Bleeding Green Does NOT Compare To Bleeding Red or How The Eagles Destroyed My Loyality By Signing Michael Vick

Posted: August 15, 2009 in Just Stuff
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… long title, I know.

Forgive for that but I’m more then a little pissed at the Eagles for signing CONVICTED FELON Michael Vick.

A few things you need to know:

  • I have absolutely NO clue on the details of what happened to the poor dogs that had the misfortune of being in CONVICTED FELON Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring. Honestly, I can’t bear any type of animal abuse and I will literally break down in tears and get severely depressed if I did. Even now, the mere thought of Sarah McLaughlin’s song “Angel” gets me teary because it was used in a ASPCA commercial. Dogs played an important roll in my life growing up and I hold the deepest compassion for them and their loyalty.
  • My family and I are were die hard Eagle’s fans. Well.. they might still be, I don’t know.
  • While I do believe in second chances, the very nature of being sorry for your wrong deeds means that you accept the consequences of those deeds. No excuses.. no passes :: no pun intended ::

Yesterday, I found out that the Eagles’ had signed CONVICTED FELON Michael Vick and I thought I was going to go through the roof. What happened to keeping the team and the players respectable? How do you expect me :: or anyone else who feels the way I do :: to honor the OTHER charities that you endorse? What about your responsibility to THEM? Does it mean nothing what this man did? Yes, he was served his time… yes, he DOES deserve a second chance. But that second chance should be to become a more decent human being not to sign a mega contract to play football. How did HIS life really change then because of his misdeeds?

When I texted a fellow Eagle’s die-hard saying that I couldn’t possibly stand behind them anymore, I got more then a cold response. The reason being is that it’s FOOTBALL and they were just thinking strategy.

‘Cause.. .like.. I’m sure the dogs that were hanged in a tree and electrocuted with jumper cables are okay with that. It being “just football” and everything.

So here’s the other thing…

Everyone who knows me knows that I am SO not a fan of Donovan McNabb. Never was. To me, he was just a prima donna. Same thing with coach Andy Nobody-Knows-The-Troubles-I’ve-Seen Reid.

Everyone who knows me also knows that I firmly believe that Jeff Garcia did as well as he did that half season that he started because the universe just happened to be tilted in his favor and .. let’s face it.. the Eagle’s had a hell of a line then.

Never was a fan of AJ Feeley… who needed a GPS and a bread crumb trail to find his helmet during games where he was given a nod to replace McNabb.

But the thing is.. when the Eagles sand-bagged Garcia, their reasoning was their blind faith in Kevin Kolb. HE was suppose to be THE. NEXT. BEST. THING.

Of course, he came along with his own “Mama McNabb” :: that being his father :: but hey.. whatever.

The thing is.. they never game his a serious opportunity to get his game feet together. Practices and the whatnot is NOT real live game play regardless of what anybody says.

So in all of Andy Reid’s wisdom, he relied .. and relied heavily.. on the ACL injured McNabb.

Come the fuck on. I never, EVER pretend to know anything about football other then what I read and what I watch and it’s so blatantly apparent that Reid and McNabb are joined at the hip or have naked pictures of each other doing things that would SO revoke Reid’s Morman Membership Card.

Of course now… Kolb is having problems with his left knee :: anyone seen Tonya Harding around practice? Hmm? :: and I’m sure the QB position is going to be reduce significantly to make CONVICTED FELON Michael Vick signing seem like a brilliant fucking idea.

Because that’s what the Eagle’s organization has become… just smoke and mirrors.

So much for football strategy huh? This makes the whole Terrell “TO” Owens fiasco look like a picnic.

At any rate, I’m pretty peeved at this whole thing and actually will cheer on the Eagle’s two biggest rivals, the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants with one ounce of guilt or regret.

Right now, there are a lot of people who agree with me. But Philadelphia fans are notoriously fickle. Let CONVICTED FELON Michael Vick start winning games and you’ll start seeing a whole lot of jersey’s being bought up and worn with pride.

