Did I Expect Anything Different?

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Chief, Just Livin', Just Me
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.. ok.

So August 28th, Chief and I are going to Washington DC for the Restore America Rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

NOTE: Honestly, if you have anything negative to say about it then keep it to yourself. I’m way too busy to get into a debate right now.

This will be the first “vacation” we will be going on.. if you can call a one night stay two hours down the highway a vacation.. but realistically, driving to the supermarket with the kids is a damn vacation!

We did contemplate taking the boys with us for like.. oh.. less then a NANO second.. but whenever they tag along someplace it’s nothing but arguing and fighting and miserable. Beside, they have no clue what’s going on and I really didn’t feel like hearing Spaz whine and complain about being hungry or thirsty every 10 seconds.

So the Crack Whore was told WAY BACK IN FEBRUARY when we booked the hotel room that she was going to have to keep the boys for that night.

Both of them.

Or.. Bubba could stay with her brother (he has a son Bubba’s age that spends every other weekend there).

They just couldn’t stay HERE and I was personally going to make sure that everything was locked down tight so they couldn’t go in and out… or SHE couldn’t go in and out.

She likes to do that.

Or DID.. before I got hip to it and told her the next time she was in my house I was going to have her arrested for trespassing.


So since the summer, she’s been going away every weekend. She found another john “boyfriend” that has a place somewhere or other. I think she took Spaz once.. the weekend before school ended.

But anyway.. so today I text her and tell her not to forget that she has to take the boys Saturday into Sunday night.

And the response came back that she couldn’t because she was going away and then the little comment about me waiting for the last minute to tell her.

So I calmly text back that she needed to take the opposite of whatever color pill she already took because it ISN’T last minute.. it’s TWO WEEKS away..

Nope.. she still won’t do it. We’re going to have to take them and wow!! What kind of people are we that WE would go on vacation and NOT take the kids.

I told her that OBVIOUSLY we were the SAME kind of person SHE was because SHE goes away every weekend and DOESN”T TAKE THE KIDS.. oh.. my bad, I said.. we AREN’T like you because WE NEVER GO AWAY.

Then she says :: and this is where her manipulation talent kicks in :: that is she WAS going to take them, then we were going to have to provide food and drinks for them to which point I told her that she was ALREADY two months behind on her child support payments .. going on three.. and I’m sure her case worker at welfare will be very interested in knowing that she’s still getting 700+ a month in food stamps for a SINGLE PERSON WITH A JOB.

Oh.. and I know that the job is under the table and since, yknow, my brother is a big wig at the IRS who investigates small business I’m just SO sure he’ll be interested in knowing that her boss is paying people off the books.

She’s going to take them.

With people like her, black mail is the only option.

  1. Sharon says:

    Wow. You are tough as nails and twice as smart. Great job!

  2. mindslam says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & joining my site Japslap. Of course you can add me to yours. I just answered all the stuff you asked me on my site & my blog!….Jason

  3. datGurl! says:

    would u like me to whup her ass Leese Loco? U kno I will take a felony in the pen for you, baby gurl… this bytch doesnt get it…

    check ya email baby gurl…

  4. Amy says:

    Way to make her accept responsibility! 7th grade drop out?

    • Leese says:

      Yea.. sadly Amy.
      She didn’t feel like going to school anymore and HER mother was too busy running the streets with various “gentlemen friends” to care…
      In fact, she doesn’t even know HER biological father is so yknow.. apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

  5. Trip X says:

    I like the blackmail idea. Like I once heard from a KY hillbilly: “Ever what it takes.”

  6. WordPress ate my comment here too, but I noticed some new site features this a.m.
    I’m glad you’re getting away.

  7. kweenmama says:

    I found your blog through Amy. Isn’t it FUN dealing with crazy people?? :-) Hope you have fun on your trip.

    • Leese says:

      Thanks for stopping by Kween!! Much appreciated..
      Yea.. the crazies are certainly entertaining!! LOL!!

      Have to say that I visited your site and from the few posts that I read, I really enjoy your sense of calm.
      Heh.. maybe one day I’ll get there!!

  8. Good for you girl – isn’t it sad that their mother won’t take them though? Sounds like she has the selfish gene up the wazzoo. Sorry you had to deal with that but way to go with making sure she understood what was what.

    Sadly, I have to say we are praising your for besting an uneducated crack whore but :)

  9. Shannon says:

    A few months ago my grandma passed away. She wanted to be buried in the family plot near Portland, OR so everyone made arrangements to go down on Friday, bury on Saturday afternoon and than leave Sunday morning. Friday was to spend time alone with grandma and my mom and Saturday was to spend time with the extended family. Guess what…The Witch (BM) told the kids we were going away for a weekend without them. We could have drove down on Saturday and buried her but we chose to make a weekend of it. WOW! When The Witch’s mother had a brain tumor diagnosed we went way out of our way to make sure the kids spent every holiday with her, checked on how she was doing while in the hospital while they were at our house, let them go to the hospital, drove them there….but for a burial The Witch made it into one more way we deprieve the kids. Hey, they believe their mother’s bullshit so they can get there way.

    • Leese says:

      Sorry to hear about your grandma, Shannon… I lost mine last year and it leaves a big hole in your heart … and it sucks that on top of all that, you have to deal with The Witch trying to twist things.. it gets tiresome after a while, doesn’t it??

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