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.. so about two years ago, (No Longer.. Maybe) Weed was living with us and in one of Dante’s Infernos with his drug and alcohol abuse.

NOTE: Let me just interject here that (No Longer.. Maybe) Weed was 18 when I came into his life and because I considered him an adult, didn’t really intrude on his privacy. Maybe I should have.. maybe Chief definitely should have but it’s just the way it was. Neither of us had no clue how deeply addicted he was.

.. anyway

So two years ago he gets arrested stealing crap out of our neighbors cars.. barefoot.. at four o’clock am.

We actually didn’t find out until the following day but that’s another store for another time and one that I really don’t think I want to revisit.

Anyway.. that arrest was what prompted the first stay in rehab and because it was his first offense, they were putting him in the ARD program. That being something which, had he completed, would have wiped his file clean.

But come on.. even YOU knew that wasn’t going to happen, right??

A year after his arrest, he was called into court about his fines. He hadn’t paid anything on them and you know, they take that seriously. So they sent this letter basically saying that if you don’t pay the fine then they were going to remove him from the ARD program and there would be another trial. Or A trial. There was never a trial the first go around.

So the day of the court date comes and he’s all begging and pleading.. and the Crack Head is doing her YOU NEED TO BE A FATHER screech.. and at that point, he had been going to school to get his GED .. or no, wait.. he had just taken the test for his GED.. and so I told him and Chief that if he worked at the store everyday then we would send a hundred dollars a week up to the courthouse and his fines would be paid off by like March or something.

Mind you.. this was December? January?

I even typed a letter from Chief to the court explaining the situation and what he was committing to, etc.

We also sent him up to the courthouse with, I think, 113.00.. which was 10% of what he owed.

I figured that taking 20.00 a day out of the register wasn’t going to hurt us.

And it wouldn’t have.. if anyone did it.

You know.. maybe I’m part of the problem here but I am not going to have all this shit on my shoulders. These aren’t my kids.. she isn’t my ex.. they’re his problems that HE needs to deal with and be responsible for. I can’t help it if I refuse to treat a grown man like a child. I had 18 years of that with my first husband and promised myself not to let it happen again. Sometimes it sneaks up on me but when I catch it.. I do an about face and things like (No Longer.. Maybe) Weed’s fines don’t get paid.

Not that (No Longer.. Maybe) Weed was even worried about it. Did he ever ask about it? Did he ever put money aside from the 10 or 20 that Chief would give him if he worked longer then his self-imposed two hour shift?

Nope.. nope.. annnnnnnnnnnddddddd Nope.

So then in May? June? He had another court date. The judge told him that he had to have the fines paid by September 15th. No more extensions. If it wasn’t paid then they proceed with trial.

Now I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The kid has come around since last year.. he works every day.. and does work when he’s there, not just sits around.. and he was putting applications in for a job… and so I was like, alright. I’ll do my best to make sure it gets paid.

Which meant, that I was use my unemployment check to pay it off. I figured we could finagle the house bills for two months.. as long as the house rent was paid.. we’d make it work.

Oh.. poor delusional Leese.

I wasn’t able to actually put anything on his fines until August. My intention was to put 500.00 on it at the end of August and then the way my checks fell, I would be able to pay the remaining 450.00 of it by the second week of September.

Except in August, Chief needed 200.00 to cover a check he wrote for the store.. and then we went to Washington DC and I had to tap into some of the house rent money so by the time I got another unemployment check, I wasn’t able to pay the 1000.00 / 375.00 like I usually do .. it was something like 800.00 / 550.00.

So I had 300.00 for (No Longer.. Maybe) Weed’s fine but then Chief needed 250.00 for the store’s rent.

NOTE: Now do you understand why I went absolutely bat shit balls on Chief when he made the comment about giving him the money back for paying my tickets????

Oh.. and because I hadn’t paid the previous month’s electric bill because I put money on (No ¬†Longer.. Maybe) Weed’s fine, it got cut off.

So I started to get REALLY pissed off that I’M the one paying for these fines while Chief and the shop are just sucking up any additional money that I have.. and the Crack Whore is always crying broke since you know.. she has all these men paying all these bills and she spends the summer laying on the beach turning into a raisin.

This past Friday was a bad day because of the oven (which I’ll still post about because it’s never really about the oven!) and I was waiting for a guy to come and look at it but he never showed.. and so when the mail came and it was from the county courthouse addressed to Chief and stating that there was a warrant out for his arrest and he had 24 hours to turn himself in.. well, let me tell you.. that was the last straw.