But not me…




Fuck you, Eagles.. I hope you lose every fucking game as long as he’s on your roster.

  1. Jen512 says:

    Good for you! I hate Michael Vick and I am literally SHOCKED that anyone in their right minds would sign him. Shame on the Eagles. I hope people throw shit at him from the stands. Literal shit.

  2. Gori Rajkumari says:

    I was so disgusted when I was watching the news about this the other night that I went on a rave about it to Bear.

    THAT MAN never once apologized for his actions until after he was convicted and that’s suppose to show that he’s really sorry?

    Why not let him perform some REAL time doing community service FIRST before resigning him? What kind of example are we setting for our children?

    It is NOT just football….it’s an in your face sport that children (and adults) watch religiously and treat almost the same. How could we possibly just think of it as “just football”? Was it “just business” who lost their life savings with the stock market crash and the Bernard Madoff scheme?

    Come on people! Grow a freaking conscious and stop making excuses for someone just because you want to see YOUR favorite team win a few!!!!

    • Leese says:

      Two things you can count on when people go to jail …

      1. They always find God
      2. They are always sorry for the things that put them there.

      Actually, I think it’s more about them being sorry that they got caught but hey.. that’s just me!!

      Miss you girl.. how’s married life treating you?

  3. 06jk says:

    They let convicted rapists and murderers play in the NFL. I’m not saying it’s right, but at least the NFL is consistent.

    I’m a pit bull advocate, so I’ve done a lot of research on the Vick dogs… all but two were approved to go through the necessary steps for rehabilitation. Many have already been adopted into forever homes, and a number of them work as various types of therapy dogs.
    This blog has posts from those who have adopted the Vick dogs, and it’s really great to see how some of them are coming along.

    • Leese says:

      OMG O6jk.. thanks SO much for the link.
      I’d love to read about neglected, abandoned and abused pets become someone’s furry angel.

      I have owned pit bulls in the past and can attest that they’re reputation is not representative of the breed. At one point, I had both and pit and a beagle and the freakin’ beagle terrorized EVERYBODY while my pit “Pogo” thought he was a lap dog and liked to jump in the tub and play with the soap when you were taking a bath.

      Again.. thanks so much for the post and thanks for providing the link!

      It is MUCH appreciated!

  4. The Goober says:

    Some of your posts are laughable at best… ‘REAL time’?????’

    Are you kidding me? He did 20 months. IN PRISON. You really think that’s a picnic?

    We as a society, have demanded that crimes must be dealt out with certain punishments, and we make sure those that do commit these crimes pay their debt to society.

    He did his. Paid his. Now he wants to move on with his life, Who are we to deny him of that?

    Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a Micheal Vick fan and I know some of you are animal lovers (I know someone who was arrested for helping out birds) but any of us who think that football isn’t anything more then a business is kidding themselves.

    And parents who allow their children to have professional sports athletes as role models need THEIR heads examined.

  5. Jen512 says:

    The thing that I cannot understand about all these people who think that Vick deserves his old career back is, WHO GETS OUT OF JAIL AND GOES RIGHT BACK TO THEIR OLD CAREER?! Most convicted felons’ only options for employment straight out of jail is flipping burgers at the local Burger King if they’re lucky. I don’t hear anyone standing up for the rights of those people. Why does Vick deserve special treatment? Because he can throw a ball? Please…

    Last time I checked, being a professional athlete was a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT.

  6. Gori Rajkumari says:

    Sorry Goober….gonna have to disagree with you on this one….

    Going to Prison is one thing, and I agree he did his time…but allowing him to come back without first having proof of his court appointed and contract negotiated community service was completely out of line.

    This man committed atrocities. Plain and simple.

