Thoughts From My iPhone

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Thoughts From My iPhone

Some things I’ll post about tomorrow.. or today.. What time is it anyway??

1) why buying pillowsvat WalMart became a battle of wills

2) buying new clothes vs just putting your damn dirty clothes in the damn hamper for God’s sake!!!

3) why would ANYONE think that getting a Visa Green Dot card is perfectly fine for a 12 year old (( take note kids.. These are the decisions a drug riddled mind makes!? ))

4) bank fees and what they do to take ALL your money

  1. Trip X says:

    #4 pisses me off!

  2. mindslam says:

    Yep…try to stay out of Walmart & Trip is right…# 4 is nuts….pisses most off. They are crazy with it. Be real careful of letting a company automatically take a payment out & then cancel it latter on. Fought this one for a while!

  3. Trip X says:

    along lines of mindslam’s comment: Been to LabCorp lately? They want your credit/debit card numbers so that after insurance antes up, they can automatically deduct balance form your account, without your knowing how much or when it is coming out. They’ll have to pry the damn thing from my cold dead fingers before they can have my info. Send me a bill like everyone else!

  4. Leese says:

    Wait until you hear the story of #4 guys … !! But at least now I know it was THEM and not me!!

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