Sobbing Over The Doctor

Posted: January 2, 2010 in Just Stuff
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If the following pictures mean NOTHING to you, then you might just want to skip this post because well.. it’s going to mean NOTHING to you.

Martha Jones

Pictured are David Tennant as The Doctor along side the Tardis and the characters of  Rose Tyler.. Martha Jones and Donna Noble.

From what I understand.. this show has been around since the 70’s. I never heard of it, but I’m not a Sci-Fi geek. Chief is.. and when I first met him, we’d rush back from where ever it is we were on a Friday night in time to watch it.

In the beginning, I was all pretending to be into it but then I did get into it.. some what.. and then once it hit me that The Doctor was freakin’ hot.. well, I couldn’t NOT watch it, could I?

Anyway.. if you don’t know the story, I’ll just give you a brief sum up..

The Doctor is a time lord that bops around the universe meeting all kinds of trouble makers and weird creatures and stuff.. he usually has a “companion” .. Rose Tyler :: who he fell in love with but had to put her in a parallel universe :: then Martha Jones :: my personal fave who fell in love with HIM but he never took a second look at because of the whole complication with Rose :: and then Donna Noble :: who just wanted to be friends with him which was fine except there was some accidental something or other that made him have to erase her memory :: Oh.. and he regenerates into a new Doctor :: this so that there isn’t a problem with a non-aging alien being played by an aging actor ::

I hate to say this, but the show is brilliant. The writing is soo good and quirky and comical and the writers really dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s because everything connects.. no matter how many seasons or episodes in between.

But as with any good thing, it was time to end and David Tennant’s Doctor was being replaced. So there was a two and a half DAY marathon showing the whole David Tennant series. And we watched them.. all..

And during the last half hour.. when the doctor is fighting his final battle and the Oods are singing their song and he is saying his own good byes to everyone that apart of his time I started sobbing. Really sobbing. And when Chief realized I was sobbing and got all “.. omg, I can’t believe your sobbing”… I sobbed some more.

And yknow.. they did show the “new” season’s doctor and I already told Chief that  I hated him. That nope… there was no way I was going to accept him as The Doctor with his mushy chin and stupid hair.

He laughed.. but he has NO idea how loyal I am to The Doctor!!!

  1. I’m right behind you with “Dr Who”! I even recorded it, just so I could watch David Tennant again, but I think that Christopher Eccleston was just the ultimate Doctor. People are always going to have their own oppinions on their favourite Doctor too. I also loved the spin off, Torchwood, which is an anagram of Doctor Who, and starred John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness.
    I loved Doctor Who, and I have my favourite episodes,”Blink” being my best loved one. That was the one with the statues that moved when you weren’t watching them. Pretty scary stuff!
    But, now we have a brand new Doctor, Matt Smith, so we’ll have to wait and see how he can fill David’s shoes!

  2. Leese says:

    Hi Alice!! Thanks so much for commenting!!

    I’m a relative newcomer to Dr. Who and wasn’t aware of Christopher Eccleston. HOWEVER.. I was able to get his episodes and can’t wait to lock myself in the bathroom with my laptop to watch them!!

    I didn’t know that David Tennant’s “Doctor” actually inherited Rose.. which further cements my Team Martha status!! LOL!!

    We watched Torchwood also :: didn’t know that it was an anagram! Wait until I impress Chief with THAT bit of info!! ::

    BLINK is probably my favorite episode also .. saw it for the first time this weekend and I really thought that the Sparrow girl :: sorry, can’t remember first name :: would be some kind of spin off character. I also loved MIDNIGHT .. first time I saw that as well!

    I will give Matt Smith a shot .. but he’ll have to be pretty darn well good to change my opinion!! ;)

    .. also heard that the head writer jumped ship also so poor Matt may not have a shot before he gets started!!

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed tho!

  3. Tom Baker says:

    Dr Who is one of my favorite shows and I even have his name! Martha is my favorite ‘sidekick’ for lack of a better word. I was very upset that she was only on for one season. My favorite episode was when the hospital was transported to the Moon (Smith and Jones). Don’t like Torchwood. I have my reasons. Great post.

    • Leese says:

      omg… TOM BAKER!!!! LOL!! Awesome name.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.. always excited when someone new does!

      Yep.. I’m on a Dr. Who bandwagon now.. my husband is ALL. THINGS. SCIFI!!! or SyFy now as it’s called.. so I’ve had to sit through Battlestar and StarGate and Torchwood… and there was another one that can’t remember..

      Of course, I got into Battlestar about three episodes before it ended and he was just getting WAY too frustrated with all my questions so I’ll do the whole marathon thing with that soon..

      But yea.. Team Martha all the way .. I really wasn’t too thrilled that she didn’t last either.. wasn’t thrilled that he never did really “acknowledge” her either at the end but that’s just my girly sensibilities!!!

      The only thing I really wasn’t too crazy about .. and yknow… it was one of those jaw dropping.. OMG I CANT BELIEVE THEIR DOING THAT BUT IT’S BBC SO I SHOULDN’T BE SURPRISED.. was the whole Capt Jack bend. But to each his own.. he was quirky and funny and had a long of really good one liners..

      Anyway.. I stopped by your blog and can’t wait to read more. LOVED the title of it!! LOL

  4. Jen512 says:

    That’s so funny! Hubby and I were just watching one of the original Dr Who movies from the 60s a few days ago. The show has a pretty interesting history. Did you know it’s the longest running science fiction show ever?

    • Leese says:

      Believe me, Jen.. I have been schooled in ALL THINGS Dr. Who!!! I’m not a big Sci Fi fan and to me, something running this long is way to brain-intensive to remember all the details .. but I really did like David Tenant and the whole premise!

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