It’s been confirmed.

Bubba and Spaz are NOT Chief’s biological children.

I honestly can’t go into the details. I really do wish I could but even though this blog is so generic and vague when it comes to actual details, I still gave my word and if there is one thing that you should know about me is that I will not go back on my word.

The problem that I’m faced with now is not what to do about KNOWING this.. but how do I NOT let it affect how I deal with the boys.

They don’t know.

They’ve been told numerous times by the crack whore but it was usually during times when she was arguing with Chief because she wasn’t getting her way.

As far as Chief’s concerned, they ARE his kids :: biological or not :: and at ages 11 and 14, he is the only father that they know.

He is not going to abandon them.. and he isn’t going to give HER the opportunity to take custody.

If she tries.. and if she forces a DNA test because she’s an idiot that likes to cut her nose off to spite her face then she will be responsible for paying back every dime he ever laid out for them.

She SO goes beyond being a pathetic piece of shit.

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