    Being a professional athlete is a privilege…and it’s also something that is in the public eye. Any one who says that football is just a business and nothing else is a out of line. Sorry to say that, but it’s true. We have EVERYTHING endorsed by an athlete…shoes, clothes, cell phones, sports drinks, video games. It’s everywhere and kids have been worshipping sports players since Babe Ruth.

    And parents in today’s world have far less time to watch their child’s every activity, especially when they both have to work. True, it is up to them to be sure that their child’s morals are correctly in place, but does that also mean that society at large can behave any way they want?

  7. The Goober says:

    Anyone see this?

    “RICHMOND, Va. — A dog belonging to the CEO of the Richmond, Va., Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals died after accidentally being left alone for four hours in her hot car.

    Robin Starr’s husband Ed told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that he put the 16-year-old mutt named Louie, who was deaf and blind, into his wife’s vehicle on Aug. 19 as she was getting ready for work. Starr often took the dog to the office with her.

    But on that day, she arrived at work without realizing Louie was in the car. Several hours later, at about noon, she saw the dog when she went out for lunch.

    She took her pet inside to the SPCA clinic and then to an emergency veterinary hospital, where he later died of kidney failure.

    The National Weather Service says the temperature had reached 91 degrees by noon that day.

    The board of the SPCA says it still supports Starr, who has been CEO since 1997 and does not plan to resign. It was unclear whether she would be charged.”

    So by all of your logic: she should be imprisoned, fired, and denied the ability to hold any well paying jobs ever again in the future.

    As far as being a professional athlete being a privilege? Are you kidding me? A privilege? These guys earn it by being the best. Best at catching, throwing, running, what have you..THEY HAVE EARNED THEIR SPOT. Regardless what they do in their personal life. THEY ARE PAID TO DO WHAT THEY DO BEST. Its like any other line of work. The HORROR! – A business like any other. In the tune of BILLIONS of dollars a year. Again, you’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise, because if so then they would be handing out tickets FREE to these games.

    Bah, whats the use…you all are probably the same bunch screaming that healthcare is a right too.

    • Leese says:

      Matthew Ross… there is NO WAY in God’s green earth that you actually believe your comparison is legit…
      It’s weak.. and come on.. you know it…

      You’re letting your devotion cloud your judgment…

      But like I said before…

      Whatever dude

  8. Jen512 says:

    I’m quite sure that not being aware that your old, probably silent, dog was in the car because your husband forgot to tell you is vastly different from purposely hanging, shooting, drowning, and what was that other one? oh yeah, electrocuting multiple dogs. This woman’s act was accidental, whereas Vick’s act(s) were completely intentional. The comparison between the two is almost laughable. I’m sure she felt horrible about her dog’s death, but I doubt Vick had any remorse.

    And yes, health care is a right, if you hate it so much, go protest outside your socialist fire and police stations while you’re at it.

  9. The Goober says:

    Jen – Since I know you were educated/indoctrinated in a government run public school I highly advise you go pick up a copy of the Constitution of the United States. You know, that wonderful document that our Founding Fathers drafted in order to create a government for the people, by the people?? That document which specifically outlines what our republic form of government is allowed to do?? You will find no such right of health care listed anywhere. Nor will you find anywhere it states that tax dollars go to bail out banks, automakers or idiots that can’t afford the $400,000 home they are in on $37,000 a year salary. You will find, however, that police and fire departments are a proper role of government as outlined in the Constitution, as police and fire are not industries, therefore they cannot be socialized.

    There are mornings I wake up in disbelief that I actually spent all those years defending the rights of some of you morons.

    And having an old dog is not an excuse nor is blaming the husband. I have children, I have had animals, I have NEVER EVER left them in the back seat of my car to roast to death.

    Ignorance is NOT a valid defense.

    And Leese (Oh YOU DID NOT JUST SAY MY MIDDLE NAME! ;) ) I am proving a point and made it.

    You are all going off emotion.

    Call me. I still love you!

