Thoughts From My iPhone

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Thoughts From My iPhone

.. How the ‘@@&&”&$ did I get whiplash and why did I have to bedridden and immobile on a TUESDAY?

Tuesday is Chief’s night with the tv so I have ufo’s and the universe to look forward to.. NOT

  1. Amy says:

    whiplash? OMGosh! I’m so sorry hon! Maybe Chief will take pity on you and let you watch something you like to help you make it thru. ;)

    • Me 101 says:

      LoL .. Chief was NOT going to take pity on me!! Quite the opposite, in fact .. he LOVED that I couldn’t do anything but watch what he was watching because he considered it payback for having to watch all MY shows!!

      I didn’t make it easy for him though .. every three seconds I moaned with pain or asked him to get me something that was in another room or a hot towel .. just being a general pain in the ass!

      We were laughing about it so it was all in good fun

  2. Mrs.Wayne says:

    What happened? Feel better!!

  3. Haha, my hubs is always watching that stuff too. He especially loves the programs about aliens.

    • Me 101 says:

      O.M.G .. Song.. THE ALIENS!! what is it with THE ALIENS!! Big head, big eyes, little bodies.. government cover up .. I GET IT!! How many shows do they have to make about it!! LoL !!

      But listen.. if your hubs is really into aliens, then he need to watch The Fourth Kind if he hasn’t already .. even I thought it was awesome …

      • I don’t know if he’s seen it or not. I’ll have to look it up. He had on “Ancient Aliens” last night. lol I tend to just find it amusing, and bury myself in a book or my laptop. ;)

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