Excuse Me, Mr. Snow? Yea.. Um.. The Novelty Wore Off, Ok?

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Just Stuff
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Caution: Snow is Worse Then It Appears

Sorry I haven’t posted anything about the National Lampoon Road Trip trip we took last weekend but we had a LOT to recover from and had to jump right back into the regular swing of things like, right away…  I’m just beginning to catch my breath so I’ll be posting about all that really, really soon…

Sucks being on a “normal” sleep schedule!! I’m sleeping through my usual blogging time! LOL

And like..

Driving 4 hours through a snow storm to Central PA on Friday wasn’t enough?

Driving  2 hours through a snow storm towards Western PA on Saturday wasn’t enough?

Getting stuck in the middle of it and having to spend the night in a rest stop wasn’t enough?

Driving 3 hours through a snow storm through Pittsburgh and into West Virginia on Sunday wasn’t enough?

Turning right around and driving the 8 hours BACK to South Eastern PA via West Virginia and Maryland in a snow storm WASN’T enough??

We got dumped with 10″ of the white stuff early this morning…

I guess after the 72″ we got last year it’s not so bad but I’m just sick of the damn stuff!

Instead of closing, Spaz’s school opened 2 hours late but we kept him home.. neither of us felt like getting up and cleaning off the car and driving through the mess (can’t imagine why, can you?)

Which meant that ALL of us were home AT THE SAME TIME.. a luxury usually reserved for the weekends *cough cough*..

But it was all good..

I wasn’t stuck in some rest stop on Rt 80 .. wasn’t trying to drive with windows covered with salt and no wiper fluid.. didn’t have to worry about Chief driving behind me in a 1979 Dodge Fleetwood RV that has seen SO MANY better days soooo long ago.

It was good not to have to worry about anything but who was going to take the dogs out!!


  1. Babygirl says:

    LMAO I died laughing when I read this. I must agree with you though, I was not happy about the snow but oh well. It’s over now.. at least and I hope we have no more for awhile.

  2. Amy Knoll says:

    HEE HEE. Since it’s supposed to hit 42 today and almost 60 by Monday, our show is “fixin'” to be nothing but a bad memory (until the next batch arrives which will hopefully be next year!).

    I’m so glad you made it thru all that mess safely!

  3. ChapmansRus says:

    Glad to know that you at least made is safely despite all that snow! I certainly don’t envy you the snow or the being cooped up because of it. One of the many reason I love Netflix… and having more than one tv.

    Stay warm! And safe!

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