  10. Gori Rajkumari says:

    Hey Goober…

    I just saw your comment from earlier…about the dog dying from being in the back seat.

    This also was horrible and no excuse is really going to cut it. But it was an accident and not intentional. What Vick did to those dogs WAS intentional and he did it while in the course of committing a felony. Owning and Operating a dog fighting ring is a felony in the state of Virginia.

    I’m not saying that he shouldn’t be allowed to play EVER…I’m only saying that he shouldn’t be allowed to play until he’s done a large portion of his court appointed work with the ASPCA. Unfortunately for Mr. Vick (and all professional players) their life is in the public eye. What they do personally matters and has a social impact. Any Business must be run with a level of morality and law abiding behaviour must be maintained.

    And yes, they have EARNED their spot…they are playing because they are GOOD at what they do…but there are just as many out there that are good at what they do AND they keep their noses clean. These are the people who should get first pick. Not the ones that break laws and then do not do much to show their worth again as civilized human beings.

    I want to see more from Vick before I say I’m ok with any of this.

  11. The Goober says:

    Gori – I can appreciate the way you feel. As much as Leese says that I am – I am not some cold hearted SOB. I just wanted to point out that people are thinking through this emotionally and not logically. Football IS a business whether people want to believe it or not otherwise we wouldn’t be dealing with multi-MILLION dollar contracts nor would BILLION dollar stadiums be built. And with Vick – law abiding HAS been maintained. They have abided by the letter of the law.

    Its a business so therefore you really want to make your displeasure known?

    Don’t watch, don’t buy any fan related gear and surely do not use any of the sponsors who run ads on the tv stations that broadcast the game.

    You remove it from the realm of emotion into the realm of business. From the heart to the pocketbook.

    But seriously…root for Dallas? Are you NUTS?

    Of all the teams.


    • Leese says:

      Um.. EXCUSE ME… but I did NOT call you a cold hearted SOB you delusional man!

      And yes.. I am going off emotion because I am a GIRL dammit!!

      You know how I am… what the hell did you expect?

      But sorry, I can no longer be an Eagle’s fan. I just can’t.. it goes against my principles and you know me, I don’t compromise my morals or integrity. Unless there’s some really, really, amazing sex involved!

      But I digress…

      At any rate… I can’t call you because Ernie, the Terrorist Puppy chewed on my cell phone and the numbers 8, 9 and 0 don’t work anymore but you can call me cause I still love your simple ass too…


      Good rant on constitution… very well expressed!


  12. Gori Rajkumari says:

    Who roots for Dallas???? NOT ME!!! I’m died in the wool Redskins baby! They are our SWORN enemy!!!! hahahhaha

  13. Jen512 says:

    You “know” nothing about me, so keep your assumptions to yourself. But if you want to throw the Constitution in my face, I’ll play ball.

    First, I never said that health care was or is a right handed down by the Constitution, that was just another one of your assumptions. I just believe that access to affordable health care should be a basic human right. That is my opinion, I never said it was a fact of some sort. If the private health industry won’t do anything about it and just wants to make money off sick people, I think we should stop them.

    But lets get down to the Constitution. I don’t agree with government bail outs, AT ALL, but Article 1, Section 8 (Powers of the Congress) states that congress is allowed to, “borrow money on the credit of the United States;…establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States.” In other words, the congress has a right to take government funds and spend them how it sees fit.

    More important is Article 5, which reads, “The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.” That means that the Constitution was written to be changed, amended, improved upon by future generations. The founding fathers were wise, they knew that their young country would face problems and come up with solutions for issues they couldn’t even imagine.

