So Guess Who Had A Bench Warrant THIS Time?

Posted: August 3, 2009 in Just Me
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That’s right.


In fact… I had TWO bench warrants out for me from the lovely borough where I reside.

What was my devious.. heinous crime? What law did I so blatantly break that this after-sight borough sought to bring me to justice :: and pay $215.00 US Dollars for? ::

Not moving my car on street sweeping day.


You read that right.

On street sweeping day, a cop rides along with the street sweeper truck writing out tickets on convenient blaze orange envelopes issuing a $15.oo fine :: $25.oo if you wait more then 10 days to pay it ::

Okay… so you’re asking WHY DON’T YOU JUST PAY THE DAMN THING WHEN YOU GET IT? Right? Heh..well.. that’s the thing. I always INTEND to pay it. After all.. the county court house is only about a block away from the shop… two blocks away from my house.. But it’s kind of like this theory I have that the closer something is.. the least likely it’s going to happen. Kind of like returning library books. When I lived about two miles away from the closest library, I was NEVER late with returning loaners.. but when I moved and the back of the library was RIGHT BEHIND the back of my house? Well.. let’s just say that I owed more money to them then to my mortgage holder.

So basically, the road to my hell is paved in good intentions that come in the form of blaze orange street sweeping fine envelopes!

Back to it..

So apparently, I had gotten this ticket back in December 08.

Oh.. the other thing you may be asking is WHY DON’T YOU JUST NOT PARK WHERE YOU PARK ON STREET SWEEPING DAY?

See.. that’s the other thing.

My house sits on the corner of three intersecting streets. Nice view if you can get it :: right! :: and the street sweeper only sweeps on ONE side of the street on any given day. So Monday’s it this side.. Tuesday’s it’s THAT side.. Wednesday it’s over there.. Thursday’s it’s over here… you get the point.

With all these sides and all these streets and all these days.. it’s a little hard to keep track of. I’m positive they do this on purpose because how ELSE are they going to fund the borough? Sure.. Sure.. I can right it on the calendar or set it up as an appointment on my cell phone but let’s be realistic. We’re talking about me here…

Already.. enough tirade.. I’ll get back to the store now.

So I get this envelope address to me and when I open it, I’m literally like WHAT THE FUCK? A bench warrant? You got to be fucking kidding me.

It says that they’ve tried numerous times to serve the warrant but couldn’t.

Now come on.. as many times as Chief has been in front of the ONE judge in the borough :: either for him or Weed :: you mean to tell me they didn’t know where to find me?

It also says that my name has been entered in their database and that I will be arrested unless I pay the fine within 48 hours. What they don’t tell you is that the 48 hours begins on the day they print it NOT on the day you receive it. So God Forbid if the mail is slow!

Chief comes home from the shop and as soon as he gets in the door, I whip out the paper and say, “.. what’s this?”

He shrugs. “A Bench Warrant”

“I KNOW THIS!” I tell him.. “But it’s for ME! And I don’t even REMEMBER getting a ticket.”

He shrugs again. “So pay it.”

Aaarrgghhh!!! Being with someone who thumbs his nose at authority is used to getting stuff like this in the mail is not as fun as it may sound!! LOL

The next morning :: ironically, street sweeping day on the side of the street that my car was parked on thus garnering me ANOTHER blaze orange envelope! :: I go down to the courthouse.

NOTE: As I was walking IN, the kid that works at Dunkin’ Donuts at night was walking OUT. I asked him what he was doing there and he said that they wrote him up for running a red light when it was yellow. He asks me what I was doing there and I told him I had a bench warrant. YOU? he seemed surprised. Yea.. I said.. for parking tickets. He got hysterical. No more tips for him!

So I go stand in front of the payment window where there is a constable stapling a pile of bench warrants. I can’t see if they’re for street sweeping fines or not. He tells me that the secretary will be right with me and I said “fine” or whatever. About 10 minutes go by and she asks me what I need.. FROM ACROSS THE ROOM.. I hold up the paper and say that I got “this” in the mail and before I could get another word out she says, “.. it’s a bench warrant.”

GOD! I KNOW IT’S A BENCH WARRANT! I don’t think I should have said it with as much attitude as I did being in a room full of constables but oh well.

I tell her I want to pay it.. she takes my debit card.. swipes it and gives me the receipt from the credit card machine. Says thank you and have a nice day.

Wait! I want a receipt. A REAL receipt that I can glue to my car window so that I won’t get picked up by the police the next time I don’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign.

She kind of makes like a face or something but goes back to her desk and asks me for my last name.

I tell her.. making sure to spell it s-l-o-w-l-y.

She punches it into her computer and says, “Oh.. you have another one.”


