And Now For Something Completely Controversial: ARIZONA

Posted: July 10, 2010 in Something Completely Different
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… so yesterday, I read something that DatGurl posted on her blog and got my girly things all in a twist when I kept reading about how all this is being driven by racism.

I got so torqued that I left a comment without giving myself enough time to breath and formulate the point I really wanted to get across. So y’all are the lucky ones that get to read this!! LOL!!

So let’s agree on a few things first.

There is an out of control problem with people crossing the border illegally According to which side you consider truth, there are somewhere between 13 and 20 MILLION people here and they ain’t suppose to be.

Breaking the law is illegal, right? Therefore, they are ILLEGALS.

The supreme ruled that any person on United States soil is afforded the same rights and United States citizens and therefore are given welfare and food stamps and the such.

Ok. So why is everyone screaming racism? Because they are from Mexico? Would the racism flag be waving if the French Canadians were swimming across in droves? I don’t think so.

People… if you’re one of the ones waving that flag then you are being played.

My daddy always used to tell me that if you want to catch the big fish you have to go deep. So let’s go deep. Let’s go all the way to the bottom of the pond and really figure out who is indeed, being racist. The people wanting to keep them OUT or the people wanting to keep them IN?

In fact, I’m really going to be controversial here and replace the word racism with SLAVERY.

Ask yourself this?

Who employs these people? Why do they want to employ them?

Business’ employing illegals know that they can get away with paying next to nothing. Is that fair to the person working the fields all day? Is it fair that they have to be treated like sub-humans because their illegal status is being exploited for profit? These people have to do what they have to do to provide for who they have to provide for at the mercy of the company throwing them a bone.

Go ahead and tell me that’s not wrong!

Those that are here for noble reasons ( wanting a better life ) are being enslaved. There is no denying that. But they are also draining resources .. along with every other person who receives welfare and shouldn’t.. This country cannot.. repeat.. CANNOT sustain the blind shelling out of money. There’s nothing left on the teet to suckle.

So where do we go from here?

First of all, the migrant farm workers? Put them on a 6 month visa. Let them come in.. work.. BUT THEN GO HOME. Come and go and much as you want but if you come in.. you gotta go back. This country isn’t a roach motel.

Companies that hire illegals should be heavily fined or levied for hiring them in the first place but if they are documented, then there should be standardized pay and have their wages taxes like every other American. If you can be afforded the rights of citizens per the Supreme Court, then your afforded the good AND the bad.

It isn’t feasible to send all the illegals back to where they came from but how about if we give them 3 months to leave on their own.. if not, well.. then we’ll do what other countries do to the people who sneak in to THEIR country.

Change the citizenship process. It’s antiquated and run by a bunch of idiots. If you’re a documented worker then you should be able to be fast tracked.

I may be right.. or I may be wrong.. but one thing I’m certain of.. this out of control problem CAN be rectified as long as it’s being worked on by people who have no special interests or political affiliations or aspirations.

Ok. I’m done being controversial. I’m going to watch the Real Housewives Of New Jersey now!!

  1. datGurl!~ says:

    point taken, dear*

  2. I completely agree, and you put it much better than I could. Thanks.

    • Leese says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting GRAR!! Always appreciated and I’m glad I was a lot clearer this time then the last!! LOL!!

  3. datGurl! says:

    now that I have had a chance to marinate (and drink a beer!) Im back.

    I guess it just seems racist coz they are singling out this sectorof people. your right. its not feasible to ‘send them all back’.

    this is a hell we created.

    i just felt they were goin hard as a band-aid solution for a gaping wound…

    y’all still wub me :-(

  4. Leese says:

    Of course I still WUB you, DG!!
    That’s the best part of having opionons! If we all had the same one it would be pretty boring!

    Personally, I don’t trust ANY politician .. they all got something up their sleeve that’s going to benefit them.. that’s why this problem got so out of hand in the first place..

  5. Goober says:

    Well said Leese! Always right to the point and love that about you!

    What most people forget is that we are a NATION OF LAWS. A REPUBLIC. Not a Nation of Men (or Women). We are ruled by laws, and we must follow them, not by emotions or what makes us feel good at that moment. Civilized society dictates thi

    For without borders we cease to be a nation.

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