    Most of the laws we follow are not in the Constitution. It is not a rule book, it is a guideline. Laws aren’t even added to the Constitution, those are amendments, and there’s only been 27 of them added in 220 years. It also doesn’t mention the creation of the FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF, FDA, and all those other three letter acronyms government organizations that keep this country safe, healthy, etc. Also, I’m really curious to know which part of the Constitution where police and fire departments were outlined are that you claimed I would find, because I don’t see that anywhere. I do see the part where it says congress is not allowed to fund the Army for more than two years at a time, but I don’t see anyone clamoring to have that one enforced. P.S., “militia” and “police department”–not the same thing so don’t even try that one.

    Oh, and by the way, police and fire department do count as industry. They fall under the tertiary sector of the economy, better known as service industry. What else is part of the tertiary sector? The health care industry.

    Lastly, I don’t know how my delicate ego will ever survive being called a “moron” by someone who calls themselves “The Goober.” Oh my lord, you had me laid up on my couch in the fetal position, sucking my thumb for an hour after that zinger.


  14. The Goober says:

    Nice reiteration of the Coni…I am impressed.

    Yes, the Constitution was designed to be amended, but look how hard it is to actually do that. Sadly we have the amendment process from the bench of the Supreme Court.

    You see I am in the health care industry. I see what works and doesn’t. We have the greatest care in the world – and yes our coverage system is broken but the way our government wants to fix it, it will not work. I read all 1021 pages of HR 3200 much to the chagrin of my wife and I guarantee you we are in a world of hurt if that thing passes.

    Health care might be a fundamental human right but it is not the role of government. Look at food. That’s a basic fundamental right but yet we have privatized grocery stores? They work and they work well. Why?


    The free market works. We just need to let it.

    Also, we as citizens need to get our priorities straight. I wonder how many of these 15 million uninsured have a $500 a month car payment, a flat screen tv, video game console, cable and broadband internet service but yet health care coverage is too expensive?? Please. I don’t make anywhere near 6 figures but yet I still have health insurance, and I have damn good health insurance. Why? Because I have my priorities straight. I won’t allow anyone else but myself, make sure that I or my family is protected.

    And it paid off in spades when my wife suffered a heart attack while we were in Hawaii just this last June. Out of $95,000 hospital bill I only had to pay a total of $2,318.00.

    We need to open up the playing field, level it so that everyone can have a choice of what they truly need to cover themselves and their family. This cookie cutter approach will not and does not work.

    And certainly allowing the government to handle things isn’t going to do it. Hell, they can’t even fund or run a program like the “Cash For Clunkers”. You really want them making sure you get treatment when your kidneys suddenly fail?

    I wouldn’t.

    As for calling you a moron, I apologize and the Goober thing? Hehehehehehehe I don’t call myself that – Leese gave me that term of endearment and I use it because I love her bunches.

  15. The Goober says:

    Oh and in many places EMS IS private, the fire department started out that way and still is in some parts of the country and police functions by their vary nature must be governmental.

    The Government has had their hands in healthcare and look how bad they have screwed it up: HMO’s, Medicare and Medicaid (wrought with fraud and abuse, ask Leese how badly hospitals and physicians get screwed) and I go to that lovely socialized bastion of medicine the VA which I wouldn’t wish on my worse of enemies.

    Handing ALL of it over to the Government is not the tidy little panacea some think it is.

  16. The Goober says:

    Leese, yes you are a girl! hubba hubba

    I understand your position (No NOT #45 out of the Kuma Sutra!) you do what you have to do, BUT ANYONE BUT DALLAS!


  17. The Goober says:

    and one last thing about the healthcare as a right and I am done:

    Why is it bad? Because I busted my ass to get to where I am and the government forcing me to take care of others who have not is oppressive and tyrannical.
    How’s that?

  18. Jen512 says:

    I accept your apology, thanks.

