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.. so very early this morning, I called the head teacher for the alternative schooling program at Bubba’s high school.

I left him a message saying that I would appreciate a call back because we’re having an extremely difficult time getting Bubba to do his school work and that his lack of seriousness has caused him to fail the semester of courses that had been on the lesson plan.

I wanted to know two things:

1. How do we get him back into school

2. Where is he at academically now that he failed the online semester of work and had failed some courses at the end of 9th grade.

I mean really, is this kid still going to be in high school at 22? I’m never going to be able to get rid of him.

After the call, I had left the folder labeled “Bubba’s Cyber School” on the dining room table. And a little later, Chief saw it and asked me why it was there. I told him that I called the teacher and left a message for him.

Bubba got up at 10:30 and I immediately heard him talking on the computer. So he didn’t get right up and do school work.. he got right up and started playing the online game he’s obsessed with. I didn’t say anything to Chief then.. I wanted to see just what HE was going to say about it .. if anything.

I really need to learn that I always have my answers before I ask the questions.

I wound up falling asleep because I had been up all night but around noon, my cell phone rang and Chief answered.

It was the teacher.

Ok. Let’s see how he handles this.

He tells the teacher about the situation.. I hear the teacher say that there are a “few things” that can be done and then I hear Chief say “.. Oh! Yea.. that sounds like something we were thinking about.” and I’m like Huh????

So I still under the blankets and stretch and make like I’m just waking up. Chief ends the call and tells me it was the teacher.


… well.. AND the teacher tells him that there is an independent study program that Bubba can get into. He’ll have to go to school three days a week from 10 until noon and the other two days he’ll be home doing the online school. He would also have online school to complete the three days he attended the class but it would help him catch up.

And I stared at him thinking, “… are you REALLY that much of a moron?”

He tells me that he thinks that’s the perfect solution.

Ok.. you already answered my question. You ARE REALLY that much of a moron.

So I say to him.. yknow.. um.. and how are you STILL going to get Bubba to do the school work here? Who exactly is going to be checking over his shoulder? Do you REALLY think that after spending two hours at school he’s going to come home and do ANOTHER two hours when you can’t even get him to do what he has to do now?

He stared at me.. with that stupid empty look on his face.

So I continued saying that wouldn’t it be ALOT better to have him back in school full time and have him work towards doing the independent study? You know.. like giving him a GOAL? And btw… just WHAT is he doing on the computer now? Playing his online game? So like.. did anything REALLY affect him at dinner last night? Do you really think he GETS it? No.. he doesn’t.. because he knows your his bitch.. if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be so concerned with appeasing him you’d be making the right decisions for him.

His reply?

“..well, the teacher sounded like they didn’t even want him back”


He leaves the room and I hear him, very sweetly, tell Bubba to do his school work.

And I just shook my head and rolled my eyes and went back under the covers to sleep. Useless.

I got up around 5pm just as Chief was leaving the house to go to the supermarket .. Bubba was still talking on the computer so I checked the reports online .. he had only completed 2 hours worth of work. Just under 2 hours but I’ll throw him a bone.

So at that point, he’s been on the 7.5 hours and just 2 hours of work.

And this independent study is going to fly?


Sure it is…

I was so torqued that I wasn’t in any frame of mind to have the “discussion” I wanted to have today.. in fact, if my car wasn’t surrounded by the Wall of Snow, I would have gone over Bird’s and hung out with her an Baby Faith..

It’s still on the agenda though.. I’m not letting this one fly.



I didn't realize this patch was from WV when I swiped it .. talk about irony!

WARNING: Rant ahead

So .. yknow.. I’m the giver. Not much of a taker.

Even though I know that sometimes I have to be humble enough to ask for help when I need it, I usually don’t because I do what I have to do to make whatever works. I’m independent that way .. or call it self sufficient, maybe.

But when I do need help, the first people I go to is my family.

I’m blessed with an AWESOME family who will lend a hand whenever I need them to.

Ok.. so the ranting is going to begin now.

Y’all know my RV, Consuela, is currently 9 hours away in West Virginia. And y’all know that I need to get it OUT of West Virginia because we’re not moving there now and it isn’t parked on the property we bought.

After everything that happened during the road trip from hell, I get a bleeding ulcer whenever I think about driving back there to get Consuela and then driving her right back here.

I’m also worried about putting another 800 miles on my car but there’s really no way to get there from here and back without it. It’s not like it’s on a train route!

I would just feel a hell of a whole lot more comfortable if there was another adult with us. Someone who would ride with Chief on the way back so if there’s some kind of an issue with Consuela, he wouldn’t be by himself. To me, having another set of hands to help him would just make me feel better.

So I figured I’d ask my 26 year old former Marine Godson.

He really doesn’t have the responsibilities that my other friends and family do .. he lives at home, works three days a week.. and generally just “lives the life” if you know what I mean.

So at the beginning of the week I sent him a message asking if him and his girlfriend (who I adore and adores me back) wanted to take a road trip .. I promised fun, adventure and rest stop breaks but also let him know that I was kind of in a jam. He messaged me back saying that his girlfriend was working this weekend (the original plan was to go this weekend before all the damn snow) but asked me what I had in mind.

I send him a message explaining to him about Consuela and why I wanted him to come with.. and how my stomach is in knots and would really, really feel better if he came along.

Never heard anything back.

He’s been on Facebook posting status’ and whatever so I know he got the message.. he just didn’t respond to it.

And I’m kind of upset about it ..

I’m not one to keep lists of who does what for whom but I did a lot for this kid.. was there for him every step of his way..supported him when no one else would .. he knows that he can talk to me about anything and would loved him no matter what and it just hurts that the one time … the ONE time I ask him for a favor, he couldn’t even respond to it.

I did tell him that I would completely understand if he didn’t want to go… I’m not upset that he told me he DIDN’T want to go.. I’m upset because he didn’t tell me one way or the other..

Because isn’t that a life lesson? It is for me ..  it’s being reliable.. conscientious.. mindful of other people’s time and plans..

And it’s just weighing on me so I had to unload.

Eventually, I’ll talk to him and ask him about it .. I don’t necessarily think that calling him up now at 5am is going to benefit either of us, yknow?

<< end rant >>