Harper’s Island Recap – Episode 8

Posted: June 9, 2009 in Harper's Island, Recaps
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Okay.. this is a few days late. Apologies to anyone who looks forward to these… there was just some nastiness that I had to handle.


So looks like things are really starting to move along now.

After capturing JD, the Sheriff takes him to the jail where he’s in the cell next to Shane :: the dude who thought he killed Kelly, The Goth Girl, so he tried to hang him a few episodes ago ::

Shane is talking crap about how JD told him this about the murders and that about the murders. Crap that an a spot-on Sheriff KNOWS is crap.

He takes JD into an interrogation room and and starts questioning him. JD has this ‘fuck you’ but winds up telling him where to find Burned Man.

The Sheriff heads out there and lo and behold.. what does he come across in the woods? Lucy’s little dog GiGi oh yea.. and a trip wire that sends this tree spike right into his thigh.

GiGi may look like a wet, shrivled up rat :: said with love and respect :: but I’m sure the Sheriff got the worse end of the deal here.

As he’s laying there the proverbial ominous figure appears over him and it’s none other then the Burned Man.

Burned Man bring him back to his cabin and they have a little chit chat .. most notably about a journal that Wakefield kept in jail with everything in it to easily make a copy cat killer.

NOTE: We also find out that Burned Man and JD’s father were close enough friends for him to visit Burned Man when he was in the hospital with.. well.. burns.

Worried that the Sheriff would bleed out in his cabin :: and then how would he explain that?? :: he took the book and left only to be pierced in the shoulder with an arrow. Getting the Sheriff’s attention, the Sheriff narrowly missed getting hit with an arrow by diving to the floor. Burn Man gets another arrow in the heart causing him to drop the bag carrying the journal and the lantern which promptly sets the cabin on fire..

MEANWHILE… JD is back in the cell next to Shane and their having their jailbird version of a pissing contest. Shane starts to choke JD through the bars and if the deputy hadn’t come in when he did I’m sure we wouldn’t be wondering how JD met his fate at the end.

The deputy breaks it up only to have the lights go out and a shot fired. The deputy is dead and big tough Shane turns into a little bitch.

When the lights come back on, JD realizes that he can reach the keys to the cell that the deputy had dropped when he was shot. He reaches for them.. opens his cells and flies.

Shane did beg for the keys so that he could let himself out but JD is a better person then I am. Where I would have pocketed them and booked, JD tossed them back near the Sheriff.. just out of Shane’s reach.. in a puddle of blood.

MEANWHILE… everyone at the inn is getting ready to head down to the marina to get the hell out of dodge. Shea realizes that Madison is missing and does a mild freak out. Someone says that maybe Richard took her and there’s a moment of spazoid-iness but I didn’t pay too much attention to it because WE already know that Richard didn’t do anything but get harpooned.

Henry tells the crew that he needs their help finding Madison so they split up an d set about finding the little brat.

NOTE: Sorry, not a Madison fan today

Cal, Chloe, Trish and Shae reluctantly go down into the basement and find themselves near the incinerator room. Even though Shae insists that Madison wouldn’t dear go in there, they decide to search anyway and find a gruesome handprint on the incinerator door. Cal opens the door and sifting through the ash, see a human skull. I’m sure Shae is about to have a major meltdown but Cal assures her that it is an adult skull.. not a child’s.

NOTE: I had forgotten that Cal was a doctor! Good thing, huh? Have a feeling his “skills” will come in handy IF he doesn’t get killed off.

MEANWHILE.. Abby, Henry and Catherine search outside..

NOTE: Why wouldn’t Trish go with Henry?

.. and stumble across Richards harpooned body on a HUGE.. I mean HUGE tree trunk. I guess their shock prevented them from getting “too” dramatic at having found Richard’s body.. then again, maybe nobody really like him anyway.. who knows.

BUT.. it is then that Abby’s cell rings with ANOTHER ominious call. .this time it’s Madison saying that she will be killed if anyone leaves the island.

NOTE: I have to type this before I forget but there’s a theory that the murder is Maggie, the Inn Keeper. If so, she could have gotten Madison to follow her lead by saying they were playing a game or something.

The trio rush back to the inn. They discover that right after Madison’s call, the cell phones go dead. They need to call the Sheriff. The phones at the Inn don’t work either.


They tell everyone left on the island :: basically all the main / semi main characters :: about Richard and the phone call.

Sully, Beth, Chloe and Cal are like, “.. the hell with this.” and tell everyone they are leaving.

Shae and Trish naturally aren’t too happy about this but the issue is quickly set aside because the lights go out.

Quick thinking Maggie leads the group to where they keep the skeet shooting rifles and they arm themselves. Maggie tells Henry that there is a generator but that it’s really old. Henry thinks he’ll be able to fix it.

NOTE: Aren’t there laws about having working generators and stuff?

Just as he’s about to head out, they hear something and turn to see a shadow approaching one of the french doors.

They almost kill Jimmy who came to the inn saying that the last boat left the island. I think he said he came to the inn too because he didn’t see Abby on the boat. Not sure.

Anyway.. Henry and the Black Frat boy head down to the generator and using Jimmy’s truck, make it work.

