I Got Me Dah Black Plague

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Just Me
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… so for the last two days I’ve been dying a slow torturous death.

Sore throat.. runny nose alternating with a stuffed nose then going back to a runny nose .. headache out to HERE .. earaches in BOTH ears :: I’m such an over achiever :: and general misery.

Better then the pig virus, I guess

I’ve been so sick, in fact, that Chief gave me the day off yesterday. THAT’S a HUGE thing.. trust me. Because even though I can be no where NEAR food, there still is running around to do. So you know I’m not exaggerating my sickness here.

Yesterday was spent in bed… ALL DAY.. sleeping. No movie watching.. no PS3 playing.. just roll over.. blow my nose with Vicks laced Puffs :: honest to God, there is such a thing.. and I HAD to buy them even though using them is more then strange. Think chemical burnage! :: and repeat those steps a million times.

But last night I downed some of that fizzy Alka-Seltzer stuff that my father in law swears by and this morning I woke up in a pool of sweat feeling better. Not better enough to go to work, mind you :: I think I’m going to milk this for awhile! :: but at least I’m not in so much congested pain.

So I figured I’d better check my email :: OMG! Can’t let another day go by!! :: and then I popped over to Tosha’s blog, THAT’S WHY and read her post about shopping on Black Friday and then getting sick!

AH HA!! THAT’S IT! THAT’S HOW I GOT SICK!! It wasn’t the kids.. or the people in the store .. or handling money.. it was the BLACK FRIDAY PLAGUE!!

They don’t tell you about that when you’re combing through sale circulars with promises of flat screen tv’s for 100.00. Maybe it’s in the small print.. I couldn’t tell ya.. but seriously.. the Black Plague.

It allll fiiittttsss nnnooowwwww…..

  1. mark price says:

    alka seltzer is the shizznit. I usually have one a day throughout cold and flu season…just because. Glad youre feeling better.

    • Leese says:

      Do you take the orange flavored one, Mark? Doesn’t it taste just like orange soda??
      In fact, I bet you could put it in orange soda and you’d never know you were drinking it!!

      Hmm.. now if they had one that sedated you also, I’d put it in the kid’s orange soda.

      Maybe I shouldn’t have said that out loud, huh?

  2. Gary says:

    Sorry you were feeling so shitty Leese. My dad used to swear by alka seltzer. Tastes like fizzy liquid shit if you ask me but it does seem to work well so what the hell? LOL

    • Leese says:

      Actually, Gary.. the orange zest flavored Alka Seltzer takes just like orange soda! So not so bad.. tastes better then Nyquil but doesn’t put you in a coma so that kinda sucks!!

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