... actually the Crack Whore's brain is smaller then this

Text message received at 8:53am this morning:

Gm informing u theyll b court 2 keep my kids close u cant just move them 6 hrs away without ther mother

Yep.. that’s verbatim.

See what a lack of education plus drugs and alcohol do to your brain?

We’ll just ignore the word “mother” here

Anyway.. so yea.. the Crack Whore is threatening to take Chief to court because we’re moving.

Truthfully, even though he has full, legal custody and she doesn’t even have formal visitation rights, I don’t know what she can or can’t do legally. He doesn’t either but instead of finding out, he’s doing something other then being concerned.

But let’s look at the facts:

  • She left the family when Bubba was around 4 and Spaz was an infant.
  • She has documented issues with drugs and alcohol
  • She has a felony record
  • She has been in a psychiatric ward
  • She hasn’t regularly paid child support and is now currently 6 or 7 months behind.
  • She never filed for visitation even after signing over all rights to her kids

There were times when she went months without seeing or talking to the kids.

So is it that she wants custody? Or is it that she just wants to stop US from moving? Because this woman :: I use the term loosely :: doesn’t know what it’s like to parent kids 24/7 .. she has them when she wants them and never both at the same time because she can’t “deal” with their fighting. She has no clue how they act because they aren’t with her long enough for her to find out.

I can’t tell you how many times she’s complained about them.. couldn’t deal with them and sent them back..

Now.. all that may not make a difference. And it probably won’t. But the thing also is that the kids in question are 16 and 12 and old enough to make their own decision on who they want to live with.

And if they want to live with her? Fine.. there is no revolving door. If you’re going to make that choice then you better REALLY think it out because once it’s done.. it’s done. There is no “come pick me up” or “come get him” .. not going to happen. Come for summer vacation.. come for Christmas vacation… no problem.

This morning I was told that Spaz asked if he was allowed to spend the last week of January with the Crack Whore. Spaz, you remember, it the son that the Crack Whore said wasn’t biologically Chief’s. The last week of January is when we were set to make the move to West Virginia.

I said to Chief that he needs to keep in the back of his head that she might run with him. Chief said that he didn’t think she would but I told him that I like to think of everything prior to it happening just in case. He said he wouldn’t stop Spaz from living with her if he really wanted to.


So I told him that if Spaz said he didn’t want to move.. and wanted to live with her then he needed to sit that kid down and explain to him in words that he could understand that once it’s done.. it’s done.. and that he can’t just call up and want to live with us the first time that she disappoints him or if things turn out not to be the way she promises it will be. Because it never is.

I also told Chief that I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but I’ve had to put up with her and her regarding the kids since she moved back into our town and this is my life too and I have every right to voice my opinion regardless of how it sounds because I’m entitled to it.

He said he understood and he appreciated me being honest.

So we’ll see where this goes ..


  1. Mrs.Wayne says:

    I doubt she has a leg to stand on in court. But, I can see how this would worry you.

    Regarding the kids:
    At their ages, if you don’t let them live where they want to live, they will make your life a miserable hell. We went through the exact thing with my stepson between our house and grandmother’s….THREE times. I think Chief should sit the kids down and tell them how it’s going to be. “Make your choice now and it’s valid for (at minimum) the rest of the school year, at which point the living arrangements could be reevaluated in the summer” …or something like that.

    Hopefully the boys will go to WV with you because we all know that’s in their best interests. But, I wouldn’t put it past the CW to try and manipulate them to get child support. I’m praying for you guys.

    • Me 101 says:

      I agree Sharon.. they have every right to make their choice and what ever they choose will be certainly honored .. BUT they have to make an informed on and know that they are going to have to live with what they decide until .. like you said.. it can be reevaluated.

      Realistically, I can drive 600 miles (round trip) on their whims and more importantly, I’m not going to!

      The foot is down!! LOL

  2. altonwoods says:

    Speaking from the perspective of someone who like your wife has (and continues to) make mistakes, and as one who also DID sign away their right to keep their childs custodial parent (and thusly their children) close I certainly wish I had done exactly what she’s doing. Someday,perhaps years from now, she may do as i did and clean up her act…only to find the logistical circumstances of having a physical relationship with her kids to be out of her reach in many ways.

    I’m just sayin…

  3. Me 101 says:

    Thanks for stopping by Altonwoods and I appreciate your comment and your perspective.

    Here’s some things that you may not know if you aren’t a regular reader:

    My husband has never kept the boy’s mother away from them. She saw them whenever SHE wanted to see them.. kept them when SHE wanted to keep them for how many days SHE wanted to and we were left to do spin control when she made promises she didn’t keep or told us to come pick them up because she they were interfering with her lifestyle.

    We have tried, sometimes in spite of her, to not let that affect the kids and to keep their impressions of her as a mother intact. You know, the whole making excuses for her so the kids don’t feel that they aren’t important to her.

    Her actions say otherwise.

    At any rate, the point is that no one is stopping her from seeing them but her. But at some point, we have to do what’s best for them and moving away from the ghetto is more about giving them a better life then keeping her happy.

    Sorry.. you can’t have it both ways. If she was really worried about her kids then 1) she would have cleaned her act up 2) she would want what was best for them and 3) she wouldn’t go around saying to her middle son that the youngest son wasn’t biologically his father’s.

    At some point, she has to realize that she can’t have everything her way at the expense of others.. namely her kids.

    Our move isn’t to get away from HER (although I admit it is one of my perks).. while her motives are not as noble as she would like them to appear.

    From your comment, it seems as though you understand far more then she does and I sincerely wish you well with whatever mistakes you continue to make!

  4. Amy Knoll says:

    You have to do what’s best for you and the Chief and so you can support your children. Because she’s obviously not going to do anything to help support them.

    She’s not a mother. Being a mother actually takes effort and energy. Commitment and time. She’s not willing to give any of that.

    • Me 101 says:

      Thanks Amy and you’re absolutely right..

      Look.. if we could have afforded to move within Pennsylvania, we would have. Neither of us was that keen on moving THAT far away from family and friends and everything we know and are comforted by.

      this is going to be a great change for everyone involved but ultimately, giving the kids a better life away.. and one where our cost of living is reduced over a thousand dollars a month is going to mean that the kids will have a better life too.

      But she is so self centered and narcasistic (sp?) that she can’t see anything other then what is best for her.

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