Another bench warrant she tells me. For a ticket I supposedly got in January 09. Great. Fan-fucking-tastic. Don’t remember getting THAT one either.

But I tell her I’ll pay it now and get it over with AND I want a receipt for that one to glue to the inside of the OTHER side of the car so I won’t get arrested the next time I get pulled over for not completely stopping at a stop sign.

She prints out the receipt that happens to include a charge by charge detail. I happen to notice that I was being charged $5.oo for POLICE EDUCATION.



“Um.. excuse me,” I call out to her.. “I have an issue with this charge.”

She walks back over to the payment window and I tell her that considering the police who came to my house thought that the exfoliating beads in a bottle of Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea Body Wash were pot seeds, I think I’m getting ripped off here.

She wasn’t amused. Neither were the constables but sorry. Had to say it.

So armed with my receipts :: which are in the glove compartment of my car :: I am no longer a fugitive of the law.

After going through all this, there are two things that you can count on. One, I will still continue to get street sweeping tickets and two.. I will definitely pay them from now on!!

  1. Gori Rajkumari says:

    Hehhehehehehe….uh this is not funny….nope not funny at all….hahahahaha….uhm ehem….soooo not funny…..LOLOLOL.

    Ok ok ok, I just have to say, I too once had a warrant for my arrest for a supposed unpaid ticket! I had been in an accident when I was 19 and had been given a ticket for failure to yeild to oncoming traffic…..

    Backstory: The stop sign was a good 10 feet back from where it should have been and me being a “follow the rules” sort of girl, I stopped there thinking that they would only put it there if one could see the exact type of traffic that was coming. It was my first time at that intersection, so I didn’t know the rule for that particular intersection that you have to pull out till your nose is almost in the traffic lane in order to see what’s coming. So, I stopped at the sign, looked both ways, counted to 10 and pulled out. WHAMO!!! BAM! CRASH! At 35 miles an hour I was struck on the driver’s side door, got a ride in the ambulance and a pretty ticket to boot. I went to court, fought it with a lawyer, won, got them to change the stop sign location, and supposedly got the ticket cleared from my record. Until 1 year later when I had a Sheriff knock on my door to take me to jail! I explained everything to him, showed him the court documents and he gave me a stay to go in and clear it up. THANK GOD I did, because there was another girl with my same name in a city 50 miles away who had two outstanding felony counts and another for check fraud….and they had mixed up our SSN so it was alllllll under my name!!!!! I thought I took care of it there, I thought I got it cleaned up. And then 6 years later I was applying for a job that did a background check and I got nailed for not mentioning my felony record! I was like WHAT? So I had to take care of all of that, in under a week in order to get that job, while living in CA and all of it was back home in VA!!! JOY!

    Anyway, now I’m felony free and laughing about it….but OH MAN what a pain in the arse when it was happening!

  2. The Goober says:

    *Snort* I am shocked you didn’t ask if you could have a set of handcuffs.

    OH! SILLY ME! You already do I bet!

  3. The Goober says:

    Oh Leese, you know I so enjoy peeking into your drawers!

  4. Jen512 says:

    Haha, this is like the story of my life. I’m terrible at paying these sorts of things. If it’s mandatory it’s like oil and water with me. I haven’t even filed my taxes in the past two years, even when they owed me money, I just didn’t want to hassle with it.

    My mom called me the other day telling me I got a $700+ bill in the mail from the city over some unpaid “failure to appear” fines because of a traffic ticket. I went and paid the ticket a year ago, around $800 dollars as I recall, and got on a payment plan for the rest of the court fees and then I never paid those. What I’m wondering is, since I don’t even live in the country anymore, do I really have to pay? I guess if I want to visit, and I don’t want to get arrested on my vacation I’ll probably have to cough it up eventually. I also got a jury summons right after I left too. Hahaha. Good luck with that, former city of mine!

    • Leese says:

      Ha! Jury Duty!! LOL… omg, that’s classic!

      I had jury duty last year and wound up with a 452.00 fine for disorderly conduct!!! THAT’s a post all in itself!!

      So how’s your little Turkish bump doing?

  5. Jen512 says:

    LOL! Yes, please share that story, I’m curious! I’m also glad you gave them shit about the the officer “education” thing. That’s some BS! I HATE cops.

    I was able to opt-out of the jury duty, luckily they have an online thing now. You answer a bunch of questions about where you live (heeh, “Do you live in Travis county?” “Noooooo….”) At the end it was like, “Dear Jennifer, you are disqualified from Jury Duty…” YES! Damn straight. Never been so happy to disqualify for anything in my life.

    Little bump is growing, my pants are getting tight. Hopefully I can last a few more months until I have to buy the dreaded maternity clothes. Looking forward to my next appointment on the 18th of this month. Should be able to hear the heartbeat then :)

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