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Weed: An Update

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… not that anybody actually cares :: I know I don’t :: but I’m sitting here with a SweetTart high and I WAS trying to play Call Of Duty on PS3 but there are too many jerk offs with their lag switches playing and it was making me really, really pissed so I figured since there really wasn’t anything ELSE to do.. I’ll let you in on what’s going on with Weed.

So.. back on July 7th, he goes into court ordered rehab.

The few times that I asked, Chief said that he hadn’t heard from him. The Crack Whore did call a few times wanting money for him but Chief told her we were worse then broke and he couldn’t cough anything up. Wait.. he did give her money to get him cigarettes but she probably bought the pack for herself. But anyway.. so Chief tells me that when you enter rehab they black you out or block you out or whatever it’s called for 72 hours.


So 72 hours goes buy and we don’t hear anything. Considering all the damn times that kid called when he was in prison, you’d at least he’d attempt a collect call.

NOTE: I decided not to request a refund for the money that’s still on his prison phone account. He’ll be back in there again so why bother, right? One less thing to do ..


So yknow.. I know from the last time the kid was in rehab that Sunday’s are visiting days. So I ask Chief if he knew anything about it.. if the Crack Whore mentioned anything about.. and he was like “no”.

Mind you.. I had no desire to drive all the way up there and go through the whole orientation thing and watch the films and get my orifices searched but I at least would like to “know”.. just for the sake of “knowing”.

I tell him, like.. don’t you think it’s weird that he hasn’t called? He said that Weed was probably pissed off at HIM because he was in there and I was like, you’re fucking kidding me right? What the hell does this kid have to be pissed at HIM for? So it didn’t sit right with me and I was all GRRRRR!!! about it but then figured.. I really don’t care one way or the other and if HE’S not getting all GRRR!! about it then I’m not going to get all GRRRRR!!! for him.

It is what it is.

Yesterday the phone rings at the shop and Chief answers it and goes into the back kitchen. His dad was there so I kind of figured it was something that he didn’t want his father to hear… Not that he could anyway because he wears two hearing aids that don’t work but just on the off chance, I guess..

When I asked him who was on the phone, he said it was Weed. He hasn’t called because he had no way of calling :: guess the Crack Whore used the roll of quarters to get her fix :: and that the rehab was allowing him to use their office phone because they wanted their 20.00 co-pay.

He also said that he was going to be released on the 26th and that the place wasn’t really that bad.

I wondered out loud if they would keep ¬†him if we didn’t cough up the copay but I don’t think Chief found that amusing. Whatever.

The first time Weed was in rehab he was fucking miserable and hated everything and bitched and complained. So maybe him thinking that this time isn’t so bad means that something is getting threw to him.

We shall see..


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… with all the damn running around those two cats are doing, they better wind up with something fuzzy in their mouths!!!


Posted: July 23, 2010 in Thinking

… I eat WAY too many SweetTarts!!!

Wanna know what I did??


You REALLY want to know??


I did THIS:

You know.. I can appreciate being frugal.

I might even appreciate being “cheap” in certain circumstances.

But this right here??

That there.. to the left?

That’s just being a douche bag.

I know you’re confused.. so let me explain.

You know that WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? thing?

I mess with Chief by saying WWCS: What Would Chief Spend?

‘Cause he HATES spending anything over a dollar.

Now.. pepper.. well, pepper isn’t really as inexpensive as you would think it is and he uses a lot of pepper in the deli.

So he ran out of it and when we went to the supermarket last night, refused.. REFUSED.. to spend the $2.25 or something like that on a bottle of pepper.

It was like “.. buy the pepper.”.. NO! “.. just buy the pepper!” NOO! “.. would you just buy the GODDAMN PEPPER!!!!” NOO!! “.. BUY the FUCKING pepper ASSHOLE!!” NO!!!!

I slam dunked the pepper bottle into the cart but somewhere between the pepper aisle and the check out line he ditched it.

So this morning when he NEEDED the fucking pepper to make the potato salad and cole slaw and macaroni salad and tuna salad and chicken salad.. guess what? He needed pepper.

So guess what I had to do??

I had to tear open about a THOUSAND itsy bitsy teeny weeny pepper packs that we have laying around for customers that want pepper on the side.

And yes.. I cursed under my breath :: and sometimes out loud :: while doing this and when I was half way through and he took the pepper that I had already accumulated, I dumped a few packs in my palm.. stood behind him.. called his name and when he turned around blew it on him.

I don’t think he stopped sneezing yet!!

Told him he should have bought the pepper!!!


That’s a question you REALLY don’t need to answer because if you do want to piss yourself, then I really DON’T want t know!!


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