Harper’s Island: Trying Logic On For Size

Posted: June 9, 2009 in Harper's Island, Just Stuff
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You know those logic puzzles that you find in puzzle books? The one’s where it’s basically a grid and there are like 5 or 6 questions that you’re logically suppose to figure out who has what?

I can NEVER do those things… but I was thinking that information is coming fast and semi-furious now that maybe it’ll light a candle somewhere.

So what do we know already?

Cousin Ben made it to the boat, but not the island. He was tied to and chopped up by the boat’s propeller. Minor character.. really don’t think his death has any direct impact because his body was fish bait before it could ever be found.

Uncle Marty had the money at one time. Not too sure if his death could be minor or a missing puzzle piece. I seriously don’t think it’s major to the plot line of Wakefield / Abby but could plug in some of the holes in the under story.

Fire Pit Girl was :: imho :: completely minor except for her little dog GiGi.. somehow, that dog always shows up places that cause mayhem for the wedding party.

Hunter also had the money.. rather, found the money on his boat but who’s splitting hairs? I think his death is minor and was only used to further suspicion that the murders had something to do with Wellington :: Marty had a confrontation with Wellington.. Hunter blackmailed Wellington.. etc. ::

The Reverend being killed was obviously so tht the head spade could be planted in the chandelier OR possibly did he know something about Sarah / Wakefield such as Abby really being Wakefield’s daughter. His story is definitely hidden in flashbacks.

Booth also had the money and wound up dead. Albeit a self inflicted gun shot to the leg but dead none the same. Interesting .. if minor .. death but was his death really an accident? I have no doubt that he actually IS dead.. thing being a common thread on the internet

Malcolm also had the money adn wound up dead! Now, this one I have a few thoughts about :: and if you come up with anything let me know :: Was he in the wrong place at the wrong time? His killing doesn’t necessarily have the flair of the others :: hello, fire pit girl :: so maybe he was killed FOR the money by someone who was not responsible for the other deaths.

Thomas Wellington random victim or planned? Initially it seemed that everyone connected with Wellington was being killed.. and given that they weren’t unfamiliar with Harper’s Island I think the thought process was that all this centered around the Wellingtons. Now that Abby has been confirmed as the key to the puzzle, I’m thinking that the head spade wasn’t necessarily meant for him. Pretty grusome way to die, though

Richard death should then fall in the lines with Wellingtons. He was a random victim nabbed at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

Goth Girl a little more thought needs to go into this one since she had her eyes filled with red ink AND there was a newpspaer clipping with a picture of the sherrif with his eyes colored red… So how does she fit in? She seems to have been “targeted” at least in the sense that she didn’t trip a wire or fall in a pit. So why? Is there more of a connection between her and Abbey then originally thought? Her mother died at Wakefield’s hands too.. there has to be more to this then what’s been blown away on the surface.

JD was not so much “unexpected” but I thought it would have come in a later episode. Was it obvious that he was killed becasue he started finding out too much about the killer OR was Henry just sick of his bullshit? OR :: this just popped into my head :: when Abby and Jimmy let Shane out of jail and then HE went after JD?

Other questions that popped into my head as I was writing this…

What’s the significance of the red ink in Goth Girl’s eyes.. and the eyes redded out on the picture of the Sheriff in the paper?

What about the dirt in Malcolm’s room the day after Booth died and the shower being on?

Where is the money now?

What is the significance of “Ave Maria”, the song that played when Abby received a call on her cell after Wellington was killed?

What I’m finding more and more about this show is NOTHING is fluff. Everything apparently means something in conjunction with something else.

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