Road Trip

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Just Livin'
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.. so right after Spaz leaves for school, we’re going on the road to try and get something situated before the end of the month.

First is the 4 hour trip to Lock Haven, Pa to pick up Consuela our RV .. the one that we almost positive runs.. but not much else.

We’re planning on staying over night in Lock Haven so that Chief can tinker on anything he needs to tinker on.

From Lock Haven, we have to travel 5 hours to West Virginia.

Me driving the wagon.. him driving Consuela.

This is the part that makes me nervous because 1) I’ve never driven that long by myself and 2) there’s the added stress of constantly having to look behind me to make sure Chief and Consuela are there and not pulled off on some shoulder a few miles back.

We plan on staying over in West Virginia.. and then leaving her there and driving the 9 hours back to our house.

Did I mention they’re calling for snow all across the state AND in WV?

I’m not looking forward to this trip .. if you’re prone to, please send massive prayers our way. We’re really going to need them.

  1. Mrs.Wayne says:

    I hate to see you moving so far from home if you’re not completely sure if it’s the right thing for you. Knowing all the problems you’re having with Chief AND his kids…I’m not only praying for your safety, but that you will make the best choice for YOU.

  2. […] as I posted HERE, we had to drive up to Lock Haven, PA on Friday to get Consuela which takes about 4 hours. Then we […]

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