Does God REALLY Hate Me?

Posted: February 12, 2010 in Just Stuff
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.. the kids are off from school AGAIN today..

AND they’re off on Monday

If karma is indeed a bitch, then I must have been a HUGE one in my last life!!

  1. BothEyesShut says:

    Yes, well. . .

    I haven’t had a chat with the Man on the Hill in some years, now, but I’m betting He’s rather busy smiting evil doers and playing chess with cherubs at the moment, too busy to hate you or I — or my cat, Clarke, for instance.

    The karma, however, is yours if you believe that sort of thing. I’d look to your dharma first, though. Cause and effect is a bigger bitch than anything else I’ve seen around town.

    Nevertheless, I offer the following encouragement:

    It gets better. I swear.

    Thanks for Sharing,


    • Leese says:

      Hey Both Eyes … Thanks for driving by and leaving a comment. Much appreciated.

      Although I’m sure the Man on the Hill has a rather busy schedule, I think he just fucks with me for solely for entertainment purposes!! LOL!!

      But thanks for the encouragement.. being snow bound is bad enough.. being snow bound with my two step sons is written somewhere in Dante’s Inferno!!

      Thanks again!!

  2. The Goober says:

    Yes he does. For making fun of my shirt.

  3. mad hatter tosha... says:

    I feel like running over someone.. the days off these kids get are killing me

    • Leese says:

      OMG.. Tuesday morning I put my finger in both kids faces as soon as their eyes openned and was like DO. NOT. EVEN. THINK. OF. FAKING. SICK!!

      I literally drove the youngest to school and pushed him out of the truck without stopping!!

      good thing for backpacks!

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