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If you love watching the train wreck that is the Real Housewives of New Jersey  then you need to watch this Babelgum.Com parody HERE.

I couldn’t embed the video because I’m an idiot with that kind of stuff but if the link doesn’t work then just go to Babelgum.Com and find the video.

I must have watched it at least a dozen time and keep laughing harder and harder!

I always considered Enzo Angiolini to be the Poor Woman’s Manolo Blahnik.

So sure he would appreciate THAT!

But seriously, Enzo usually can rival Manolo is the GASP factor.. that being the reaction you get from your girlfriends when you strut in wearing these puppies.

Actually.. these are like bull dogs.

They make a statement!

I will say this..

I own both Enzo’s and Manolo’s and if I had to choose between the two for comfort.. regardless of how high they are.. I would choose Enzo.

I can play basketball in my freakin’ Enzo’s .. and here’s why.. My Enzo’s have flexible soles. My Manolo’s do not so walking in them is sort of like walking a Nazi Goose Step. The Enzo’s bend so walking is more natural meaning better balance.

Let’s be real, though.. none of that matters because it’s all about the shoe whether or not your standing in them.. sitting in them.. or have the heels pointed at the ceiling.

I found this particular pair on sale for $79.00 at ShoeMall.Com but has them for $35.oo

Yes.. that’s right. You read 35 bucker-roos!

… People? THAT is a steal!!


You know how people don’t expect certain people in one place or another .. or to be traveling the streets at oh.. say 2am?


This is so ridiculous.. honestly, I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

So I ran out of cigarettes, right.. so I check on Chief’s nightstand and he’s out too. Since I’m no where near tired, I figured I’d drive over to the local convenience store and while I’m out, swing on over by the Dunkin’ Donuts. He’s usually up around 430 and I figured this would be a nice surprise.

I hit the convenience store first and then hit DD’s drive through. I get the coffee and for whatever reason, instead of turning right out of the drive way to take the normal route home, I turn left.

Turning left means driving through the really dark part of their parking lot and hitting three traffic lights before I get home so I really have no clue why I did that.

Must have been divine intervention because as I’m making the turn left and then making another short left my headlights swing across those big trash dumpsters and shine themselves on the Crack Whore giving one of the borough’s finest police officers a blow job.


You read that right!

Honestly though, it did catch me a little off guard. I mean, I heard the rumors and have been told stuff from other people but yknow.. I’m not going to say I DIDN’T believe them but it’s some something more credible when you actually see it for yourself.

And so I stopped the car.. with the headlights on them. It didn’t dawn on me then that they wouldn’t be able to see who was in the car because of the head lights.

She jumps up all wiping her mouth with the back of her hand while Dudley DooRight is all jittery trying to get his shit zipped up.

If only my cell phone camera had a flash!

She takes off like a wildabeast being chased by a Cheetah and he.. well, what can he do? Arrest me?? LOL!! Give me a fucking citation?? ROFLMAO!!!

And actually, I don’t know what to do… If I say something to him will he give me a perpetual pass for rolling through stop signs or will he be perpetually ON my ass? Could go either way and it’s not like every cop in this town doesn’t know who I am.. between Weed getting arrested and the time Chief got arrested and me getting into a fight yesterday and owning the only deli in town .. we’re like a warped rock stars..

So I just keep going without saying anything to him. He probably was thanking his higher being at the SAME time I was thinking, “.. yea. We’ll just going to tuck this one up my sleeve until it become necessary”

I drive out of the parking lot and turned right onto the main road up to my house. Now there’s only one or two street lights on this road because the whole right side is a cemetery. A cemetery that has a gate that’s always open and that people cut through all the time. And guess who I see walking up this road?

Yep.. the Wildebeast Crack Whore..

There’s no shoulder for me to pull over on and so I drive up to where the gate is and pulled into it just a minute or so before she would have gotten there.

I saw here flinch.. which, yknow.. I would have done also if I was walking down a dark road and a car pulls into the gate I was going to use to cut through the cemetery after being busted for blowing a cop behind the DD ..

Anyway.. so I I turn the over head lights on in the car so that she would at least know it was me and roll down the passenger side window.

ME: ( all cheery and shit ) HEY! What are you doing walking up here at this time in the morning? Did your car break down or something?

Yes. I am a bitch. A cunt, even. I keep telling people that and they never believe me!!! LOL!!

HER: (stuttering) Oh. No. Um. No. I. Um. <looking behind her> No. I. Um. Where are you going?

ME: (so loving this) I went over to get cigarettes and then swung by Dunkin’.. need a ride home?

HER: (cartoon eyes) When? Just now?

ME: Uh huh

HER: Just now this very second?

ME: Yea. Just now. Need a tissue?

HER: What?

ME: Do. You. Need. A. Tissue? You got something on your face.

And with that last statement she used her hands to wipe her face and said she had to go and took off around the car and into the cemetery.

And all I could say was OMG .. because really, as sad as it should be… it was fucking hysterical. Ahh.. life’s little moments!