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No Baby Mamma Drama Today

Posted: August 18, 2009 in Just Me, Weed
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Nothing from the Crack Whore… she must have been so wrecked yesterday during her text-message barrage that she didn’t remember any of it today.

Shame.. cause I had a whole lot of ammo in my arsenal but whatever. I’ll get my chance soon enough.

No sign of Weed either…

So can you believe it?

A Day in the Life of Leese with NO drama?

Hold on.. I think I hear the four horseman riding down my street!! LOL

I have to type this fast because I’m late for work but last night while I was posting about what had happened with Bubba and Chief and all that drama, the Crack Whore texts me.

Here’s the convo:

CRACK WHORE: Weed needs 2 come 2 ur house he ran my [cable] up over 300 bucks either that or he goes on  the street idk.b  a father

ME: You need to stop with the whole “be a father” bullshit.. Cause you haven’t done much as a mother.. He’s not coming here

CRACK WHORE: Fuck u i know about the pot wit Bubba and the neglect with Spaz so does social services

ME: .. and I know what goes on at your place.. and what you condone at your place.. Because according to Bubba that’s where he got the pot from

CRACK WHORE: This aint Chief  talking u have no clue whats been going on so hush

CRACK WHORE: Dont fool urself you’ll never be their mother.ever

ME: I don’t want to be there mother.. never did

CRACK WHORE: Keep dreamin i don’t smoke pot,i meant what goes on at your store ms know it all

ME: No.. but you do everything else.. And so does Weed.. Why don’t you just try and straighten your life out?

CRACK WHORE: U never will b. they tell me how u tream clean shoes. its all on video cam 4 social services

ME: If it makes YOU feel better to believe that then go right ahead..

CRACK WHORE: i do nothing i can prove it on paper i go 2 probation every week 2 b urined. y dont u let Chief speak is he nervous the truth will come out. iam done talking 2 u

ME: I don’t talk for Chief.. You texted me, remember? And because it’s always a joy talking to you.. don’t use this number anymore.

CRACK WHORE: ill talk 2 Chief alone

So yea.. just another log on the fire.

I gave Chief the heads up and I suppose at some point today she’s going to come into the store.. when she does, I already told him that I’m throwing her out.

I also explained to the kids that she was going off the deep end again saying this.. saying that.. saying that she was going to call social services because of their rooms, etc.

I tell them this so that maybe.. hopefully.. it will stick with them that cleanliness is an important part of life and that if they don’t get their shit together their wack job of a mother is going to do something that can’t be undone because she’s over the edge and they’ll be removed from the house and their dad will get arrested.

Spaz said something.. can’t remember what.. and I told him that he should feel sorry for her because all she does is rely on other people to support her.

Bubba said to me, “… I know what you mean now about having pride”

And there you go.