For Whom The Bell Tolls…

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Bubba, Chief, Just Stuff
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Oh.. and it’s going to toll for Bubba in the morning, I’ll tell you what!!

I didn’t have a chance to go through my emails today .. the landlord is coming over on Tuesday with the county licensing people so I wanted to make sure everything was the way it’s suppose to be.

Anyway.. I got this email about 4 hours ago from Bubba’s teacher:


Here is the email that I sent to [Bubba’s] mother just a few minutes ago.

[Bubba] had a rough few days to end the week. I am sending you the exact same information that I sent to her since I am not 100% sure who [Bubba] is living with at this current moment in time

[Bubba] had a few incidents on Thursday that I am going to explain to you first. He had an off day in almost every class. His morning started with him showing up late to school. When he got to first block he fell asleep and was snoring loudly. He was finally woken up by his teacher and asked to go out on a pass. She told him to do his work since he has been sleeping and then he could go out on a pass, he got upset with her and didn’t do much work. In his second block he locked another student in a closet and was also found with silly string. There was silly string sprayed all over the hallway before second block…no one saw [Bubba] doing it but he did have a can of it on him (as far as I know no one is making a big deal out of this). He then got to my class (where I actually didn’t know any of this had happened) and he moved his seat away from distractions which I thought was good. The students were then working on some proportion problems and [Bubba] did nothing, even when I did the work on the board he wasn’t doing much. I then caught him shooting rubber bands at another student across the room. I believe his last class was fine.

On Friday we did Fun day so the 9th graders spent most of the day in the gym doing different games. He sat in the gym without a problem. When the students went back to their classrooms for a little before we had a pep rally (it was homecoming) [Bubba] walked into his room and handed his teacher a piece of paper that was covered in brown paint. He told her “they didn’t have any toilet paper in the bathroom” and placed it on her desk. Needless to say she did not find this humorous.

I will say that [Bubba] has been doing wonderful in his afternoon sessions with me (which I had to cancel Thursday due to a meeting) but his effort in my actual class is dropping. He is pretty much doing nothing in my room. I just wanted to keep you updated on what happened because he definitely had a few issues. I am hoping, along with [Bubba’s] other teachers, that this behavior does not continue in the future. Let me know if you have any questions.

Nice, right? So everything about what Weed was saying :: that the Crack Whore allows him to do whatever he wants to do .. that he’s on the computer all night.. that he has no supervision, etc. :: is true.

I was over at Bird’s house earlier so when I came in, Chief was already asleep and given the density of his snoring, he isn’t going to retain anything if I wake him up and tell him about the email .. so I’ll tell him in the morning.

I can’t tell you what he’s going to do… I can tell you what he’s going to SAY .. I can tell you how he’s going to go off on a tangent about how she’s nothing but this or that.. AND I can also tell you that he’ll say that to ME but I’m not sure what exactly he’s going to DO about it or what he’s going to say to HER.

I’ll have to update you tomorrow on that..

I’m not going to lie and say that I want Bubba back here. My house has been calm .. and clean.. and Spaz has been actually benefiting from not having the constant torment.

I’m not going to lie and say that I have the same feeling for Bubba that I did before. He’s not my kid and I don’t have to love him. I don’t have to care about him or his needs.

But I will tell you that that isn’t beneficial to anyone.. and because he isn’t my kid, I really can’t say too much about where he lives or what Chief decides :: or doesn’t decide :: to do about it.

If he does come back here.. and if he WAS my kid :: which it wouldn’t be because I would have NEVER let things get so out of hand :: I would take him to school.. pick him up from school and banish him to his bedroom. I’d even camp out in front of it if I had to.. no video games.. on computer.. no laptop.. no fucking nothing. Call me old-school but that’s the way I was raised and I think my parents did a pretty nifty job!

So I’ll just have to go with the flow and manage the damage.. and if it takes me having to run the store so Chief can be home in the afternoons to keep an eye on him then so be it..

Because, after all.. he’s HIS kid.. not mine.

Feel free to comment.. especially if you’re a step parent to a problematic teenager. Is there something more I should be doing? Do I have the right to feel the way I do?

  1. Gary says:

    I am a step-parent and it is a VERY difficult job. One of my step-son’s and I get along GREAT and not so much with the other one. We just don’t talk to one another and everything seems to work well. I don’t do anything for him and he doesn’t do anything for me. Perfect harmony if you will.

    I think you have every right to feel the way you do!

    • Leese says:

      Hey Gary! So how old is the kid you don’t get along with.. and does he live with you?

      The main issue I have with Bubba is that he’s a manipulating fucker. I see right through him but neither of his parents do.. I guess because I have a different perspective, I can see who he really is without the cloud of “biological” skewing things…

      All I know is that I tried my best.. every which way.. and there’s nothing that I can do to get through to him. And .. yknow.. I have this whole issue with him not respecting ANYBODY let alone me so I’m just counting the days until he’s 18. Then I will by him a really nice set of luggage and tell him to get the fuck out of my house!

  2. Jen512 says:

    I’m a step-parent, but the girls aren’t even in grade school yet. They’re still so young. We already worry about the bad influence their lazy mother is going to have on them though. Education is the biggest issue. Over the summer my husband’s mother wanted to enroll the 4 year old in pre-K and even generously offered to have her granddaughter stay with her during the week so she could drop her off and pick her up from school each day (the ex does not have a car, or a job, nor any desire to get either). Despite the OBVIOUS advantage this would be to her child, bitch-face refused because it would be too inconvenient for her to be saddled with the child on the weekends since she normally parks the kids at her sister’s house all weekend anyway so she can go to the next town over and be with her boyfriend. Cuz, you know, boyfriends are way more important than your kids.

    Even though she clearly acts like the kids are nothing but a burden on her, she won’t give us custody out of pride/spite. One day when we save enough money we’re going to reopen the custody case back up and fight for those girls. It’ll be an uphill battle, but they’re worth it.

    • Leese says:

      JEN!!! How are you and that baby bump coming along!! LOL!!

      Yea.. I have a real issue with parents who put their own selfish and self centered needs ahead of their children. Whether they’re together or not .. I mean, that’s just a general pet peeve of mine. Did the thought ever cross the crack whore’s drug riddled mind that living in her crack den was NOT in Bubba’s best interest .. that she needed to instill the same rules that he had here? Nope.. she couldn’t make sure he got to school on time but she sure as hell made sure she got her ass up to the county courthouse to file for child support modification though… It’s sickening! Hopefully, you and Q will be able to get custody before those poor innocent girls get fucked up.. and the only advice I can give you is to DOCUMENT.. DOCUMENT.. DOCUMENT!! Exchange via email instead of phone (even if she doesn’t write back, you have a record of what you sent) .. it will be hard.. but kids are SO worth the effort! Love ya, girl!

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