I called him up and told him what came in the mail and that indeed.. it was the last straw.

You see, a while ago he had child support court and after waiting all day to be called, they took some kind of break and he went off ont he court bailiff. To the extent that he got a 400.00+ fine for disorderly conduct that he never paid. That’s what I thought THIS was referring to but after looking it up the docket online, I found out that this was for (No Longer.. Maybe) Weed :: I forgot that he lived here when he was arrested :: and they sent it out because he missed a court date on Sept 7th.

Chief said that he had mentioned something to him about court but (No Longer.. Maybe) Weed said he didn’t have it or he didn’t know about it or something.. don’t remember.. and really, honestly, don’t care.

When Chief looked at the paper on Friday, he said that he would tell (No Longer.. Maybe) Weed on Saturday about it but I don’t think he did.. I don’t think he told him Sunday and I really doubt that he told him today.

Should I have remembered? Maybe.. but you know what? I can’t keep track of everything and why should it be more important to me then it is to them?

I don’t get it..

I don’t get them..

Oh yea.. I'm a badass alright!!“You” meaning “Me”

If you search around this blog, you will find previous posts about the obscene amount of parking tickets I get on Street Sweeping day. That’s because my house is on the point of three intersecting streets and every bloody day is Street Sweeping day and I still.. after three years.. have yet to understand which side gets swept on which day at which times.. especially because apparently, this information is tribal fucking legend with no signs posted for the memory challenged.

On the day the Street Sweeper comes around, the truck is followed by a cop car and if you’re parked where you shouldn’t BE parked, they write you up on a blaze orange envelope and stick it in your windshield.

The cost is 15.00.

I used to pay them as soon as I got them before.. before I was laid off.. before the shop started to tank.. before I somehow became responsible for paying (No Longer.. Maybe) Weed’s criminal fines.

And sometimes I wouldn’t even GET them.. either the wind took them.. or one of the bratty neighborhood kids took them off.. sometimes Chief would take them off and I wouldn’t know about it until I got a summons in the mail.

A few times I put the cash in the blaze orange envelope to be deposited into the special mail box at the courthouse down the street from the store and on the way to Bubba’s school and the Crack Whore’s apartment.. but somehow those little envelopes just never made it in there.

That stopped REAL quick.

So Tuesday, Chief had cut his finger really bad. He couldn’t be around food and since yet another cable/internet tech was due at the house to fix our shit, I told him to just go ahead up to the house and wait for them. It made no sense for him to be at the shop when he couldn’t do anything and it is a very rare day when he isn’t in the store from sun up until well past sun down.

See! That was me being nice.

Anyway.. what I don’t find out until the next morning was not only was the cable guy there, but the constable was there.

To arrest me.

For unpaid Street Sweeping tickets.

In the amount of $228.00.

I had twenty four hours to handle my shit .. well, less by time Chief told me and I freaked out.

I didn’t freak out because the constable was there.. I freaked out because THIS IS NOT ME .. I don’t let shit like this go.. I always paid what I needed to pay when I needed to pay it.

Until I met him.

Did you ever hear of regret breeding contempt?


Almost there.

Especially because Chief PROMISED me that he’d have money for me to take up to the courthouse by the end of the day and he didn’t. He had half of it in the store’s bank account and was REAL reluctant to withdraw it for me.. and even though that’s bad enough.. I really saw RED when he said, “.. you’re going to give it to me back, right?”

Lord Jesus how I didn’t murder the man right there.

Instead.. I bitched him out like he’s never been bitched out before and I pulled out every fucking ace from my sleeve regarding how many times I’ve given him money for the store and he’s never given it back to me.

I believe I even though something across the store but in all honesty, I was so white hot angry that I don’t remember.

Because, you see, what I found out about this man over the years is that not only is he not good with money.. but he’ll do whatever it takes to get what he needs. Sound familiar? He’d be the male Crack Whore if it weren’t for the fact that it’s about his “needs” not his “wants”.

That might be a little too harsh but just writing this is getting my blood boiling. So I apologize in advance for sounding pissed off.. especially something that happened a week ago.

The store is behind on the rent .. business has been down.. and my unemployment check can only be stretched so far. I’m not going to NOT pay the house rent because the store has empty shelves. Sorry, not gonna happen.

