Torquing Bubba’s Ass

Posted: April 14, 2010 in Bubba, Chief, Just Me, Weed
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You know.. I can be a bitch.

A bitch with such a sweet smile and innocent demeanor that you would never guess I was being a bitch.

So I already scratched the surface about how Bubba is a complete and utter douchebag and how Chief now has to deal with it. And he’s starting to get just as frustrated and angry as I’ve been. And it’s about fucking time, don’t you think?

For example, did I tell you about what happened Sunday night at 11:30 when I kind of mentioned something to Chief about Bubba maybe having to go to sleep? And when Chief did, Bubba said he had to laundry because he had no clean clothes even though he sat on his ass the whole weekend on the computer AND that he never mentioned anything at 8pm when I started doing everybody else’s laundry?

Or about the emails Chief gets daily from his teachers saying how he still hasn’t been doing any type of work?

Anyway.. yesterday Spaz came home from school and everything was fine until Bubba came in a half hour later. Then all hell broke loose. I’m not exactly sure what happened because my door was shut but what I do know is that Spaz called Chief and then ranted and raved about how much he hated Bubba.

That’s kind of a normal thing for him so I wasn’t affected until I went on Facebook and saw this:

And I was disturbed.. and sympathetic.. and angry.. and ok, vindictive.

Spaz had church youth group that night so I asked him what happened and let him vent. And not only vent, but I also told him that we were in the same boat because nobody listens to me either when it comes to his brother. Maybe I shouldn’t said anything but honestly, I wanted him to know that he had somebody on his side.

After I dropped him off, I stopped by the shop and asked Chief what happened when Spaz called. He said that Bubba wouldn’t let Spaz use the computer. I asked him what he said and he said that he told Bubba to get off the computer and let Spaz use it.

I told him that Bubba didn’t do that .. and I also told him about the Facebook post. I told him that he needed to be concerned about Spaz’s emotional well being and that Bubba does nothing but bully him.

He said he was going to talk to Bubba and I said he needed to tell Bubba to not say a goddamn word to Spaz about anything because he’s 15 for Christ sakes.

But when we got home and had dinner.. a dinner which was the perfect opportunity to say something because Spaz was out of the house.. Chief didn’t say a word.


At all.

I got so disgusted that after I picked Spaz up from church I went right to sleep without saying a word to Chief.

So this afternoon.. with this still weighing on me, I decided to do something nice for Spaz. He’s been doing well in school.. hasn’t been giving too much grief to his teacher’s.. does his homework. .and does what I ask him to do even if he doesn’t do it before I ask him he does make an effort and is sincerely apologetic when I slam him on something. And you know, he has a heart this kid.

So I went and got him a cell phone. Something he’s been wanting for a long time.

I got him a touch screen cell phone. Not a smart phone.. but just as close.

Initially, I was going to get this for me and give him my phone but yknow what? It would be a hand me down and nothing so “WOW” about it. The worse part is is that Spaz would have been completely satisfied with it so because of that, I thought he deserved the new one.

Plus it was a better phone then Bubba had. That wasn’t the sole reason but it was an excellent perk.

So I got it and then I told Chief that I got it.. and why I got it and he was fine with it. Fuck him if he wasn’t but he thought it was a good idea too.

Just so happens that not long after, Spaz came into the shop and told us that because he had all his homework assignments done and because he hasn’t been late for school and was being productive in class, he won a free day from school.. meaning that on any day he chooses, he can spend the day in the school’s library on the computer.

Not sure how much I agree with THAT but it was perfect timing to give him the phone.

Sometimes God does work on my side.

So he stays for a bit and then heads home.

I don’t think he was in the house for 5 minutes before the phone rang and it was a very pissed off Bubba questioning his father on why Spaz got a cell phone.

And then it was CHIEF’s turn to flip out.. telling Bubba what concern it was of his .. that he has a cell already and what’s the issue? And he wasn’t owed ANY KIND of explaination ESPECIALLY since he’s STILL getting emails from school and Spaz DESERVES to have a phone and BUBBA doesn’t and he didn’t WANT Bubba to have a phone from the start.

I can tell you that I was silently jumping up and down clapping behind Chief’s back.

The thing was, Bubba was pissed because Spaz’s phone was better then his.. and because he knew how much Spaz wanted a phone, he had nothing to taunt him with. The shoe was on the other foot and he didn’t like it one bit.

Of course, it didn’t end there.. but because we were stuck at the shop, we didn’t know to what extent Bubba was torturing Spaz. Spaz did text me to say that Bubba was still crying over the phone but I don’t know if he was actually “crying” crying. But if he was.. who cares. Good for him.

Spaz called once more and Chief told him to just go in his room and play with his phone because right then, “.. I can’t be there to protect you.”

And that’s what I’ve been waiting to hear.. that’s the lightbulb that I’ve been waiting for to go on in his brain.

When we did get home, Bubba was still acting like Eeyore losing his tail and refused to eat dinner at the table. Chief told him that he’s the one alienating himself and acting childish but he was so fed up with him by that point that he was just like, fine.. whatever.. you don’t want to include yourself then our world isn’t going to stop.

And it didn’t..

And Bubba STILL hasn’t done the work he was suppose to do tonight for school and since that means he’s going to fail on his report card, and because the Crack Whore is going to get money hungry getting a lawyer for Weed.. HIS phone is probably going to get turned off.

And if it does..




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