I’m sure you know who Camille Grammer is, right?

She, the soon to be ex-wife of Kelsey Grammer?

He, who after almost 14 years of marriage and two kids decides to take on a mistress and ends said 14 year marriage.

I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of Camille at the beginning of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I only watched the show because I WAS a fan of Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump.

I initially found Camille child-like and child-ish. I thought that she relied far too heavily on her looks and seemed to be just holding her head above water trying to deal with the day to day dealings with her husband out of town.

I thought that she was out of place and out of touch.

I’ve since changed my mind..

Maybe it’s because it’s become apparent (at least to me) that Kelsey wanted her to do the show to keep her occupied while he ran around with is mistress on the other side of the country.. and that doesn’t sit well with me.

I don’t understand “cheating” .. if you feel as though your relationship has gone as far as it has gone then buck up and be honest. It doesn’t serve anyone any good.. doesn’t make one look better than the other.. and certainly, when there are kids involved and you’re in the spotlight no good can come of it.

I feel bad for Camille… I think she has always had to prove herself beyond her looks and has been put in situations where she was definitely a feeder fish in a tank full of piranhas.

I also think that she truly believed in her marriage and wasn’t like oh.. I don’t know.. Taylor Armstrong, maybe?

And while she has been going on various talk shows and radio shows saying some pretty eyebrow raising things about her almost former husband, I think it’s more out of self preservation then lashing out. I mean, really, with all the ammo she has and with all the embarrassment she’s suffered because of him she could be putting up billboards y’know?

So it looks like she’s taken a more higher road then a lot of other people may have taken and that really does say more about her then it does about him.

  1. Haha, love that you watch The Real Housewives. I really hated her, seriously. Now I feel bad for her. The scene where she went to his play was sooo awkward. I could probably go on and on, and ON about this, but I will restrain myself. ;)

  2. Me 101 says:

    Oh.. don’t dare restrain, Song!!! I could go on and on myself .. much to chagrin of my husband who just puts his headphones on and listens to old SuperTramp albums (wait, wasn’t there only one? Poor man!)

    But seriously, I watch all TRHW shows.. except OC and DC .. DC was just too vomit inducing for me!!

    But yea.. Camille definitely crawled under my skin in the beginning but I think she got a raw deal.

    Now Taylor.. PLEASE!! Classic example of what happens when you marry for the wrong reasons.

  3. Babygirl says:

    I never watched Housewives of Beverly Hills because I can’t stray away from Housewives of Atlanta. But if this story about Kelsey just wanting to sneak off with this mistress is true, then that’s kinda sick. And you’re very right about the cheating comment.

    And there’s one thing I need you to remember Les.. even if everything is going wrong at the moment, think about what you really want to happen. Think about what you want, write it down if you have too, and then get to work. One things doesn’t work out, try another. I know you know something about that. God will hand you what you seek.. always remember that. Okay off to bed..

    • Me 101 says:

      BGirl.. what are you doing keeping my hours??? You need to get to bed!!! LoL!!

      Look.. nothing beats Krazy Kim and NeNe in the A.T.L (.. and I’m actually digging Phaedra) but these girls in 90120 are INsane! Beside, they’re on different nights so no excuses!! I need someone to dish the dirt with !! LoL!

      And thank you SO much for your words of encouragement!! (( hugs )) .. it is a tough time for us right now but believe me, I’ve been down to Dante’s 5th Level of hell with my ex so nothing is as bad as that.. I’m God’s child and I stand behind his shield so I know I’m going to be ok!!

  4. Okay, Camille. What was with her kissing her hot friend? With his wife around? WTF???
    You’re right about Taylor, that is what happens when you marry for the wrong reasons. I still can’t help but feel a little sorry for her though. I love Lisa and Kyle. Adrienne cracks me up.
    I watched DC, but I’m not sure why because it was disgusting. Really only that Michaele, the others weren’t that bad, but Michaele and her husband were really creepy.
    ATL, I like watching Phaedra, the whole pregnancy thing was pretty random. Kim is ridiculous, but, I think you grow used to it. lol
    I’m ready for New York to come back on, just out of curiousity.
    Okay, that’s my rundown for now. ;)

    • Me 101 says:

      Oh yeeaaa… the ‘hot’ friend.. I have NO clue what that’s about.. OR the creepy older guy she was hanging out in the hot tub with. Can you say EWWWW??? Considering how she’s been describing her marriage, maybe she needs male validation? Only her therapist knows for sure!! ;)

      I didn’t start feeling sorry for Taylor until she was standing alone on the drive way holding that big piece of cake. Given her background, I think she thought money was better then love.. how wrong she was.

      For me, DC was like a bad parody .. but then everything in DC is a parody.

      I think Phaedra is, oddly enough, the voice of reason.. pregnancy not withstanding.. but I think she clued down to it when she let loose about how her mother felt about babies before marriage. I had to give props to her though when she said, “..ever saint has a past and every sinner has a future”.

      Kim is so ridiculous that you have to love her… she’s in her own universe.

      I have another blog where I review anything and everything.. you should check it out:


      • I checked out the other blog, will bookmark it. I don’t even watch the Teen Mom show but was cracking up at your post. I forgot about that creepy old guy in the hot tub. So weird.. :)

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