Stats: Is It Really Worth It?

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Just Stuff
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.. I don’t really think there’s a good way to say what I want to say in this post without coming off sounding self righteous or judgmental or condemning or intolerant.

None of those are true about me as a person.. or about this post.

Like I said.. there isn’t any other way of saying what I’m thinking so let the hate mail commence, I guess.

Back in July, I came across a new blog written by a young woman. I found her, like I do most blogs, when she left a comment and I trailed back to leave her one.

I liked what I read.. she was a little quirky and left of center for a new attorney and so I checked back often and left comments.

I remember what it was like being a new blogger and trying to get people to read and comment.. checking stats.. etc etc etc so I did what I could to be a good “bl-end” (blog friend) to help her out.

But days go on and her blog kind of fell by my wayside.. Life kind of gets in the way of doing what you want to do, you know?

Anyway.. tonight on my dashboard, I saw that someone had traveled over here from there and was like, “…Oh! Wow! I haven’t read that blog in AGES!!” So I hop on over and boy.. was I in for surprise!

Because everything this young woman is posting now is raunchy and vulgar and so the polar opposite of what she used to write… and it’s a little more then obvious that she’s stat-obsessed and according to the figures she constantly posts, it seems she found the secret to climbing up the blog charts.

And it made me feel sad.. or disappointed..

Listen.. I don’t care what any one blogs about. It’s there choice and the last thing I’m about is censorship. If I come across a blog that I don’t like, I just keep on going. My opinion doesn’t matter and so I don’t leave it. Everyone has their own gig.. their own niche.. their own way of expressing themselves.. and kudos to them

That’s not what this is about..

Maybe that is the person she is.. maybe her early posts were just about getting her feet wet or finding her place or getting comfortable with writing.. who knows.

All I know is that for some crazy reason, the change bothered me.

  1. Amy says:

    I’ve read some blogs and then watched them change and made that hard decision to move on too. I just moved on from one a few weeks ago when she went from posting about her life to using her blog to judge and put down other people.

    • ChapmansRus says:

      It is sad when people are more concerned about numbers than actual decent content. What’s even sadder is people that are more interested in trash than truth… I feel sorry for her readers too…

  2. ChapmansRus says:

    I think I put my comment in the wrong space… oops! Sorry!

  3. mindslam says:

    Some people do write some pretty crazy things. I’m like you…don’t care what they say or what words they use, but some do get a little crazy. I can see you getting used to reading certain things & then found out that they totally take it in a new direction. It’s hard sometimes thinking of what to write about…throw a new direction in every now & then, but stick to what drew people to you to begin with!…Jason

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