12 Days and Counting

Posted: July 8, 2009 in Bubba, Chief, Just Me, Weed
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… Bubba came into the store this morning after spending the night at the Crack Whore’s.

Who.. by the way.. had her food stamps filled again so she called in an order for lunch meat. Usually :: if I have to slice it :: I make sure I cut it extra thick. Wrong? Maybe.. but it makes me chuckle and considering everything she’s done to bring chaos into my life it’s the least I can to!

In fact, when she finally got around to picking it up we were just finishing up a huge lunch order for the guys that work in the auto body place across the street.

They’re all good people who spend a lot of money in the shop so Chief makes sure he goes out of his way to be spot on with their orders. The Crack Whore walked in while I was putting all the orders in a box for the mechanic to take back to the garage so I IMMEDIATELY volunteered to walk it across for him.

He laughed because he knows who she is and everything that comes along with her. I just winked at him.

Just as we were walking OUT.. who walks IN but my father in law.

NOTE: Pretty soon I’m going to post something about him and Chief’s mother and his childhood but I don’t have the energy right now. Just let me say that I understand ALL TO WELL why Chief does the things that he does and acts the way he acts sometimes.

Now.. I have a great relationship with his dad so I put the box down, yell out “Hey Handsome!” and give him my usual great big Italian hug. I tell him that I’ll be right back and head out to deliver the lunches.

As we’re crossing the street, the mechanic says to me “… you have your hands full” and I tell him that he has no fucking clue how much of an understatement that was!

I hang out across the street until she leaves and then head back to the store.

When I get back, my father in law tells me that it’s ironic that I’m always giving him a hug when the Crack Whore is there. I laugh. He laughs.

He couldn’t stand her then and he can’t stand her now. In fact, he tried to talk Chief out of seeing her WAY BEFORE she got pregnant. I know that he much prefers me as a daughter in law.. especially after a few months ago. He was in the store with me :: Chief had to drive somewhere to get something :: when she walked in. She said, “.. Hi Mr. XXXXXXXX” and hugged him. When she left, he asked me where he could get a jar of penicillian and a steam shower!

Okay.. got way off track here. Where was I?


So yea.. Bubba came into the shop and while I was in the bathroom, I hear him telling Chief that the “anonymous informant” that Weed is hooking up with ..




Does any one mind if I refer to her as “The Cunt”?

I know it’s a really harsh word.. and I know that it’s a really offensive word.. but that’s what she is. You really have no idea how much hatred I have for her.. and towards Weed for forcing her into my life.

So much hatred that that’s the only word that tempers it.

So if you don’t like it.. I do sincerly apologize but it is my blog.. and this blog is about my life so I really feel that I shouldn’t have to censor myself.

On to it…

So Bubba tells Chief that the Cunt slept over the Crack Whore’s with Weed. Chief said that he didn’t want to know… it was none of his business and he really didn’t care.

Excuse the visual, but I’m sitting on the toilet hearing all this.. and more then a few things cross my mind.

1. You [Chief] knows what goes on in that apartment. You know that the Crack Whore is called the “Crack Whore” for a reason. You know that Weed is only straight for the length of time it takes to wake up and reach over to the end table to grab a pill or pipe or bowl. You know that if the Cunt is around, so are pills or powders or pot… how do you not care that your 14 year old and 11 year old spend time there?

2. The Crack Whore knows just as much as we do that the Cunt was the “anonymous informant” .. and yet it’s just all fine.. well.. and peachy that the man who you say, “… I don’t love him anymore but he’s still the father of my kids so I care about what happens to him” was arrested because of what she said.

3. I keep forgetting that I’m dealing with junkies. I’ve never had to deal with Junkies before so I guess it just catches me off guard how selfish, self centered and narcassistic they are.

4. Junkies lie about everything and have lost too many brain cells to realize that you DON’T believe what they’re saying.. even if THEY’VE convinced themselves that it is the truth.

And so I’ve come to the conclusion that after Chief’s next court date :: July 21st :: I will spew everything that I’ve been holding in. Provided that July 21st is the end of this nightmare. There’s a probability that it will be.. but also a possibility that it will continue one more time.

My fear is if I cause drama now, it will somehow alter the case… and that’s the last thing I want to do.

So I’ll throw the dogs of war some raw beef and hold my tongue until everything is over. Until then, I plan to make myself scarse whenever Weed, The Cunt or the Crack Whore is around.

  1. auroracoda says:

    YAY! Holding your tongue for the appropriate moment….ooooh how proud I am of you!

    And then, when the time is right…I say GET EM SISTA!!!!

    :) >:D< Still sick but still lurking and reading. Miss you too.

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