    Just understand that I said “affordable” health care, not “free” health care. Just as much as people expect “affordable” food, not “free” food. Health care has been private in the US forever, but I don’t see competition making things more affordable, in fact prices have been going up year after year. I don’t like that some people, especially the very ill or old, often have to choose between groceries and prescription drugs. I get what you’re saying about spending priorities, but not everyone is like that. I know lots of people that do not lead extravagant lifestyles and still can’t afford health care. EMT’s are freaking expensive, I once got a bill $500 for a 2 minute ambulance ride. After that I never called them, and instead chose to risk my own life, and perhaps the lives of other motorist, driving myself to the hospital while having a massive asthma attack because I knew I couldn’t afford an ambulance. Sad, but there’s no way a college student can afford insurance no matter how well they manage their money.

    I have had direct experience with socialized medicine for the past two months. I recently moved to Turkey with my husband. The way it works here, is if you’re employed, you have free health care. We are self employed (we own an IT business) so we don’t qualify for it, and we won’t qualify for private insurance here until we have 6 months of residency (which we will be purchasing then). I’m pregnant, and even without any insurance, my doctors visits only cost 70 dollars each time. There’s no wait lists and no one tells you which doctor you can or cannot see. In fact for my first appointment, I walked in with no appointment and saw a doctor and had a sonogram within 5 minutes. You would cry if you knew how little I pay for prescriptions here. In the US, my husband’s ex-wife’s OB/GYN appointments cost 250 dollars each time. They didn’t have insurance, he worked for Apple, she refused to work, so supporting her and the kids with one income didn’t leave any left over for private insurance, even without car payments or fancy TVs.

    The US has the best health care in the world? Lol, where are you getting that information? The World Health Organization ranks the US at #37 in overall health care, below countries like France (#1 btw) UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, and Canada. US also falls below so-called third world countries like Morocco, Colombia, and Saudi Arabia. Turkey is at #70 but at least I can afford an ambulance ride here.

    Anyway, we should really wrap this discussion up, we’re way off topic. Michael Vick is still a felon and and an asshole. He’ll never be allowed to vote again, but at least he can still throw around that pigskin, and that’s all that matters, right?

  19. Leese says:


    Write one little post about an asshole :: that would be Michael Vick :: and looks what happens!! LOL!

    I didn’t read everything between Jen and Goob.. sorry, but chinese food REALLY takes a toll on my internals so going back and forth down the hallway every 10 minutes prevented the brain from comprehending anything except DAMN! WE BETTER HAVE MORE TOILET PAPER IN THE CLOSET!!

    TMI .. I know…

    Anyway… I just wanted to clearify :: or maybe “explain” is the better word :: a few things:

    1) “The Goober” is “The Goober” because I started calling him “The Goober” years ago. It’s my little term of endearment and he uses it for me to know when it’s him who’s posting on one or more of my various blogs over the years. He is in NO WAY a “goober” in the down-home-Oklahoma sense so I kind of felt bad that it was slung at him in that way.

    2) I, personally, have been working in health care for … God.. 23 years now? I started on the insurance side and then switch over to the hospital side. I started out processing claims for a HUGE insurance company :: oh, okay..Blue Cross :: and then switch over to one of the leading health care systems in the country where I was the system administrator for their revenue cycle primarily dealing with all their contracts with insurances ( both private and state / federal ). Goober works in the same field so I’m more then positive that we are both more then qualified to speak on the topic.

    There are a lot of bold face lies that are being spewed by the current administration. A LOT! Being intelligent people who are well versed on the topic, I know I hear things and read things and talk to people and literally just want to bash their heads in for being sheep. Sorry, but that’s my ghetto side coming out!

    What they’re trying to push through :: and actually are very capable of doing because of the whole vote structure :: is wrong. Worse then wrong.. it’s BAGONG! :: sorry, movie reference ::

    It is NOT going to be beneficial for the country… in fact, it’s going to cripple it.

    I am not defending the current situation. It is indeed flawed but what they’re proposing is just not the answer that they’re making it out to be.

