Surprise! Surprise! Weed Get’s Arrested A.G.A.I.N

Posted: July 23, 2009 in Chief, Weed
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Text from the Mother Of The Year Crack Whore at 12:39am:

Sorry if i wakes yas. [Weed] ur son just did a robbery at xxx near the xxxxxxxxx. thanks for being a great father and just abandoning him/not helping him

NOTE: As usual, any detail has been obscured.

Chief was sleeping when the text came in but I was still up reading the third installment of the “Twilight” series :: ok.. ok.. don’t give me grief! I’ll write about that later :: so I woke him up and told him what she sent.

He was … what’s the word? Not “stunned” so much.. Deflated? Maybe. Sad? Definately. Anyway.. I asked him if he wanted me to texted her back. At first he said to say, “.. good. He’s where he belongs.” but we both knew that that was a knee-jerk reaction. He said he wanted to call her and find out exactly what happened.

He does and he gets her voice mail. Because.. see.. this 38 year old woman has her mother pay her cell phone bill and if she goes over her minutes, her mother cuts it off.

Apparently, she’s close to her minutes.

So I texted her saying that we tried to call and got the voice mail so call us back.

She didn’t. And hasn’t since.

Chief ran the gamut of emotions… from crying because of his son wasting his life to getting angry that his son is wasting his life. At one point, almot inconsolably, he kept on repeating “.. I just wanted him to finish school. I just wanted him to finish school.”

It’s hard seeing your husband like that… it’s even harder to not say the things that you want to say.

Time and a place for everything, eh?

At any rate.. what I did tell him was that if the crack whore came into the store today, I wasn’t holding back.

He might let the whole “.. some father YOU are” line go over his head but as I said to him, I see things through different eyes. I’m all about protecting my family and if HE wasn’t going to defend myself to her accusations, then I sure as hell am.

My question to HER is “.. what kind of a mother are YOU?” … Weed has been living with her for eight months. In those eight months, she has done nothing but enable his lifestyle. Has he even registered for the court ordered G.E.D? No. Has he gotten a job? No. Does he still get wasted on a regular basis and bring all his junkie friends over to crash at her place? Absolutely.

Is he following in HER footsteps… getting all pilled up and pulling robberies to feed his addictions? Oh HELL yes.

I told Chief to just be prepared… I will throw her out of my store. I will tell her that if she tries to set foot in there again while I’m there then I’ll call the police and have her removed.

I told him that if Bubba and Spaz are over there :: which I SO don’t condone :: then it isn’t HIS responsibility to feed them.. it’s HERS and if she doesn’t have food because she illegally swiped her food stamps for cash, then they can come home and eat.

I told him that I’m tired of her drama and bullshit and if he has a problem with that then to let me know now so that I can just wash my hands over everything and go on with my own life.

He said that he DIDN’T have a problem with it.. not one little bit.. and I was so torqued by this time that I responded, “… of course you don’t because you can’t do it yourself.”

That stung but he knew it was the truth. Even in the dark bedroom with the only light coming from the end of his cigarette, I could see that he knew it was.

So while I don’t have any confirmation about what happened, I can actually TELL you what happened.

It seems that whenever Weed is around his loser friend :: read THIS :: he gets arrested.

The Loser has been in jail for awhile but apparently was recently released because I happened to see him yesterday sitting on his front step on my drive home from the shop.

Also turns out that Loser II :: who has been in jail for about 6 months for stealing a municipal bicycle :: was also released.

The Loser thinks he’s some big time Surburban Gangsta who moves around his mindless minions like a checker board. So keeping true to the mathmatical equation of:


You can kind of figure out what happened. They got wrecked.. The Loser came up with the brilliant idea to break into a business and they got caught.

Since I don’t have the actual details :: Weapon? No Weapon? Inside the building? Outside the building? :: I’m not actually sure what he’s looking at. Could be 2 to 5.. could be 5 to 10.

As soon as I know more, I’ll post.

I thought that being laid off was going to give me more time to blog. The Twilight Books aside, I’ve just been crazy busy with a lot of stuff but after this.. and after Chief finally realizing that he had to crack down on Bubba, I should be around the house more to keep everything up to date.

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