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Ok.. so I’m all on this AWARD thing now thanks to datGurl .. and I was thinking :: cuz I do do that .. sometimes! :: that there are just some blogs that I have to read every morning when I have my coffee.

Sadly.. because I’ve been so absorbed in my own crap the last couple of months.. a few of them either POOF! disappeared (like Mad Hatter Tosha of That’s Why) or just aren’t being written anymore ( Gary’s World and The Nightmare Screenplay ) to name two. I guess we all went hiatus at the same time :: insert sad face here! ::

But I still have my cocktail swigging, moose jerky makin’ girl Jean at JeanHasBeenShopping and datGurl from BenzBaby and GhettoGirl to give me something to look forward to in the morning so I made this award for them.

Condition of the award is this:


This way I can find more interesting stuff to read.. BWAHAHahahahhahahah

Don't Forget To Tell Me Who You Passed It To!!

.. come on.

You guys know I am!! LOL !!

So I was all giddy and giggly and OMG! OMG! OMG! when I opened my email and found that the wonderful and glorious DatGurl had sent along these two awards:

This one is especially meaningful because I happen to think that DatGurl is the SHIZNIT and I am so not anywhere near her level of Shiz-Nit-Tiness.

It just rocks that two people with two different mind sets who don’t always agree or everything can respect each other and pass the Shiz around between us.

I love reading her stuff because she just cracks me the fuck up!!

So do yourself a favor and visit her at BenzBaby.

Just don’t be drinking nothing when you read her posts because it’ll wind up all over your monitor!

And then she send me along this one.. The Innocent Angel Award.

Not sure I’m THAT innocent to receive it but I am in awe of the drawing. It’s fucking fantastic and that’s coming from someone with an art degree that’s collecting dust on the shelf!

Maybe it means that I’m a proponent of the innocent?

Maybe it meas that my morals or values make me “innocent’ in this day and age when everybody around me is just all screwed up..


But I love it and see it just makes me want to be a better person, yknow?

So thank you.. thank you.. thank you.. DatGurl!!

You made my day and I’m so happy that you happened to find my site and liked it enough to stick around!

That make me happy!! LOL!!

If you like Nicolas Cage in movies where he’s being witty and sarcastic :: think National Treasure :: then you’re going to like this movie.

Chief’s been wanting to see this movie for EONS and so yesterday when the kids were being obnoxious assholes, I said “.. you wanna sneak out and go see it?” I mean, what’s 14 bucks when you get two hours plus of peace.

It actually wound up costing 37 but.. again.. I’d pay anything to be away from those two for two plus hours..

Anyway.. this movie is a well written twist on the old story of Merlin the Magician of King Arthur’s court. LOVE Merlin and LOVE King Arthur so I was interested in how they were going to spin this. Cage plays Balthazar :: love saying that name too.. BALTHazar!! Try it.. it’s cool :: who is one of three apprentice’s under Merlin.

Morgana, one of Merlin’s arch-enemies, is trying to steal a spell from him and not to get too much into the plot, she winds up in a locked Russian nesting doll along with Merlin’s other apprentice, Veronica.

It is up to Balthazar to find Merlin’s successor and get rid of Morgana forever.

Of course.. Merlin’s successor is a modern day geek named David who has his own issues.

I liked the story… loved the special effects.. and even though there is one scene stolen from the animated movie with Mickey Mouse and some mops that I really could have done without.. I’d say we didn’t waste our money going to see it.

Because.. yknow.. with the price of movies today going to see one that sucks well.. sucks.

And in keeping with the tradition of us two being idiots.. we were REALLY low on gas driving out to the theater but since it was getting really late and there’s a gas station a block away from the movies, we figured we’d get gas on the way home. So after the movies, we get into the car and it wouldn’t start. I’m trying and trying and trying and it won’t turn over.

Chief’s in the passenger seat and was like, “Let me try..”

Oh.. like.. you didn’t just see me burning out my starter because I’m inept turning the freakin’ key???

But he tried and then said, “.. call my dad” .. who lives like five blocks away and when I when I started dialing his number my phone died. We both looked at each other and busted out laughing.

So he puts the car in gear and starts backing down the hill I was parked on.. almost hitting a big ass dumpster because why WOULDN’T I park near a big ass dumpster.. but was able to get the car facing the opposite way which made the gas in the tank move to the part of the tank that would start the car.

And it started.. and we got gas.. and made it home.

If something like that didn’t happen.. believe me.. I would have worried!! LOL!!

But go see this movie and let me know what you think.

Ok.. this is just an update on THIS post.

There was an article written some time last week and in that article, it was written that she had just been released from country prison.. had been “clean” for a few months and that her mother wasn’t being too cooperative with the local police chief. The article went on to say that she had a court date coming up for a variety of offenses and was a victim of domestic abuse.

Did we really need to know this?

Did printing her past criminal history and upcoming court date mean that the police thought she had taken off voluntarily leaving her young son?

If that was the case.. and considering what her family is like.. wouldn’t you think that she would have told them and they wouldn’t have reported her missing?

AND considering all that AND the fact that the local police chief is one of the biggest douche bags around.. it wasn’t surprising that the mother didn’t want to talk to him. She didn’t disappear from HERE so what .. was he all up and interested to get his face on the front of the paper?

Ahh.. life in a small town.

At any rate.. it was reported that she was found by family and friends. Of course she was.. because if you have a little bit of sense about you and if you watch any one of the million of crime detective tv shows, they would know where her “haunts” were.. where she would go to do what she needed to do to get what she needed to get. It really is that simple. And isn’t hard to assume that the reason why she was clean was because she was on lock down until around the time she went missing.

Like I said in the original post.. you reap what you sow. It’s really is a shame that she died but it didn’t come as a huge surprise that she was found dead.

What’s horrendous is that she left behind a child that is too young to understand what happened and will have to carry that around when they ARE old enough to understand.

Sad all the way around..

But hopefully, this will be a lesson to some other young girl and maybe that will be the only bright spot in this tragedy.