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O! M! G!

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Remember MySpace?

That little social networking site BEFORE Facebook?

The one that renamed itself MY_____ ? Yea.. clever stupid!


So I used to have a MySpace My____ account and on that account I used to have a blog.

And because I’ve been up all night and was trying to find something from my past, I stumbled upon this blog.. the dates are from July 5, 2007 to April 2008 .. so basically before I met Chief and a little after I met him.

This was the time that I was living with my mom after leaving the Spawn From Satan’s Ass.

I had too blogs before this MySpace My____ blog but I couldn’t find them. Well, one was on Bravenet that I’m almost positive I deleted (what the HELL possessed me) and the other was on MSN Live. That’s the one I wanted to find but couldn’t.

Anyway.. I  decided to move all those posts over here but with the original date.. so if you’re interested, you’ll be seeing the month and year listed on the Archive list on the left ..

I won’t change anything.. I might regret it, LoL .. but I’ll leave them as they are!

Chief told me  he got a 160.00 child support payment this morning .. wait.. make that Thursday morning (I haven’t been to sleep yet!)

160.00 represents one month’s child support for two kids.

She’s still 3 months behind with a court date at the end of February.

But … um… didn’t she tell Bubba last Friday that she had 400.00 in cash that she would hand over if Chief wrote her a note for the court?


So what happened to the other 240.00??

Guess her dealer was running a volume discount.

Ooooohhhh Bubba! You just COULDN’T do it, couldja?

I posted before about Bubba currently being in cyber school ..

I posted before about how it takes a certain type of parent to have a kid in cyber school..

Both parent and child, in my NOT so humble opinion, need to be mature enough and concerned enough to make it work..

Neither applies to Bubba and Chief.

It’s been a CONSTANT struggle to get Bubba to take this seriously and not stay up all hours of the night playing online games.. waking up past noon the following day and only putting a sporatic hour or so of time into his schoolwork between updating his Facebook status, taking calls on Skype and watching YouTube videos.

But Bubba will only do what you let him get away with and Chief LETS him get away with doing all of the above. Not that he wants to, mind you.. he’s just ill-equipped to do what he needs to do to be a strong, respected force in Bubba’s life.

And NOTHING grabs my goat more..

With this particular cyber school program, you can sign in and create very, very detailed reports showing you exactly what your child was working on.. when he was working on it and how long he was working on it ..

I present to you the following exibits:

Notice the test score... nice, huh?

Notice the time spent on each lesson .. super duper!!

Mind you, I would create these reports four.. five.. six times daily whenever Bubba insisted that he did his work .. then I’d show them to Chief.. and Chief would say something to him like, “.. you didn’t spend enough time, Bubba” or “.. you need to get more work done, Bubba” .. to which Bubba would say “ok” and Chief would leave the room and Bubba would go back to doing whatever it was he was doing.

Complete ineffective.

Just as ineffective as Chief falling asleep at around 10pm.. waking up at midnight.. telling Bubba that he needed to get off the computer and then go back to sleep ..

There is also Bubba attitude .. if I talked to my father in the manner that he does, my father would have gladly called CPS himself after he beat me silly.

But then, I had respect for my father. Bubba doesn’t have respect for his … and it isn’t entirely Bubba’s fault that he doesnt.

So Bubba had a full semester of classwork that needed to be completed by January 28th and 29th.

He had two months to do it.

Very little was done.

So when he finally decided that he was going to put serious time in, guess what? The courses had been removed. Not that he would have had the time to complete what he needed to complete.. but now he had no way of working on them so I’m sure that’a a BIG F in his transcript.

Today though.. was the final straw. For me.

Bubba got up at 11:30.. I know this because as soon as he got up he started arguing with Spaz about getting on the computer.

Because of this stupid neck thing I had/have, my sleep schedule is more fucked up then it normally is so I was in my bedroom settling in for a nap.

I got up at around 4pm. I heard Bubba talking and figured he was online playing the game he’s obsessed with and immediately logged into the cyber school system to see what work he had completed.

17 minutes.

While his father was up and roaming around doing whatever he was roaming around doing .. While he was up for 6 HOURS.. he only did 17 FUCKING MINUTES  of work.

And believe me.. I blame BOTH of them.

So I tell Chief that Bubba only did 17 FUCKING minutes of school work and he promptly leaves the bedroom.. asks Bubba how much work he did .. Bubba said something like “.. he’s going to get to it” .. and then Chief came back into the bedroom.

I waited about 20 minutes, went out into the kitchen to get water for to take my pills and saw Bubba still playing his online game and not only THAT but he also had one of his friends sitting next to him on his own laptop playing the same game.


5:15 rolls around.. the friend leaves. I check the cyber school reports again.