The last time the electricity got cut, I told him that THAT was never going to happen again.. and either he better call up the electric company and work something out OR get used to living like the olden days because I wasn’t going to borrow money from anybody to take care of a bill that he didn’t take care of because he needed the money for the store.

He is working his ass off to get over the hump .. another deli opened about a block away which is killing business .. even opening up on Sundays again to make extra money.. but he’s just not business savvy. The boy can cook his ass of.. but other then that, he’s virtually useless.

So that whole attitude and OH MY GOD I CAN’T PAY MY FINE BECAUSE I’M PAYING YOUR FUCKING SONS statement didn’t really make for a happy time in the store but you know what? He gave me that check.. I paid the fines and had the warrant lifted.. and now (No Longer.. Maybe) Weed is on his own.. the shop is on it’s own.. it’s either going to sink or swim on it’s own because I’m not putting any of the personal money into it.

Whether he knows it or not.. it’s just the way it’s going to be.

.. no. Seriously. They are.

Apologies to bastardizing the cartoon on the right but it’s kind of hard to find a picture that accurately depicts the travesty that is the Crack Whore paying child support.

Mind you.. the fact that she only has to pay 160.00 a month is a travesty in itself.

If you don’t have a calculator, that’s around $2.66 a day.. per kid.

So excuse me if I was more then happy to tell her that she needed to buy them their school clothes and jackets and sneakers before school.

She didn’t pay support in June.. paid in July.. skipped August and September.

Because.. you know.. it’s SUMMER! How else was she going to go to the beach every weekend?

Well.. the the questions have been answered and believe me.. it’s a doozy!

I’ve told you before that she has one john boyfriend that pays her rent.. one that pays her cable.. welfare pays her utilities.. and I assumed that the “job” she has cleaning house went to the child support. Oh.. and the one that pays her rent also pays Bubba’s cell phone bill.

Mind you.. I don’t begrudge anyone anything. That’s how you live your life? Why, you just go ahead and swing that skank flag sweetie .. !! Just take care of your responsibilities because I’m not doing it anymore. Not for your kids who have no respect for anyone or anything (lease of all me) .. and certainly not to give your life a clearer free way to travel.

So she doesn’t pay the child support and after three missed payments, the court sends out a hearing notice. Chief got his a week or so ago with a September 29th court date.

It didn’t take long for her to call him up and tell him that she was going to turn over a two month payment.

That I believe was on Thursday. I’m guessing because Chief didn’t actually tell me that they had this conversation .. I found out on Friday night when he came home from work and a text came through on my cell phone from her.

I told him to read it because anything coming from her didn’t have anything to do with me and when he did, she was asking for the child support address.

He said.. in that flabbergast tone he gets.. that he ALREADY talked to her and told her he didn’t know the address.

Um.. excuse me?


He said she had called the shop and said that had two months of child support in a money order but didn’t know where to send it.. that she wanted to get it in as soon as possible because she was going away for the weekend.

He had told her to drive it up to the courthouse because mailing it would only delay him getting it further.


Doesn’t it seem funny that she’s asking for the address when we’ve gotten child support from her monthly up until June? How the hell did she know how to do it THEN but not NOW?

He didn’t have an answer but was all “.. yea! yea! Why didn’t I think of that???”

Well.. because you’re a moron, apparently!

I told him to call her and tell her again that you didn’t have the address because I wasn’t going to deal well with her texting and calling all friggin’ night.

So he did and left her a voice mail.

Because.. you know.. you JUST TEXT ME.. why the HELL wouldn’t you answer your phone???????

Ok.. now let’s fast forward to Saturday night at aroud 6pm.

I’m in the shop.. waiting on a customer when this idiot bangs on the window .. waves.. and then motions that he’ll be in when he’s finished smoking his cigarette.

Um.. oKKKAAAYYYYY… whatever.

I’m used to idiots like that.. this town seems to be FULL of idiots like that.

He comes into the store and gives me a big HEY LEESE! HOW YOU DOING?

Um.. ok. Whatever. The bad part about owning a shop in this little town is that everybody knows you.

So I tell him I’m cool and ask how he is.. poised to either write down a lunch meat order or a sandwich order or whatever. He gives me none of that.. he says that he heard that (No Longer.. Maybe) Weed is giving us some trouble.. that he’s been trying to help out the Crack Whore and the kids and he is always helping someobody but nobody ever helps him.. he has no money on him for anything but cigarettes and hasn’t eaten all day.

I’m listen to him but my mind is in over drive trying to figure out WHO he is.. It’s not the john boyfriend who pays her cable bill.. him, I’ve met before..

