Posted: May 28, 2009 in Friends, Goober Files


.. I will tell you right off the bat that THIS is one of those things that you really needed to be there for.

I’ll try as hard as I can.. but I seriously doubt I’m going to be able to translate this in a way where you’ll be bent over trying not to pee yourself.

Goober was in the Air Force and one of the places he was stationed was Alaska.

It was there that he met the woman who would 1) become his wife 2) give birth to his daugher :: um.. may not be in that sequence, I don’t remember! :: and 3) became his ex.

Since The Goob lives far, far away from both Alaska AND his daughter.. it is a very rare opportunity that he can afford to fly and see her.

It just so happened that he changed positions in the company that he worked for that involved A LOT of traveling AND as it happened, one of the places he had to travel to was Alaska.

I used to call him all the time when he was on the road.. I just thought that living out of suitcases three weeks out of the month.. staying in hotels.. eating meals :: ahem :: alone… you know, you’d want to hear a friendly voice to pass the time

Anyway.. so Goober was in Alaska and he was telling me that Moose :: Meese? LOL :: roam freely around the area that he was in. I can’t remember if he told me that the local take Moose Poop :: which look like little pebbles :: and paint them gold for tourists.. of if that fact was one of the random things that develop in my imagination!

Anyhoo… so he was telling me that moose have a very, very .. um.. distinct.. mating call and had I ever heard it?

Now, living in the city, the only moose I ever came in contact with was Bullwinkle and I seriously doubted that there was a cartoon episode where Bullwinkle sounded the moose mating call. Well.. MAYBE if he secretly had a “think” for Rocky but.. yknow.. who am I to question.

Anyway.. so The Goob proceeds to make this mating call which sounded like a cross between a very loud cow and a minor character from the movie SCREAM.

I literally got hysterical.

I have a big ol’ belly laugh anyway. In fact, people tell me that THEY laugh just because I laugh… so you can imagine how hard I was laughing. I literally had to cross my legs an do the “pee-pee” dance.

The FUNNIEST part of the whole thing was… Goober was in a McDonald’s drive thru.. at lunchtime.

Now.. imagine this 6’4″ :: a’ight already! 6’2″ :: Paul-Bunyon-esque of a man sitting in a rental car making loud moose mating call noises in a drive thru line.

I kept on asking him to do it … and to his credit, he did. But eventually, the line kept moving along and pretty soon, you guessed it! He was in front of the ordering box!

Honest to God, you had to be there! It was THE funniest damn thing!

So now, of course, ever once in awhile I’ll leave him a voice mail making the moose mating call!

NOTE: If you’ve never heard it.. then PLEASE google it! It’ll all make sense then!

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