MEANWHILE… Jimmy and Abby head over to the Sheriff’s department where they find the radio broken.. the dead Deputy and Shane bargaining to be let out in exchange for him telling Abby where her father was.

That happens and Jimmy and Abby head towards Burned Man’s cabin.

Once there.. the Sheriff tells Abby to get the bag out of the fire.

NOTE: Okay… so Burned Man told the Sheriff that all this has to do with Abby.. Burned Man is now stuck to the cabin wall with arrows and on fire.. so WHO does the Sheriff tell to go back outside.. Abby of course!! Idiot.

They want to take him to the hospital but the Sheriff insists on going to the Marina .. :: Not sure why. I might have missed something :: ..

MEANWHILE.. Scully, Beth, Chloe and Cal are heading to the Marina also because Braniniac Cal wants to steal a boat to get off the island.

As they climb into this little speedboad looking thing.. Cal changes his mind… if something happened to Madison, he wouldn’t be able to live with his conscience knowing that they left. He puts his hand out to Chloe to join him. She said she’s scared, he said he is too but she gets out of the boat.


They’re trying to guilt Beth into getting off when they fast flash to someone running down one of the piers.

Scully :: i think :: says it’s JD and they all go chasing after him.

MEANWHILE… Abby, Jimmy and the Sheriff arrive at the marina. Oh wait.. that’s it.. he wanted to go to the marina because he wanted Jimmy to take Abby to the mainland!

But she doesn’t want to go.. saying “I’m not leaving this time” :: insert pouty lip and foot stomping here :: so with a shotgun in hand, her and Jimmy take off.

Not sure why they split up.. I believe Jimmy heard something and told her to keep put which really doesn’t make sense to me because if there’s a killer running around, why would you leave your girlfriend by herself?

Anyway.. Abby hears a noise and of course, goes to investigate. If there’s one thing that creeps me out is that slow walk down a dark path where every single noise gives you the chicken flesh and spooks you!

She winds up stumbling on JD.. holding a blood spurting stomach. Abby asks him who stabbed/shot/whatever him and all he can hiss out is “… it’s all about you.”

A figure appears behind Abby and when she turns around.. it’s Henry. Covered in blood holding his hands out.

Um.. yea.. we kind of already KNOW that.. so could you at least have given a HINT about who killed you??????

It’s obvious that JD and Burned Man were getting too close to figuring stuff out.. OR .. just the fact that they had Wakefield’s journal put them in danger.

Although.. in all seriousness.. I think the journal is just fluff.

The ending does give a little credence to a sect of people who believe Henry is the killer. I toss that one back and forth but I really don’t think Henry killed JD.

Could it have been Shane? Is JD’s murder like Booths? Dead but not at the hands of the killer?

It seems that all the “Wakefield” murders are brilliant designs.. Cousin Ben tied to the propeller, Uncle Marty halfed and strung up a tree, The Reverend strung up, killed and then pieced onto a catfish line.. Hunter and the shotgun contraption.. Wellington and the head spade.. Richard and the Harpoon… you see what I’m saying?

But Booth died accidentally .. and Malcolm appears to have been struck from behind and shoved into the incinerator.

Other then the shock value.. there really isn’t anything too gruesome. yknow?

But we shall see.. there’s only a handful of episodes left so if the rest are anything like this one, we’re in for a bumpy ride!

  1. mysterycanuck says:

    There’s a number of things that I’m still trying to figure out about this episode (and we’ve been exchanging views on our respective blogs), but one of them is that Sully is so hot to get off the island that he’s prepared to sacrifice the life of a nine-year-old girl, and he has a speedboat ready to go — but when Cal says, “Hey, wasn’t that JD running by?” Sully decides that it would be more fun to chase someone he thinks is a murderer around a dark marina. If he’s trying to protect his own life, he’s not doing a very good job if he’s off to chase murderers at the drop of a hat. And Beth, mind you, doesn’t say a word. Apparently she doesn’t know how to drive a boat, or she’s too scared to do so without Sully around.

    • Leese says:

      Sully chasing after JD would probably make sense because he thought JD was the killer… Kill the killer… be the hero.. possibly get Chloe away from Cal? He’s a meathead so I can’t expect him to do anything.. well.. smart!

      And Beth.. well.. she’s basically just window dressing that really should have been put out of my misery episodes ago!!

      My husband thinks the key to the whole things lies with GiGi… but he laughs at me all the time anyway!!

  2. edzcelperk says:

    Hi Leese, since we are also recently discussing things in our blogs as well but what about Jimmy?

    I have not seen any comments about Jimmy didn’t you even think about him? or the wedding planner? The stories are way confusing me already. At one point, I even thought of Trish’s sister.

    This is such a brilliant show that’s trying to screw our minds up haha.. can’t wait for the 9th episode!

    • Leese says:

      Hey Edzcel…
      At one point I did think it was Jimmy… then I didn’t.. and now (after Episode 9) I’m thinking that maybe he does have something to do with it! You’re right.. every week gets more confusing.. as soon as I think I have all the puzzle pieces together.. a few hundred more appear!!!

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