Then he asks about Spaz.. and how he’s doing.. and that he said he needed a pocket watch for school.

I’m acting like I know who he is and tell him that Spaz does NOT need a pocket watch for school.. that the three WRIST watches I’ve gotten him have all been lost or broken and he’s not responsible enough to take care of ANYthing…

And then it dawns on me…

This pathetic, drunk standing in front of me is J ..

J the guy who I’ve heard has a lot of money but that his sister controls because he’s not responsible with hit.. the J who’s paying the Crack Whore’s rent and Bubba’s cell phone bill.

Well.. isn’t this a little burr on the brush??

He’s still talking about the kids and getting them stuff and I ask him why? Why are you so hell bent on giving them everything they want when they don’t appreciate or value it? Why is it that when we say no to something.. and they go running to her.. that they get it? What’s that teaching them J? He says that he’s been taking care of the Crack Whore for three years.. I tell him what he does with her is his business .. that they’re adults.. but the only thing the kids are learning is how to manipulate.. how to get what they want by saying whatever .. whomever.. wants to hear.

Then he busts out with it.. and the pieces of the puzzle all fall together.

NOTE: THIS is the reason why you shouldn’t damage your brain cells with drugs or alcohol.. or too much stupid tv.. you may need them for something important!!

He says that he got arrested in June for a DUI in another state. Was released in July but then had to do 30 days in jail. He just got out the other day.


So being the bold .. blunt.. bitch that I am, I ask him outright..


He said that he was.. I ask him if any of the kids were his.. He said they weren’t.. so I asked him why the HELL would he do that? Why the HELL would you pay child support for kids that aren’t yours for a woman who.. as we speak.. is down the shore with another john boyfriend?

He doesn’t say anything.. so I call him an idiot.

He says that their relationship isn’t like that.. that they’re just “friends” .. I said BULLSHIT.. you mean to tell me that you’re paying her rent.. her child support and God knows what else because you’re “friends”? What are you, an asshole?

He doesn’t say anything again.. so I take the opportunity to continue..

I tell him that nobody.. NOBODY.. does that for THREE years “just because” .. that he might not want to say it out loud but he wants to get with her and things paying for everything is going to get him there.. but guess what? You ain’t getting there because she knows she don’t have to give nothing up for you to pay her. Meanwhile, somebody else is tapping it and he’s just standing there looking like a fool. Just sayin’


Oh.. and let me guess.. you were just down and her place and nobody was home and THAT’s the reason why you dropped in here because you got a call from her saying that she needs 488.00 by the 29th and you could only come up with 350.00. Right?

He just stared at me.. getting all red in the face.

So I just told him not to mind me saying it, but he’s pathetic and he really should take care of his own business before he takes care of somebody else’s.

Finally able to get words out, he changed the subject and asked me if I needed anything.. if the store needed anything because he had heard that we weren’t doing good (.. that I know came from the Crack Whore because I had told her that when she called asking about Spaz being punched in the face at school)

I told him that anything we needed we would get the honest way.. through faith and hard work. That I wasn’t a taker and don’t go asking people for money to get out of a jam that I created myself.

Suck on that one, Crack Whore.. whenever you mouth is free.

He forced me to take his phone number in case I changed my mind but I told him I’m only writing it down to make him feel better and that I had absolutely no intention of using it.

I told him to take a pretzel and a soda if he was hungry and to leave because I had work to do.

He did.

So there you have it… just another confirmation that this is truly one fucked up family.

.. not just for Alice anymore. Obviously

.. maybe

.. possibly

.. Magic 8 Ball says the chances are good.

A while ago, (No Long, Maybe) Weed had mentioned that he suspected Bubba of doing things he shouldn’t be doing.. mainly because of the kids he’s hanging around with .. the younger brother’s of the crew (No Longer.. Maybe) Weed was/is hanging around with. But personally, I had never seen any evidence of it myself.

Until Friday.

Thursday night, Bubba was in bed by 11:15. He got up at 6:30am… took a shower.. and I drove him to school.

He stopped by the shop after school, around 2:30 with one of his friends to get something to eat and then I drove him home. Not that we live far, but I was on my way to get store gloves anyway so I dropped him off. I didn’t get “home” home until around 4:15 ish.

