to call the office. Immediately followed by a text message saying that it was VERY URGENT that I call the office.

And this made my heart race and my bowels loose.

What was “so very urgent”? He obviously knew about the financial time line..  if not, he would have called sooner, right? Was there some bullshit fine that the borough imposed because of all the snow we had and their officer who literally comes around with a ruler to make sure the sidewalks are clear enough? Or maybe it was that one soda can that blew onto our back lawn from somewhere else? Did we get a fine for that? Did he have another renter? Was he selling the place? Did he intend to evict us? What THE FUCK??

So it took me awhile to get my guts in order to call but I finally did..

He answered the phone.. told him who I was.. and that I got a message to call the office.

WHERE’S MY MONEY was his reply.

And not in a very nice tone either..

It caught me off guard.. according to the guideline, we still had another week before the income tax check came.

So I said, “.. wait, you go the 700.00 right?”

I hear him ask the woman in his office, “.. did you get the 700.00?”

I hear her say no.. I hear him tell me know.. and now I went into full out panic because I mailed those money orders and I NEVER mail the rent.. I always drive the 26 miles round trip just to make sure it gets there and didn’t get screwed up in the mail.

Now, I really go into full out panic and he tells me to talk to the woman.. pull out the money order receipts and go over the dates. She got both of them.. I tell her about the timeline.. yep.. she knows about it .. THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU CALLING???

She apologizes and confirms the dates on when we’re expecting the tax refund.. I also tell her that we’re probably going to include March’s rent.. it’s going to keep them at bay and take pressure off us .. and she was all fine. whatever.

Fine? Whatever? You just took ten fucking years off my life and all you can say is fine.. whatever??

I appreciate the fact that he’s kinda-sorta-has-no-choice working with us.. but my word, man.. can get brush up on your info before dialing the phone?

I can’t wait to get out of this freakin’ place…

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