    I can only speak for my area but if you are not insured and want to be, you can be for as little as 35.00 a month from a major insurance company. When I was laid off from my job, I could have enrolled in COBRA.. which is basically me continuing my benefits at the same rate I was paying when employed. That would have literally cut my unemployment payments in half. I did my research and found that this insurance company had the same program available for adults that they had for kids… With benefits actually better then I had when I was employed.. and at a more then fraction of the cost.. there is no reason why anyone in my area specifically shouldn’t have insurance.

    The problem that I see.. on a larger scale.. is that we’ve become a country of takers. That old saying, “… if it’s free, it’s me” applies. All anyone wants is what they can get.. not what they can work for.. not what they can strive to achieve.

    I know that.. because that’s most of my customer base at the store. It’s sickening how there are large populations who get everything handed to them :: food, utilities, etc. :: when working people are getting the shit end of the stick.

    Jen… I am actually glad that you and the hubby and little gummy bear are in Turkey. I read somewhere about your insurance situation and am relieved that you’re going to get the care you.. and the little one.. need.

    Right now though.. I think there’s an egg roll in my system dying to see the outside world again!

    Love to you all

  20. Jen512 says:

    Yeah…I was on COBRA (Blue Cross) after college. $400 dollars a month.

    More affordable ones denied me because of my preexisting condition, asthma. BCBS was the only one that would take me. Retarded, because my asthma is not really that severe, but because I have been to a hospital a few times for it–denied, denied, denied. But the two medications I needed each month cost almost that much without insurance (still quite expensive with) plus the price of doctor visits made the $400 cheaper than not having insurance.

    I had an acquaintance, a friend of a friend, that was dropped from her company’s insurance because she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The reason the insurance company gave for denying her coverage? At the age of 23 she was “too young” to have cervical cancer in their eyes.

    So tell me, insurance experts, what are the hard working people who are denied affordable coverage by insurance companies supposed to do? Are we just S.O.L? People like me work our asses off. We’re not looking for a free handout, we just want access to health care.

    As a tax payer, (and yes I still pay US income tax over here! state business taxes too) I want to see a health care system that people cannot be denied from, that’s all. If not for myself than for my friends and family. If this is not the right bill, okay fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Everything I’ve read in it seems fine to me, I support it. I haven’t read the whole thing, but I have read excerpts from it.

    As far as I have read, this bill does not force anyone to use government health care, nor does it outlaw or do away with private insurance. Why the heck is everyone freaking out about it then?

    Side note: Nice Kung Pow reference. ;)

    • Leese says:

      Hey Jen…

      Actually the Kung Pow reference is from Chief… for some reason, he’s obsessed with that word lately! So obsessed that his obsession is BAGONG but he doesn’t see that.

      If I had my wish, I would do away with all things “government” funded… but then, I’ve been accused of being an anarchist so I’m sure my name and license plate number are one SOME agency’s list!! LOL!!

      No.. but seriously.. back to healthcare…

      Medicaid and Medicare are bankrupt… the government cannot manage VA hospitals properly and in fact, their care is atrocious.. why would I put my faith in anything that they wanted to run? Currently :: rather, as of July 5th when I got laid off :: CMMS (Center for Medicare / Medicaid Services) paid 27.50 for a non-medical emergency ER visit :: that being an ear ache or the most common ailment “.. I just don’t feel right” :: and 57.00 for a true medical emergency :: ie: broken leg, arm, heart attack, etc. ::. The average cost of just a basic ER visit is around 550.00 nationally. That does not include xrays , lab tests, etc.

      Now.. I know people wonder “… well, why the hell does it cost that much?”.

      Well.. you have operating costs .. you have staff costs.. you have supply costs.. that kind of thing. We’re both business owners so I know that you know what has to be calculated into to formatting a price structure for your clients so that the needs to provide that service are covered. Example? Electricity. Right? So why shouldn’t it be any different for a hospital?

