Posted: August 20, 2010 in Convos

ME (to Sarge, Chief’s twin brother regarding going out to dinner on their birthday) You don’t have to be an ass about it

SARGE: Resorting to name calling now?

ME: If the shoe fits…

SARGE: Then I’ll have to start calling you names

ME: Go ahead.. take your best shot

SARGE: Nah.. I’ll make you cry

ME: Yea. Ok.

SARGE: Alright. You’re a bitch.

ME: Yea, I know

SARGE: Fine. Then you’re a cunt

ME: Cool.. that means I’m doing my job

SARGE: You know.. there’s really something wrong with you.

ME: Awww!!! You’re going to make me cry!

  1. Mark says:

    Leese you always make me laugh. What mean things to say to your own sister-in-law. My sis in law can probably kick my ass so I wouldnt think of calling her a mean name. And I like her she is cool. Stay funny!

    • Leese says:

      He wasn’t being serious, Mark … he was just trying to save face and try to get a reaction from me!! LOL!!
      Besides, he knows I can kick his ass anytime .. anyplace!!

  2. Trip X says:

    Thanks for the laugh!

  3. too awesome – don’t let ’em get ya down chica

    • Leese says:

      i don’t sweat his family, Wicked .. and if anything, they’ve learned not to be surprised by anything that comes out of my mouth..

      Well.. they really should have by now

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