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… the funny thing is that I had just charged the camera and it was in my handbag the whole day! I just left my handbag in the wagon because I didn’t want to carry it around.

Fuck me.. I’m an idiot.

So considering everything that’s been going on, me and Chief decided to take a ride to a flea market that I found on the internet not that far away in Lambertville, NJ called the Golden Nugget.

I know.. funny name.

But we love flea markets and the two that we usually go to have become less of an actual flea market and more of a .. a.. I don’t know what.. but if you need a new cell phone case.. or fake designer handbag.. or bra and panty sets.. then they’re the place to go.

When I think about flea markets.. I think of someone cleaning out their attic and finding all kinds of old stuff.

That’s exactly the type of place the Golden Nugget turned out to be so we were tickled. And even though it was fucking 44 degrees with NO sun, it was worth freezing for because some of the stuff we saw was freakin’ amazing.

We got there around 8:30 and after about 2 hours, we had seen everything that there was to see. Unfortunately, the weather had kept a lot of sellers home and snuggly warm.

Since Lambertville is less then a mile away from New Hope, we made our way over there.

I love New Hope. If you ever get the opportunity to visit, you have to go. It’s this little town on the river that is eclectic and artsy and unusual and just a really cool freakin’ place.

New Hope is also biker haven because it’s a great ride getting there and then there’s a walking bridge of the river to get to Lambertville.. which is like New Hope Lite.

As we’re walking around, we see all these people in custom. At first, I thought it was a Harry Potter convention .. which Chief laughed at. He’s a Harry fan and I’m SO not so he was like, “.. so when did you ever see Pirates and Wenches in Harry Potter?”

I was just like, “oh.” and then was like, “.. well, I couldn’t tell because I didn’t want to stare in case they WEREN’T in costume”.

You had to be there.

Then this music started to play and he was like, “.. you like big boobed belly dancers, right?”

And I was like, “.. yea, not something that offends me”

So he grabbed my hand and we walked across the street to take a look.

Turns out it was the 1st Annual Reinassence Fair chuck full of Captain Jack Sparrows and wenches with jiggling, over-flowing bosoms. It was a trip and I loved every minute of it.

We went into all kinds of shops and bought hot sauce at Suzie’s Hot Shoppe and organic dog treats at the House of Chews.

Our meter time was running out and we had to get going. Neither of us wanted to leave but we had to. As we were walking ¬†back to the car, Chief said, “.. yknow. We needed this.”

I agreed.

He told me that he wanted us to come up for a weekend.. stay in one of the many bed and breakfasts in the area and just close life off for a while.

Like I said .. it was a great day.