Back In The Kitchen…

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Chief
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I’m not sure if you know this, but Chief is a chef..

An Uber-Chef, actually.

He’s cooked along side many of the names that pop up on the Food Network Channel .. has been involved in some pretty prestigious competitions both locally and nationally :: he’s even won some! ::

He’s also cooked along side more then one but less then three chef’s that appeared on Top Chef and was filmed for a reality show pitch when he worked for the high end catering company prior to opening the shop.

Cooking is his passion. He is absolutely in his element when he’s in the kitchen.

He’s also a bit of a bastard to work for in the kitchen. He takes pride in what he does.. doesn’t half step.. and expects everyone working under him to have the same dedication and attention to detail that he does.

There’s no excuses in his kitchen .. there can’t be.

Think about it .. one bad meal surpasses a thousand good ones and when you’re cooking for mega events.. or high end weddings or whatever, you have to make sure that what’s being produced isn’t going to trash your reputation .. because no one cares who did the prep and didn’t clean all the bones from a fish .. everything gets blamed on the chef.

Anyway.. last week my mom calls me about a job listing she saw in the local paper. One for me at an area long term care facility and one for Chief at one of the oldest golf courses in the area. So being dutiful children, we emailed our resumes out. I didn’t hear anything back but on Monday, Chief got an email asking what day he wanted to come in for an interview.

He replied Wednesday, just send him a time.

He didn’t hear anything back by Tuesday night so we kind of just let it roll off our shoulders. This was the first position that he had applied for and from witnessing what I have been going through with the whole no response to inquiry things, he figured it will happen if it was meant to be.

This morning I woke up late.. my whole sleep schedule is off again.. about 10:30. You know how you just KNOW when someone isn’t in the house? Like.. their spirit is gone or something? That’s how I felt. Chief wasn’t home. I thought maybe he ran to the store :: because we’re getting yet ANOTHER snow storm :: but after watching the latest episodes of Teem Mom 2 and The Fashion Show and he wasn’t home yet, it dawned on me that it was Wednesday and maybe.. just maybe.. he went up to the golf course.

I wondered why he didn’t wake me up and tell me.. but figured he had his reasons.

When he finally came home, he walked into the bedroom and I asked him where he had been. He said he went for cigarettes.. in [town where the golf course is] ..

I was like, “Oh.. how did it go?”

He said, “How do you think it went” with that cocky little lilt that he gets when it’s apparent that he’s the best at what he does.

He explained that he received an email early this morning giving the time that the guy he was suppose to interview with would be at the golf course. He drove out there and asked a guy on the grounds where the kitchen was. The guy asked why and he told him that he was there to meet so and so.

Just happens that the guy he asked WAS so and so.. and he had caught him in the nick of time because he was leaving the grounds.

Into the kitchen they went and after about a half hour talking food and kitchen philosophy and the reasons why Chief was apply for a job as a “cook” when his resume was so much more then that. Chief explained that that’s what he wanted to do.. cook. He wasn’t into bulls eying the dude’s executive chef position or anything like that.. he just wanted to cook.. plain and simple.

The dude said that he wasn’t about to offer the job to the first guy he interviewed but if Chief wanted it.. it was his.

The kitchen opens from March to December and he’ll probably work from 1pm to around 9 but he’ll get a call around mid February to help build the kitchen staff.. or something like that.

So again.. prayers were answered and miracles happened.

  1. Mrs.Wayne says:

    YAYY!! Congratulations to Chief :)

  2. Amy says:

    Congrats! That’s so great!

  3. ChapmansRus says:

    :) Answered prayer! YAY!

    So what does this mean for the move? I know you mentioned backing out of that.. any final decision onthat? Does getting this job mak the decision??

    Sorry for all the questions :)

    • Me 101 says:

      Ask away Chapman.. I don’t mind at all!!

      Yes, the job does make the decision .. a least, it buys us time to make a better one. With an income and with our tax returns, we will be able to pay our current landlord what we owe him and will probably stay here another month.

      It’s still not going to be easy (we still have to go get the RV from West Virginia) .. but if there’s anything that I learned from all this is to just take things moment by moment .. and that God does answer every prayer, even if the answer is no.

      And I apologize for not addressing you by your first name.. it’s only because I don’t know it!! LoL!

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