We’re having an issue with the oven that I’ll post about later (believe me, you’ll want to read it.. cause it’s NEVER just about the oven) and while I was doing that.. and calling Chief about it.. Bubba got off the computer and went to sit on the lounge chair where he promptly fell asleep and remained asleep… read that as knocked out cold.. until Chief came home at around 7:30 or so.

Doing that is SO out of the norm for Bubba. Usually he comes home from school and remains on the computer until dinner time so to voluntarily get off of it .. especially when Spaz wasn’t home.. got the spider senses tingling.

Also given the fact that I was cleaning the house AROUND him and he didn’t budge, stir or gunt.. didn’t even fart! .. I knew something was up.

So when Chief came home and he was changing out of his work clothes, I told him that I had some really real concerns about Bubba and what, if anything, he ingested.

I finished up cooking dinner and Chief went to wake Bubba up. It took him a while but when he finally woke up Chief asked him why he was sleeping so much. Bubba mumbled something incoherent so Chief asked him again and again, he mumbled something. He got up out of the lounge chair and made his way over to the dinner table. We started to eat and he got up to get something to drink.. banging into the table so hard that everything on it shook and spilled.

Chief shot him a look and Bubba mumbled something about it not being his fault and went into the kitchen. Chief followed him and I’m not sure what he did or said but when Bubba came out, he mumbled something about “.. way to show trust” or something like that.

Chief came out of the kitchen and sat down across from him.. staring at his every move.

Finally Bubba said something about how he had gym class that afternoon and they made them do all kinds of running and climbing and stuff.

Spaz butted into the conversation about something random and then towards the end of dinner, Chief told Bubba that if he was wrong then he apologizes but it’s his job as a father to be concerned about him popping pills.. especially given their family history.

Bubba let it go and after dinner he went into the bathroom. I took the opportunity to tell Chief that the gym story was bullshit because if that was the case, it would have been the first thing out of Bubba’s mouth when he woke him up. Chief said that he noticed his pupils were as big as saucers and asked me to keep an eye on the laundry and stuff for anything like pills or little baggies or something like that.

I told him that if he wanted to drug test, all we’d have to do is stick the little card on the bathroom floor after Bubba pees because he never gets all his piss in the toilet.

Chief laughted.. but I was being serious.

So now, yet another kid is doing what most kids do, I guess.. that being experimenting.. but with these kids and their genes, and what they’ve already been exposed to with the Crack Whore and (No Longer.. Maybe) Weed.. and Chief’s own mother who was a pill popper.. you’d think they’d want to stay far, far away.

The hairy eyeball is on him.. and in a few days when he thinks the suspicion has died down, I’m tearing apart his room. Right now, I know I won’t find anything but give it a few days and he’ll go back to being his lazy old piggish self.

Keep you posted on this one too!

So Spaz has what my grandmother would call a “sassy” mouth… he just can’t keep it shut. His father likes to day that he falls asleep mid-sentence and wakes up with something to say.

Believe me.. it gets under your skin REAL quick because even thought he’s TALKING.. he doesn’t really SAY anything. At least nothing that isn’t a lie, exaggeration or something so randomly ridiculous that you stop and wonder “… what the HELL is wrong with you boy?”

Alot of it has to do with his constant need for attnetion.. and not realizing that the way he’s getting attention isn’t the best way of getting it.

Some of it is simple 12 year old stuff..

Some of it is being the youngest of three boys..

Some of it is just mental.

Along with Spaz’s incessant talking is the attitude that comes with it.. the mumbling under his breath when he’s corrected or punished or told that he isn’t allowed to do what he wants to do.

Believe me.. I’ve tried for three years and there is just no being around the boy and tolerating his antics anymore.

Spaz is in Special Ed in school.. mostly for his behavior ( read that as lack of self control ) but up until recently, he was also in SE for his academic performance. He is on what is called an IEP (Individual Evalution Program) and having to deal with this for the past three years, I can safely say that all an IEP is is an excuse not to perform well in school.

He’s been allowed to leave the class room when things get too stressed for him.. he can finish tests when he wants to.. IF he wants to.. basically, he’s been dumbed down because he isn’t been pushed like a normal kid would be in class.

Ok.. all fine well and good.

I guess.

I don’t agree with it because to me, it almosts seems like rewarding bad behavior not doing absolutely nothing to prepare him for life outside of school.

At any rate .. at the end of last year, he was re-evaluated and because his academic scores where within “normal” range, the took him off the academic IEP but determined that he was emotionally disturbed so they kept him in Special Ed and based his IEP on his behavior.