      At one time, doctor’s and hospitals were being paid a percent of charges so there were a lot of cows getting fat but that’s been gone for years. As it stands, every service provided for by a doctor or hospital has a code :: CPT / HCPC :: that is then assigned a reimbursement. These “fee schedules” issued by Medicare / Medicaid is the spine used for determining contractual reimbursement with private insurance carriers.

      Sorry… reverting to “work” mode … to put it simply private insurance carries say “.. um.. EXCUSE ME but Medicare is ONLY going to pay 27.50 so why the hell are WE going to pay more?” As of July 5th, BC only paid the hospital I worked for 33.00 an ER visit … Aetna paid a little more.. State HMO’s paid even less…

      Damn… I went WAY off down another road…


      I think you summed it up when you said:

      People like me work our asses off. We’re not looking for a free handout, we just want access to health care.

      Insurance premiums .. what is covered and not covered and who makes those decisions are what need to be changed. Get rid of HMO’s and convert to an all fee-for-service alternative.

      Too many rules is NOT a good thing.

      And how’s this for an atrocity :: before I go make dinner.. good think I type fast :: … the health system I last worked for is in one of the poorest areas where I live. Almost 90% of the patients were either on state / governement funded health care or had no health care at all. In order generate some type of revenue, the health system developed a fee schedule for non-insured patients that mirrored Medicare / Medicaid payments. Their theory was “… an indigent person cannot pay 500.00 for an ER visit, but could more then likely pay 50.00”
      All fine well and good for the indigent people but of course, no one paid and all their accounts were written off. Now, what about the people who DID have insurance? How can you expect them to pay their copays and deductibles when they know that their neighbor is getting it for free? People who work in this country are the one’s who are getting hit the hardest by all these plans and programs because what pays for them? The money tree growing behind the Treasury Department? No.. our taxes are. And pardon me for saying this out loud for all the internet to see but I’d rather NOT have my taxes going to support the 4th generation of welfare recipients but towards my own family.

      Anyway… gotta do dinner now.

      I’m glad everything is working out for you and the fam and that you finally moved into your own place. I know you were excited and I’m excited for you! What an incredible journey your on and I’ll apologize to your kid in advance for calling him / her Gummy Bear well into their twenties!! Too adorable!

      Much love…

  21. Jen512 says:

    Lol, thanks for the love.

    I definitely believe you used to work in insurance because that was confusing as hell! I think I only understood about 10% of what you just said, and I read it twice. Same feeling I got when reading any correspondence from my old insurance companies: “……..Huh?”

    But I still don’t understand what people like me, who do not qualify for government assistance, and who are denied lower cost insurance supposed to do?

    Anyway, Gummy Bear forgives you.

  22. The Goober says:

    To answer the 37% ranking by the WHO:

    Its all on how you skew the data.

    Believe it or not it goes by mortality rate from infant on up. Sadly the WHO skews that rate against the US. Why? I don’t know.

    They rate the US with the birth of babies up where as in other countries they start the rate at say a year. Again it differs by country. Why? Again I don’t know.

    I do know this. I would rather suffer a heart attack or get cancer in THIS country then anywhere else in the world. My chances of survival are much better. We have the technology, we have the research dollars, we have the facilities. Only thing Government insurance is going to do is stifle all of that.

    *snort* canada..they are #30 on that list…wouldn’t use them as an example and Canadians that have money come HERE to be treated.

    We really should ask ourselves why other countries send their physicians here to train and to educate themselves.

    There is a bill in Committee that the good ol Democrats are keeping from coming to light. I like it, it makes sense and it levels the playing field.

    HR 3438 I suggest you check it out. Yes, our system is flawed and like Leese said (I love it when she talks dirty like that!) what they are proposing isn’t going to fix a damn thing.

    Oh and those higher food prices? Guess who you can blame? The good ol US FEDGOV for putting into play price measures in that nasty ethanol bill. You can’t burn your food supply as fuel and expect food prices to remain low.

    Ain’t gonna happen.

    HEY! I CALLED YOU LEESE! Just so you know.

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