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  1. The part of the finale that shocked me the most, leaving me saying WTF!!!!!! Was when Kyle said whatever to Kim about her husband supporting her. Damn, sisters can drag out some really deep crap. I pretty much agreed with you on everything in your post. I can’t wait for the reunion to hear why Lisa and Cedric got in such a big fight. I’m pretty enamoured with these ladies. Hope they all come back for the next season. We’ll have to see what’s up with the NY ladies, now that it appears Bethenny is gone, who was my favorite. :(

  2. Me 101 says:

    I know Song.. I was left with my chin on my knees (which NEVER happens!!) .. but I kind of thought that Kyle and “Mo” (I love that man!!) were helping her out financially .. especially when she insisted that Kyle help her house hunt ..

    I’m curious about Lisa and Cedric as well.. what a parasite!! I mean, really, Lisa’s own kids have left.. what the hell is he doing there and why is he getting so bent that they wanted to leave. I mean.. come on now!

    Bethenny’s my fave too.. NY isn’t the same without her but at least we still have Ramona and her crazy eyes!! LOL

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