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So I have a half hour to kill and since I’m not mentally ready to post about my grandmother’s funeral and the cunt of a California cousin that I have, I figured I’d throw my two cents into the ring about Jon Gosselin of Jon & Kate + 8.

For full disclosure purposes, I did watch the show. A few times. Nothing that I had to set the DVR for or stayed up to 3am catching up on ON Demand.. but if I happened to catch it, I caught it and found it mildly amusing.

The EARLY shows that is..

I have this believe that once ANY reality star starts doing things outside the realm of “real”, it just takes on a different flavor and I lose interest. Perks are NOT part of everyday life!

At any rate..

I did feel bad for Jon initially… but didn’t assume that Kate was that big of a bitch.. simply because I’ve had men like him in my life :: both in the dating world and in the relative world :: and they kind make you act that way sometimes. I was more like, “.. omg, WHY would you DO something like that JON???”

When all the hoopla started to get printed and you couldn’t get away from them :: even if you were a deaf, mute in the middle of an Amazon forest :: I did think that Kate wasn’t getting a fair break.

I tried to imagine what kind of personality you had to be to handle 8 kids but an adult one. I’ll admit to being anally organized and needing to have my way for the benefit of my family so maybe I was more tolerant of her behavior.

And having everything played out on television :: for right or wrong :: just makes everything that much harder.

This isn’t a Team Kate or Team Jon situation. I just feel like Jon is the epitome of a douchebag.¬† He doesn’t seem to realize that his actions are deplorable. Considering everything that is being reported :: and I know the old adage of only believing half of what you see and nothing of what you read :: when does he even have the time to think about his kids?

Maybe it was the way I was raised.. maybe it’s just how I see the world.. but he isn’t doing anything to make himself appear in a better light and that’s a shame.

I do, though, think that Kate is doing what is “better” for the kids even though I think that she should just pull the plug on the show. But then, living the life they live .. and the life their children have lived so far.. acquires a certain amount of income so maybe the pull IS the money.. just not in the way it’s being portrayed.

Anyway.. consider my two cents spent. Now I have to go pick up Chief and go pay the rent.

Oooh! Lucky me!