ME: What time are we eating dinner.
CHIEF: I was thinking about 6:30
ME: Ok.. because it’s a quarter after 5 now and Spaz gets on the computer at 7.. which means that Bubba  has less then two hours to do his work and he STILL only spend 17 minutes on it.. even after you told him at 4 o’clock to get on it.
CHIEF: Show me.

Excuse me? EXCUSE ME you inept sorry-assed son of a bitch of a father?? SHOW YOU??? Did I NOT show you at 4? Have I not been SHOWING YOU SINCE NOVEMBER????????????????

But I refrained from saying that out loud.

Instead, I pulled out my laptop and showed him and he stomped out and confronted Bubba and very loudly told him to get on the school work.

Then he went into the kitchen to start making dinner.

I went out to the living room to start putting the clothes away that I had folded earlier in the morning.. because they were STILL sitting on the dining room table and nobody did anything with them. Let’s just say I wasn’t in a pleasant mood.

And while I was meandering between the living room and the linen closet and the living room and the kitchen and the living room and my bedroom.. guess what?

Bubba was still online with his friends sending YouTube links for the newest Eminem videos.

And more then just my goat had been gotten.

I went in the kitchen and told Chief that this was it.. he’s going back to regular school. That all this was beyond ridiculous.. Bubba was still doing what he wanted to do and if it was me, I would go out there and pull the damn plug for the computer.

There were many times that I wanted to pull that plug but in this house, with these kids, with him as a father.. I have no control. I should, mind you. But I learned a long time ago that Chief would very much like me to be the “bad” guy with his kids so he could be the “good” guy and sorry, Bucky .. I may do a lot, but I’m not letting you off your parental duties. They’re your kids.. you need to grow a spine and do what your suppose to do. We’ve been through this time and time and time and time again.. I’m not going to waste my time trying to break them of their bad habits and not have him backing me up… because all that does is label me the “bitch” and sorry, not going to happen.

Chief says that sending Bubba back to regular school is fine by him and when we sit down to dinner… he tells Bubba that he’s going back to regular school and he ruined his opportunity.. none of this is new.. it’s been going on for months.. blah blah blah blah blah..

And then.. AND THEN.. he says:


And I freaked.. FA-REEKED…

I slammed my opened palm on the table and said.. very loudly I might at…


And then to Bubba, I said:

You got it ALL figured out don’t you? You KNOW that he tells you to do school work and then goes into the other room… You KNOW that he tells you to get off the computer and then goes back to sleep .. You didn’t want to go to school.. You wanted to get up when you wanted and go to sleep when you wanted and play online all day and you played me because I was the one who convinced your father that you could do it.. Me.. And what did you do? The first week, you kept up your end of the bargain because you knew that as soon as all eyes were off you, you were going to do what you wanted.

And then I turned to Chief and told him that he was the one that let it happen.. because no matter how many times I showed him.. no matter how many times I told him.. he just ignored it as much as Bubba did.

Nobody said anything.

Wait.. I take that back.

Chief said something about Bubba only being able to do school work on the computer and Bubba saying something about him not being allowed on the computer to do other things and then Chief started to raise his voice about whatever because frankly, it doesn’t matter what he says. He doesn’t have the spine to stick to anything and Bubba knows it.

At some point, I also brought up the fact that since Bubba isn’t being properly supervised with his school work, the district is going to drag Chief into court about it.. it’s something they do here that goes beyond cyber school .. you can get a notice to appear in court if your kid doesn’t do his homework three nights in a row.. You’d think that this was like THE best school district and that they are diligent with educating their students when in fact this is THE WORST school district in the state… but that’s neither here nor there..

You have to remember this too…

Last October when Bubba wanted to go live with the Crack Whore because he didn’t like my rules.. she went to the district and had the address changed on their school records. That was a HUGE things at the time because all she did was go in with her lease and changed the address. When we found out about it a few months later :: her address turned up on Spaz’s report card :: and Chief called to have the address changed back, he was told that they weren’t “allowed” to do that without custody papers.

It was just this whole bunch of craziness because they let HER change it but once confronted with their error, now they insisted on doing things by the book.

Did he have his custody papers? No.

Have I been telling him since then to inquire about getting them? Yes.

Has he? No.

Another thing that he just lets fall by the wayside .. I can’t get them. HE has to.

So the Crack Whore’s address is still listed on their school records so IF the school is sending anything home about Bubba’s lack of effort .. do you REALLY think she’s going to forward them here?

Not a fucking chance.

At this point, I just feel like they will all get what they deserve. Each and every one of them.

Later on today, I plan on sitting Chief down and having a non-confrontational discussion about him.. his parenting and his kids. I’m tired of him mentally being absent and hiding behind whatever emotion he hide behind. I am also going to be point blank and frank with ALL his kids at dinner.. about their lack of respect.. about their attitudes.. about their selfishness and a whole host of other things.

And then I’m done.. I will have done all that I can do.