Why I Think The Catholic Church Is Worse Then The Mafia

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Just Livin'
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I’m no fan of Catholicism .. haven’t been since I graduated from 12 years of Catholic school.

I have my reasons .. which I won’t go into now.. but let’s just say that my thoughts and opinions were my own. I could argue about theology .. I could argue about idolatry .. I could argue dogma .. but I left the one’s faith alone. If you want to believe it.. you go right ahead Sunshine.

But something happened a few weeks ago that gave me a soapbox and dammit if I’m not going to use it. You let me know what you think. That’s what the comments are for.

We have a Catholic school down the street from me. It’s been there for almost a hundred years. In this little town that I live in, this Catholic school was like a beacon to the community. Something that skewed the reality of “.. this town ain’t what it used to be” for the parishioners.

Yes.. it hasn’t changed for the better but as long as the school was there then BY! GOD! we will still have SOME hope that the kids going there will be property educated and go on to be pillars of society.

That’s what I think they thought anyway.

A few years ago, the church got a new head honcho that no one liked. And not for good reason. I don’t think he realized just what this church meant to this community. Or maybe he did. Maybe he was just a hit man in a cassock.

He started cutting out things here and there.. wouldn’t allow use of the church’s auditorium for elderly bingo and stuff like that. People grumbled.. people vented.. but they still attended mass and forked over money in the collection plate.

That is.. until they made an announcement around December that the school was going to close at the end of this school year.

Now.. the closing of a Catholic school is not such an unusual thing. It’s been happening locally for about the last ten or so years. Enrollment has gone down.. tuition has gone up.. people can’t afford it and with the advent of Charter Schools.. there was an option for a better education then the local public school and it didn’t cost anything.

So why was THIS school closing different?

Because the parents formed a committee to save the school. They protested in front of the BIG Archdiocese church in the city and petitioned the Cardinal. They blasted the head honcho that they despised.

So the church bent a little. They would keep the school open until then end of the NEXT school year but then a nasty little thing happened.

Someone went to the press and the story wasn’t good.

The Archdiocese got pissed off.

While the parents raised money to off set tuition and did everything they could possibly do to raise money to keep the school open, the powers that be were like, “.. ok. We’ll keep the school open BUT you have to come up with 200 enrollments and you only have 3 weeks to do it. Oh.. and to make sure you good Catholic parishioners don’t try to pull a fast one we’re going to increase the 50.00 enrollment fee to 250.00 as.. yknow.. GOOD FAITH”

If you have more then one kid in school.. or even if you ONLY had one kid in school.. that was a big financial impact. And it didn’t matter if your kid have been going there for years. You still had to come up with 250.00 per kid to enroll.

And so the fundraising pulled out all stops. It literally came down to people standing at the major intersection wearing t-shirts and holding sand pails collecting change.

They were going to hold an enrollment shindig at the school to promote new enrollments but the PTB :: Powers That Be :: wouldn’t allow it.

Every time the parents would ask for a number of enrollees to determine how many more kids were needed, the answer never came. The PTB wouldn’t release that information to anyone.. not the parents.. not the press.

It was kind of like, “.. here’s your noose, now go hang yourself with it.”

Very important members of the community started donating HUGE sums of money for The Cause. Upwards of 20,000.

Didn’t matter.

When all was said and done… with the parents having scrapped a number together from going door to door and asking if people had enrolled there kids.. the PTB came down and said Nope.. you didn’t make it. School’s closing in June.

People walked around like they got socked in the belly.

In my oh-so-humble-used-to-be-Catholic opinion, there were things that could have been done to save the school if the jackasses didn’t get their hinds in an uproar. They just didn’t want to.. and that’s the bottom line. They got pushed into a corner by people who’s faith dictates that they will be treated fairly and they dropped the hammer on them.

Instead of working with… they pounced.

Because all along, they knew they were closing the school but with the outpouring of the community, they had to save face so they threw them a bone. Without meat on it.

And that’s wrong. They owe something to this community who came to their aid every time they were asked. New roof.. new this.. new that.. more money.. more money.. more money.

I heard recently that they were going to convert the school into dorms to house Haitian refugees.

