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While me and Chief were sitting in the laundromat parking lot last night, we had this.. um.. DISCUSSION.. about turning off the car radio BEFORE turning the car off.

Something I ALWAYS do .. along with the heat / air conditioner :: depending on season ::

The Grand Poo-Bah of Wisdom told me that MOST PEOPLE don’t turn off the radio .. and I told him that I didn’t believe him.. I told him that I thought he was justifying his laziness.

So HE suggested that I poll this so here you go…

Getting Dooce-d

Posted: December 6, 2009 in Friends, Just Stuff
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I’ve been reading Heather’s blog LONG before she became an Armstrong.. LONG before Microsoft sent her 5 Xboxes to give away to her readers.. LONG before she had two munchins… LONG before she wrote two books.. LONG before she popped up on national tv couches.

In fact, I’ve been reading Heather’s blog LONG before she even got fired for having a blog which made everything in the first paragraph possible.

NOTE: If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you probably do but just don’t know it.. but just to be sure, check out her website HERE. Heather is an Uber-cool chick who’s so very deserving of the Left Of Center Award if she wasn’t so huge to accept the Left Of Center Award.

Anyway.. she deserves all her successes. Because, she really is THAT cool.

So the other day I’m doing the blogroll shuffle and checking out my blogger buddy’s blogs and guess what?

Guess who’s going all Dooce?


Booshy now has this kick ass website that has advertising space and everything on it and she’s selling stuff and has a cool logo and I was all like..




And then I got this little deja vu thing going on because I had a flashback to when Heather was trying to maybe do something that would help pay for her broadband and it exploded into what it is now.

I hope Booshy has as much.. if not more.. success then Heather.

I really do.

Because she’s deserves it.

And yknow.. maybe when Microsoft contacts Booshy to give away 5 Xboxes to her readers, she’ll do some bobbing and weaving and send me one on the sneak!

Congrats Booshy!!

.. although I tweeted when Twitter first got big I dropped out before it got HUGE.

Because really… I don’t want to know what someone is doing every second of the day and I highly doubted that anyone wanted to know what I was doing every second of the day.

But being on the road to wellness meant that I was REALLY bored today so I got Twittered again.

I know.. I KNOW.. but trust me, I’ll get bored with it again so just deal with it for awhile.

If you want to follow .. be my guest @livingme101

If you don’t.. believe me.. I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND!!

Ok.. this is an old one. 2003, I think. I remember seeing it when it first came out and remembered really liking it but when I saw it listed On Demand, I couldn’t really remember what it was about.


If you haven’t already seen it.. do so.. NOW.

Especially if you have an active brain and like being intellectually stimulated.

In fact, it was SO good, that I even forgot all about Kate Winslet’s abnormally large, dark, certainly non-English aereolae.

Kevin Spacey plays one of those cocky college professors that received both career status and alcoholism early. Laura Linney :: who is really so under-rated as an actress :: plays his dowdy collegue. Both are anti death penalty which yknow.. in TEXAS .. is almost like publically stating that you hate football.. so when Laura Linney’s character turns up raped and murdered, Kevin Spacey is tried.. found guilty.. and is about to be executed.

How’s that for irony.

Anyway.. Kate Winslet plays a reporter who Kevin Spacey grants his first.. and last .. interview.

This is the kind of movie that you have to watch until the very end. And if you think you have it all figured out.. well.. guess what? You don’t.

Have fun with this one kids… both my thumbs are up.

So I know I’ve been a little out of the loop because of the pig virus and everything but I have to get something off my chest about this whole Tiger Wood’s scandal.

Like.. who really cares?

He may have cheated on his wife with one or more skanks.. may have taken drugs to have sex with one or more skanks.. may have sent suggestive or down right dirty text messages…

Ok.. and SO? Unless your his WIFE :: and really, as freakin’ hot as she is I would suspect that you’d be worried about his mental state instead of his fidelity :: is it really any of our business?

When the “accident” first happened and there were second by second updates on whether or not the he would talk to police and what REALLY happened, I said to Chief that as long as he didn’t kill anyone and had more then enough money to replace the freakin’ fire hydrant this wasn’t “news”.

And when the whole sorid tale was being told, I refused to partake. I just feel like whatever is going on between him and his wife and their relationship isn’t anyone’s business.

And yet, everyone wants to make it there business because people may like to build you up but they just LOVE to tear you down. And that isn’t fair.

No one knows what goes on behind closed doors or what evolves in people’s relationships. Who knows why people make the decisions that they do…¬† as long as it doesn’t have a direct impact on you, you shouldn’t care about it.

I think if more people minded their OWN business instead of other’s then we’d all be in a better spot.

And about this whole “.. well, he’s a public figure” argument. So what. So he’s a highly paid, multi-endorsed golf player. That means he has to live a spotless life?

Did you ever think that having the pressure to live a spotless life will drive someone to make poor decisions?

I just think it’s unfair.. and I certainly would love to see something actually NEWS WORTHY on the news.

<< end rant >>