I Knew It Was Too Good To Be True…

Posted: April 14, 2010 in Chief, Just Me, Weed
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.. so remember how I was just going on and on about how good Weed was doing with his life?



He got arrested last night.

SO arrested that he was slapped with a 40,000.00 bail and will be doing a lot of sitting in an 8×8 in the county pokey.

And yknow.. this all happened because he got wasted and decided he wanted a lava lamp that was in somebody’s car at 3am.

It all started this morning with a phone call from Chief:

ME: Is there a reason why Bubba is still asleep at 7:30?

CHIEF: Spaz gets out of school at 1:20, Bubba doesn’t have to be in school until 10:30 and Weed got arrested last night.

That’s how I found out.

So I texted the Crack Whore to find out what time he was going to be arraigned and she texted back that she was stuck at work and was “somebody” :: meaning me or Chief :: going to go to the courthouse.

I told her that we were but there was no convincing Chief to go. He was not only throughly disgusted but with everything we went through when he got arrested, he had no desire to sit in front of the same judge and the same chief of police.

I told him that somebody had to go just to sit in the court room with arms crossed and a look of disdain.

That person was me.

So I go down there and wait for about an hour until the judge comes in. I happen to be in the outer court room on my cell when they brought the “prisoners” in.

Weed was one of them and OF COURSE he had to have one of the shop’s t-shirts on. Because of all the GODDAMN shirts he could have gotten arrested in, he had to ADVERTISE the shop in court.

Nice going, asshole.

So he sees me and he says real loud, “.. HI LISA! ARE YOU GOING TO POST MY BAIL?”

I looked at him like he was fucking out of his mind.. which he was because whatever he was on when he got clinked was still altering his reality… and I was like, “Nope.”

Honest to God, the look of surprise on his face was unreal.

When court finally starts, they bring him in front of the judge and I’m the only civilian in there.

As he goes before the judge, he says something like, “.. it’s all lies. I’m innocent”.

The judge ignores him.

He asks if his name is [ his name ] and once again, he has a smart remark.

The judge shoots him a look and then asks if his address is [ his address ] and once AGAIN, he gives a sarcastic remark.

I wanted to strangle him myself and I was hoping that the judge would to end this nightmare but he didn’t. He DID ask him if he was having fun and Weed said that he wasn’t. He then asked how old he was and when Weed said 21, the next thing out of the judges mouth was, “… you have the right to remain silent.”

He was charged with theft, receiving stolen property and public drunkenness. The judge sets bail at 40 grand. He asks Weed if he can post the 4000.00 cash bail. Weed turns to me and I said, “.. I don’t have four thousand dollars for you.”

So he turns back to the judge and says, “.. I don’t have it unless you want to lend it to me.”

I really just wanted to kick his fucking ass.

So he was remanded to county jail where he will sit on his ass until his case is over.. probably.

He’s looking at around 2 years in jail because he was on probation for doing the exact same fucking thing. Even a cat only has nine lives.

After they take him away, I leave and text the crack whore. She tells me that she doesn’t have money to bail him out and I told her that we didn’t either. She said she guesses that he’s going to sit in jail and I said I guess so too.

When I got back to the shop and told Chief, he said that it was the best thing for him. But I was fuming. Fuming because nobody wants to take responsibilty for these kids doing the things that we do.

Not that Weed isn’t responsible for his own choices, but neither of them help the situation. She almost has pills in a candy dish on her end table and Chief .. for some reason .. sees nothing wrong with throwing Weed a nickel bag every once in a while.

And I told him this.

I told him that there are certain lines that I don’t cross but I was crossing them now. He looked stunned but then he told me that I was right. And it wasn’t that I wanted him to acknowledge that I was right.. I wanted him to recognize that what HE was doing was wrong. I have to say that he did.. I know because it bothered him throughout the day.


I’m glad it did.

Then the Crack Whore called.

She said that earlier that night, Weed wasn’t feeling good so she went out and got him NyQuil. When she went to be around 10, he was playing playstation with one of his friends. She figured he was in for the night until around 3am when the so-called friend of Weed’s who always seems to be with him when he gets arrested but ALWAYS is the one that isn’t arrested climbed through her living room window and woke her up to tell her what happened.

When I heard that I was like, “.. and why the hell didn’t you call the cops and have him arrested for breaking and entering?”

She said that the cops had seen him and was waiting for him when he left and that he was arrested but they let him go.


Because I had STOOOPID tattooed on my forehead.

What she doesn’t know is that I know that this so-called friend is also her supplier.

So now Weed’s in the pokey and that means that I’m going to have to do extra time in the shop to cover and I know that somewhere done the road the Crack Whore is going to start hitting us up for money for a lawyer because after she comes down from HER alternate reality, she’s going to want to get him out because poor baby, he’s in jail.

So another story for the book that I really should be writing!

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