They have money for that, right?

They are willing to go all over the world and educate people for free.. but yet they won’t do anything in their own back yard.

And so with the closing of the school, parents are enrolling their kids in other Catholic schools that are out of the area.. and that’s pissing off the head honchos of the neighboring schools off. Church attendance is down.. meaning collection plate money is down.. meaning the church will probably get the ax soon also. And it serves them right. They have played on the faith of their parishioners.. just like the Mafia plays on the fears of people. Only the Mafia doesn’t hide behind the cross to do it.


And by the way…

How many school do you think could have been saved if the church hadn’t paid out the millions it did to hush up the molestation victims?

  1. markbyrd says:

    May GOD Bless!!! Mark

    • Leese says:

      Mark.. thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It is much appreciated.
      I am going to take your comment as I hope it was intended .. because it could have been said in a sarcastic tone.

      I have abandoned the Catholic church for numerous reasons but am a Christian with a strong faith who tries to live my life in the right way. I also know I am a sinner who prays for my forgiveness and the forgiveness of others .. Only God CAN bless me and give me His grace so with that, may God bless you and yours also Mark!

  2. creationbydesign says:

    You are comparing the Catholic Church to the Mafia (claiming that the Church is worse than hired killers), and then you complain that the Catholic school has closed. The mission of the school is to form students to be good, believing Catholics. However, you are a product of a Catholic school and you ridicule Catholicism. So, why should the archdiocese continue to support schools that produce graduates (after 12 years of training) who attack the Church and turn people away from Catholic education?
    We might look for who is at fault for the closing of the school. You conclude it is the Mafia-Church (you don’t mind insulting all Catholics that way, but that’s another point) that is to blame.
    But what about the school alumni? Like products of so-called Catholic schools, perhaps — who claim that Catholics practice idolatry and believe false doctrine?
    So, perhaps we’ve discovered who really is to blame for this closing, and why it makes perfect sense to close a school that produces people like that.

    • Leese says:

      Thanks, CreationByDesign for taking the time to leave a comment.. it is much appreciated.

      The point that I think you missed.. or perhaps I didn’t express properly because I was in a bit of rush when I typed the post.. is that I wasn’t the one fighting to save the school .. the parents / parishioners were. And I believe I did say that my opinion of Catholicism is my own and I am not one to discuss my views unless it is of mutual consent.

      The situation I was discussing involved people who are very faithful to Catholicsm.. who did not attack the faith.. nor turn away from it.. and tried at every turn to work with the Archdiocese to preserve the the institution for the future generations of this town.

      It was only when the Archdiocese took issue with an article that was written in the paper that they stonewalled the effort.

      Your statement that “.. perhaps we’ve discovered who really is to blame for this closing, and why it makes perfect sense to close a school that produces people like that.” is again, directed towards my beliefs and not the beliefs of those fighting to save the school.

      You also incorrectly labeled the school alumni “.. as people who claim that Catholics practice idolatry and believe false doctrine.” The VIPs that I mentioned who donated large amounts of money were all alumni.

      Now I have a question for you .. which I sincerely hope you respond to ..I am not the only person who has abandoned Catholicism. Why do you think that is? Why do YOU believe that people are turning away?

      And please, by all means, explain how I insulted all Catholics?

  3. creationbydesign says:

    I am not the only person who has abandoned Catholicism. Why do you think that is? Why do YOU believe that people are turning away?

    People become atheists, unbelievers or adopt other religious mentalities for a variety of reasons. The world, the flesh and Satan remain as three major factors. Others abandon prayer, lose faith in the supernatural power God, don’t want absolution and freedom from their sins. Many do not know or understand that Christ established one Church and He gave his gifts through the apostles – extending through time in an unbroken succession of grace and salvation. Others pursue curiosity about other religions, believing they can find something more there than what Christ gives through the Church.
    There’s a lot more to it than this.

    What I see from you is a person who is attacking Catholicism and I don’t believe you’ve been educated very well about the origins, meaning and continuity of Catholic thought. For that, I blame your school (after 12 years, you should know a lot more).

    And please, by all means, explain how I insulted all Catholics?

    Re-read the title of your post and then think about it.

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