REVIEW: The Life Of David Gale

Posted: December 5, 2009 in Reviews
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Ok.. this is an old one. 2003, I think. I remember seeing it when it first came out and remembered really liking it but when I saw it listed On Demand, I couldn’t really remember what it was about.


If you haven’t already seen it.. do so.. NOW.

Especially if you have an active brain and like being intellectually stimulated.

In fact, it was SO good, that I even forgot all about Kate Winslet’s abnormally large, dark, certainly non-English aereolae.

Kevin Spacey plays one of those cocky college professors that received both career status and alcoholism early. Laura Linney :: who is really so under-rated as an actress :: plays his dowdy collegue. Both are anti death penalty which yknow.. in TEXAS .. is almost like publically stating that you hate football.. so when Laura Linney’s character turns up raped and murdered, Kevin Spacey is tried.. found guilty.. and is about to be executed.

How’s that for irony.

Anyway.. Kate Winslet plays a reporter who Kevin Spacey grants his first.. and last .. interview.

This is the kind of movie that you have to watch until the very end. And if you think you have it all figured out.. well.. guess what? You don’t.

Have fun with this one kids… both my thumbs are up.

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