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.. y’know, marriage isn’t easy.

Marriage that comes along with boys that were never properly disciplined.. or never had a steady female influence :: the “good” kind :: is even worse.

But you guys know this.. I mean, you READ this blog, right? I’m sure there are times that people in my life wished I wasn’t so much of an open book!! LOL!!

Ahhh... be still my heart!!


So today we had a few errands to run and one of them was to pick up laundry detergent. Laundry before Weed came to stay was bad enough.. now, with his clothes PLUS the two and a half trash bags of dirty clothes he brought over.. I went through the whole bottle of detergent I had just bought.

We get to the market and I’m scanning the shelves looking for the cheapest detergent. Let’s face it, I know that there’s more water then anything in the cheap stuff but considering how long they have the clothes on their bodies and how often I wash, they’re clothes aren’t THAT dirty.

Anyway.. so I’m checking out prices and didn’t realize that Chief had wandered off on his own until I hear “… PSST!! Leese!!”

I turn around and there he is holding up the mega container of Tide. You know the one.. it sits on it’s side and has the little pump thing like a water cooler?

I gave a deep sigh.

I LOVE TIDE!! I love it’s smell.. I love how little of it I need.. I love how clean and fresh it makes my clothes.. but it’s just SO. DARN. EXPENSIVE!!

And I can’t even say that being responsible for kids now has stopped me from buying it.. I HARDLY bought it because of it’s price. Maybe twice a year when I was working in those months when you go three paychecks.

I know he’s messing with me but I walk up to him and gently caress the bottle.. sigh again.. and say, “.. if only!”

He called me a goofball :: his term of endearment :: and we grabbed the cheap stuff and did the rest of what we had to do.

Fast forward to home.

Weed and Bubba are playing on the Playstation… Spaz was still in school.. both dogs are noshing on pork bones.

Chief is on his side of the bed with his laptop and I’m on my side of the bed on my laptop.

HIM: Hey.. Leese.. did you know you can go on Proctor and Gambles’ website and they will send you free samples. All you have to do is fill out a survey?

ME: Uh-huh.. I was thinking about doing that after we move.

HIM: Oh.  I didn’t know that. I was trying to get you a free sample of Tide and found it.

ME: << insert soupy-goopy-I-so-love-you-right-now awwwww!!! >>

HIM:  What?

ME: You were going to get me Tide!!

HIM: Um.. yeeeaaaaa???

ME: No! You were going to get me TIDE!!!!!!!

HIM: Yeeeaaaaaaaa????

ME: O!M!G! YOU were going to get ME TIDE!!! I love you soooo much!!

HIM: Goof ball!

… because what I don’t think he gets because he’s MALE is that going online and trying to get me a free sample of Tide is a whole lot better then him actually buying it for me!!

me <3’s him!

Christmas this year was hard.

We literally had no money for anything.. tree, gifts, etc.

I’ve never NOT had a Christmas but I guess there’s a first time for everything and truly, it gave me the opportunity to reconnect with my faith and walk the walk in regards to celebrating Christ’s birth instead of getting all caught up in the commercial holiday. I was also able to give to a family that was worse off then we were and that truly, was the best present I had ever received.

If it was just the two of us, it wouldn’t really have been a big deal but with the kids.. well.. they can only “understand” so much regarding adult situations but they were shipped off to the Crack Whore’s for the weekend since she was loaded down with gifts for them.

Fortunately, my big ol’ Italian family celebrates the Feast of the Seven Fishes and they were more then happy to have me and Chief over. Especially because we’re moving and may not be back here for a while.

My family knows our situation and even though the last thing they would have expected was a gift, I didn’t feel right receiving empty handed. It’s just the way I am.

So a few days before Christmas Eve, I’m sitting in my mother’s living room watching one of her soap operas and it hit me.
The PERFECT gift for my aunts and cousins. I literally jumped off the couch excited and told my mom what I was thinking. She was excited to.

My grandmother passed away at 97 in July 2009. She truly was the matriarch of our family and she is very, very missed by all of us. I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating.. I’ve realized as I’ve grown older and met different people and joined different families that mine is truly the exception to the rule. There is no dysfunction.. we are close.. we are there for each other.. supportive of each other.. we all get along.. there is no stress when having to do a seating chart..

Christams Eve’s dinner was always at my grandmother’s little South Philly row house. Imagine trying to stuff 40 or more people in a box and you kind of get the idea of what dinner’s were like. It wasn’t uncommon to be lined up on the stairs with plates on our laps!

After she died, my her youngest daughter (my aunt) took over the mantle to keep the tradition alive.. and even though it meant driving an extra hour or so to her house, we gladly do it because gosh, with everybody’s hectic day to day there is no way we were going to miss the opportunity to get together.. eat.. and laugh. The things we do best!

When they sold my grandmother’s house, my mom had given me all different kinds of plates and cups and saucers that my grandmother had collected over the years. Things that no one could really use but things my mother and aunt didn’t have the heart to throw out. The thought was that I would take them to a flea market but I never got around to doing that.

The idea that I had sitting in my mother’s living room was to turn part of the tea set I had inherited into candles and gift them to my aunts and cousins. It seemed so perfect. Something that I could make less then cheap but was priceless.

I also created a tag with my grandmother’s picture and the words “Grandmom’s Cup of Love”

I knew that the gift would be well received.. but I didn’t expect just HOW well..

There were tears .. a lot of them.. and it made me feel bad because the last thing I wanted was for anyone to be sad but at the same time, I felt really good because I know that they were appreciative and that their sentiment was sincere.

Turns out that one of the worst Christmas’ turned into one of the best!