A Video Message For Ya…

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Videos
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.. because it’s  not like I had nothing better to do ( preparing for a two night getaway is HELL ) .. and considering how I put absolutely NO thought into how I was going to look you really must be convinced now that I am far left of center!!



  1. Sharon says:

    Great job on the video blog! I hope you have a great time and get the ball rolling in Washington D.C. Have a safe trip. xoxo

  2. datGurl! says:

    Okay! Now I kinda know whats goin on. Gurl I was gonna call out the Light Brigade! Y’all make sure you have a safe trip, and as my Gran use ta say, make sure you got on clean drawls in case you get in an accident-dont wanna embarrass the family…


    Oh- and please dont get arrested. I aint got no money to bail nobody out. You or the dude with the goatee.

    • Leese says:

      Well.. I’m sure my granny wouldn’t appreciate the fact that I don’t wear drawls and I tend to embarrass the family anyway!! LOL!!! But thanks for looking out for me!

      Good thing nobody needed bail money!! LOL!! I’da have to pay them in the loose change underneath the seat of the car!!

  3. lookitsbray says:

    Blah Blah Blah…Good to see you :)

  4. There you are!! Nice to put a face with the name! And believe me and you – if we could have gotten there, O and I would have been there in a heartbeat

  5. Leese says:

    I wish you could have, Wicked… I’m so glad I was able to!!

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