Got that? Let’s milk the government for MORE money so no child gets left behind.

This year, his SE class was moved to another school. Still in our neighborhood but not the one that the regular kids in our neighborhood go to .. which means that other then the kids in his Special Ed class that transferred from his old school, he doesn’t know anyone.

Not that he has any friends in our neighborhood.. please don’t get THAT wrong idea! Spaz has a keen ability to make enemies wherever he goes and it’s all because of his mouth.

One thing this new school does differently is they send home a behavior report daily as opposed to weekly.. and since the beginning of school, there has been remarks on his daily report that Spaz has made threats towards other students like, “.. I’m going to smack you” .. or “.. you should get slapped” .. there has been name calling like “ugly” .. “retarded” .. and “faggot”. There has been outbursts and tantrums and back talk towards the teachers and teacher’s aide.

Unfortunately, the usual.

One day.. about a two weeks ago.. he came home from school and told me that there was a kid on the school bus that threw food in his hair and told him not to come to school the next day.

I told him that he doesn’t take the school bus.

He said it was a kid that was on the bus and he threw something at him when Spaz was walking by.

Did it happen? Was this just something he made up to garner sympathy because he wasn’t allowed on the computer for not cleaning up his room? Was he being picked on? Was this retaliation for something HE initiated?

Hard to know… because Spaz never tells the truth. About anything. At all. In fact, the only thing you can count on with Spaz is that he will lie or exaggerate on anything.

The next day his daily report had a comment from the teacher that Spaz complained of being bullied and that they were going to look into it. His report also had comments about his mouth and bad behavior. So was this bullying thing just something he said to justify his behavior?

Hard to know.. because Spaz does THAT all the time too.

Last Wednesday, I left the store early because I wasn’t feeling good.. one of the down falls of working with the public. I think I caught a touch of bug or something. Anyway.. I was home and about 1pm, Chief came into the house and told me that the school had called him because Spaz got punched in the face and he had to go pick him up.

From what I understand ( mind you, I didn’t go to the school with Chief ) Spaz and this kid have a reading class together. They were laughing about something and the kid told Spaz that if he laughed at him again, he was going to punch him in the face. Spaz laughed at that and during the next period when they recess out in the school yard, the kid went up to Spaz and punched him.

The kid was arrested.. charged with assault.. will have to go to anger management classes an is going to be suspended for a week or so.

Chief was kind of upset that Spaz didn’t defend himself and I had to remind him that Spaz is ALL mouth.. ALL MOUTH.. he’ll make threats but that’s about as far as he’ll go… The school and everyone who witnesses what happened all agreed that Spaz was not the instigator .. but I told him that he may not have been THEN.. but I told him that there has been something brewing since the beginning of school and IF HE READ THE DAMN REPORT THAT HE SIGNS he would know that.

What I also told him was that it appears as though they are putting Spaz in regular classes for his academic studies.. something that in all honesty, he isn’t prepared for (based on his IEP) .. and if THAT IS the case, then the school is wrong and he needs to contact the Child Advocacy department to have it investigated because there is every possibility that if the school is putting him in social situations that he isn’t mentally prepared for, then the state will pay for him to go to the school of Chief’s choice .. which is a local Christian academy that specializes in kids like Spaz and that is also WAY out of our price range.

So the next morning.. trying to garner sympathy.. Spaz was complaining about his black eye and how much it hurts. I told him that it’s not going to be his last one if he keeps acting the way he does so he better get used to it. He asked me to drive him to school because it was cold out and he didn’t have a jacket.

It wasn’t cold and he does have a jacket.. he was just afraid to walk. I’m not that cold hearted a bitch and had already told Chief that I would drive him but I wasn’t about to let this kid milk it for all it’s worth ( he had told the Crack Whore the night before that the kid had knocked him to the ground, kicking him in the face.. and just about everybody but the Israeli National Guard was on hand hitting him) So I told him I would drive him but it was because his father asked me to.. NOT because HE wanted me to.

When we got to the school yard, I pulled over.. waiting and watching him until he went into class. He didn’t know I was there.. I just wanted to see what would go on. He walked his little weeble self to the dumpsters and sat down next to them. No friends to talk to .. nobody to hang with until the final bell sounded.

It made me feel bad for him a little.. but he puts himself in these kinds of situations because did he learn anything from being popped in the face?


Still doing the same things and saying the same stuff that he was before.

Chief’s waiting to hear from the Child Advocacy people.. so I’ll keep you updated on that..