Left Of Center… With Some Company!!

Posted: November 15, 2009 in Awards
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I read ALOT of blogs :: no offense, but I really need some semblance of a normal life :: and I have more then a few blogs listed on my blogroll.

And we’ve already established that I am an award slut .. and my blogger-bud Gary is an award whore.

AND if you happened to notice :: which, yknow.. don’t feel guilty if you didn’t because you probably have a normal life :: when I receive an award they have come from either Gary or Mark.

AND.. AND.. if you happened to notice :: which, yknow.. don’t feel guilty if you didn’t because you probably have a normal life :: I usually pass the award along to either Gary.. or Mark.. or Jen512.. or Booshy.

That’s because they’re just like me…

And BELIEVE ME.. that is SOOOO scary.

Well.. actually.. even though Jen512 is the youngest of us, she is probably the most mature!! But that’s just between you and me!

I’ve always been a little off :: in a good way :: .. my dad always told me I was left of center.. and there’s nothing I love more then to read blogs written by people that are just like me.

And so..

Because I have no life and I’m all semi-obsessed with this whole award thing :: don’t fret.. it’ll pass.. like the time I was semi-obsessed with cross stitching :: I was sitting here thinking “… DAMN! I should make my own award!”

So I did.


Left Of Center Award

I would have videoed a whole .. yknow.. “thing” but that just seemed like I was too full of myself. Actually.. that’s not true. Well.. it’s TRUE that I thought that it would be a little over the top :: but then, I did get that award too! :: but really it was just too much work!


In keeping with tradition, the VERY FIRST EVER LEFT OF CENTER AWARD is being presented to:

Gary at WideWorldofGary

Mark at TheNightmareScreenplay

Jen at Jen512

Booshy at Booshy

There’s nothing “extra” that you have to do.. just go on being the random, crazy, silly, funny, quirky bloggers that you are! You bring much needed laughter and I enjoy you all immensely!

NOTE: I also created THIS award:


Best Blogger Boob Award

.. but I didn’t know if Gary or Mark would appreciate having the internet  oogled their man-boobs !!

  1. mark price says:

    You made this whole thing up for us?? The dark side of bloggers? WOW. Thats cool! Thank you! I truly am an award slut…well in a man-slut sort of way I guess. Totally diggin the boobs too! LOL I will be displaying my newest award proudly on my blog for all the world to see!!!

  2. That is a really cool award. Maybe that slut, Gary, will give me one.

  3. Gary says:

    Wow, thank you very much Leese! I am honored and getting all teary eyed. Thanks for thinking of me when you made this awesome award!

    I will post this STELLAR award with pride and write an acceptance speech and everything!

    So now I gotta ask Leese…..uhhhhhhh, are those beauties yours?

    • Leese says:

      OMG… aren’t the boobs insane??? I wish they were mine!!! Well.. maybe if they were, I’d stare at them too much!! LOL!! I do admire a nice rack!!


      BTW.. mine are on here somewhere.. I think under the Masturbating Monkey post…

  4. Gary says:

    @Jean Has Been Shopping


  5. The Goober says:

    Not near as nice as yours! Plus there isn’t a monkey on them.

    • Leese says:

      ROFLMAO Goob!!!

      I was just thinking about the time when I sent you a picture of my naked boobs to your phone while you were sitting in a conference and that guy sitting next to you or behind you or near you or whatever saw it…!!!


  6. The Goober says:

    Yeah – sitting next to me. Ahhhhh the good ol days.

  7. Jen512 says:

    Thank you again my dear! What an honor. Very nice job designing the award by the way. Someone’s got some photoshop skillz!

    Haha, I was wondering the same thing when I saw the boob award. “Are those hers? I have long admired the boobs on your avatar. I too can appreciate a nice rack.

    • Leese says:

      Definitely NO photoshop skills!! I always wanted to play around with it but never had the opportunity. I actually made it in Facebook then used just the basic Paint program to crop and save!!

      LOL … I’m one of those people that will figure a way to do something at 3am when I’m bored and too caffeinated!!

      And just between you and me, the boobs on my avatar are mine. A friend of mine is a photographer and needed to do something for something :: I forget exactly :: so I volunteered my girls. The hand is actually her brother’s .. which was weird but yknow.. all in the name of art!! LOL .. I got to keep the bra so that rocked!

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