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Spaz was at the shop this afternoon when I got there after work. He didn’t have a particularly good day at school and told me his teacher was going to email me.. he then asked me if  he could tell me something in the back.

So we go back there and he tells me that Bubba was being a real bastard :: my word :: this morning.

NOTE: Bubba and Spaz CANNOT be in the same room together without a fight breaking out. It’s to the point where Bubba is only home when he really has to be and Spaz can’t say a sentence without trying to blame Bubba for the ills of the world. It gets very tense.. very frustrating.. and makes it impossible to take them anywhere together or even be near them.

It got so bad that both of them couldn’t be at the store in the morning without fighting and bickering and baiting each other. So for the last few months, Bubba has been leaving for school from the house and I would bring Spaz to the shop.

Before we got the van :: did I mention we got a van? No? Oh.. we got a van :: Chief would sometimes have to take my Mom-Mobile to the wholesalers before the store opened which meant, inevitably, I would be late for work.

Now, with the van, he can do what he needs to do and I can still be out of the house by 7 and get to work on time. The only problem was WHAT TO DO WITH SPAZ?

The answer was simple.. they were going to have to grow the hell up.. act like they are 11 and 14 and leave for school on time. I did it when I was their age. Younger, actually.

So we tried it one morning and Bubba wound up staying in his room until it was time to leave so there was no drama.

The SECOND time Bubba pulled an attitude and said that he will THIS WAS THE LAST TIME that Spaz was going to leave from the house.

Like.. yea.. he has just SO much say.. the little prince.

So today, Spaz asked Chief if he could leave from home and Chief said sure. Bubba went off again and Chief ripped into him. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth so I didn’t hear what was said but when Chief hollars.. he HOLLARS.

So the day didn’t start off well… so when Spaz said he wanted to talk to me, I kind of figured it was about something that happened this morning.

He told me that Bubba kept saying the “F” word.

Right or wrong, FUCK is used alot in our house. And although it really isn’t a justification, it was already being used frequently by Chief and Weed when I moved in and I use it more then my mother would like so it isn’t unrealistic to think that Bubba would say it to. He doesn’t say it in front of me or Chief but I believed Spaz 100% when he said that Bubba told him to “… get the fuck out of the house” or called him “.. a fat fuck”.

What I do take an issue with is that he told Spaz that nobody loves him.. which is Spaz’s achille’s heel.

But worse then that, supposedly, Bubba told Spaz that their crack whore mother wanted to get an abortion when she found out she was pregnant with him.

THAT.. THAT.. was a low blow.. even for Bubba. I know he meant to be hurtful but I don’t think he knows just how deep Spaz’s baggage is when it comes to his mother leaving. It’s bad enough that she never makes time for him and it always seems like he has to beg for her attention. So hearing that was NOT going to help his self esteem any.

Right away, I got defensive for him and said, “… what does he know? He was like 3.”

Chief asked me what was going on and I told him.

He.. very non-chalently.. said, “.. Oh, she wanted to abort Bubba too.”

I gave him a look like .. SHUT UP!!. and rolled my eyes towards Spaz.

I was shocked. Maybe not really “surprised” given that there are times when Chief admits that Bubba and Spaz may not really be his.. and given the fact that she did nothing but .. well.. “run” I don’t think is an accurate description since she was stripping, prostituing and had a web-sex cam gig all while he was working his ass off providing for her and the kids.

Yea.. deep, right?

I told you she was a cunt.

I know how Chief feels about abortion. Being raised in the Pentecostal church, he is definately Pro-Life.. but he told me when we first met that he couldn’t tell a woman what to ultimately do with her body.

I guess he feels differently towards it when the woman in question is his wife but whatever… it just confirmed, for me, that maybe these kids aren’t his and that was the reason why she wanted to abort them.

Maybe it’s just … I don’t know.. the universe just feels a little off kilter right now.

I’m not going to bring it up.. I really have no reason to and what happened in their marrige really isn’t any of my concern or business.

It just makes me think.

Okay.. so not only did I have to wait two weeks for Episode 6 but.. BUT.. I also had to watch it over the internet with a glitching broadband connection.

But it was worth it!

If you don’t watch it already, START!

It’s not to late. You can catch up REALLY easily!! You won’t regret it!


So we definately know that Mr. Wellington got a face so full of metal that there is no possible way that he’s alive.

NOTE: The Blog-O-Sphere was running rampant with the notion that he didn’t really die. I guess probably because they hadn’t shown the dead body.

At any rate, I really liked the way the opening scene was filmed / edited… Wellington is dead.. everybody is in shock.. Madison  is screaming… Richard :: his son in law who is having an affair with his wife :: is throwing his jacket over Wellington’s face… Trish is going ballistic :: understandably :: and a blood-splash Henry is trying to hold her together.

The sheriff arrives and right away tries to take control, telling everyone to get out of the church but remain on the premises. Um.. dude.. they’re on an ISLAND!

Katherine :: the second wife having an affair with Richard the step son :: is in such shock that I don’t think the thought of how she was written in his will crossed her mind.


The sheriff tries to escort her out but yknow.. the guilts got the benefit of her and she collapsed into Sheriff’s arms. OR.. she may have just wanted to press her breasts on another man.

Once outside, everyone starts walking away from the church when Abby’s cell phone rings and UNKNOWN CALLER shows jup.  She answers it but only the music of AVE MARIA is playing. She hastily closes the phone.

Meanwhile.. Madison spots JD :: Henry’s spooky-scary brother :: hiding in the woods.

NOTE: That scene actually gave me the chicken flesh!

JD puts a finder over his mouth like, “SHHH!!” for the blood soaked Madison not to give him away.

The Sheriff and the coroner look over the body and there WAS something I wanted to comment on but I forgot what it was. I don’t think it was anything pertinent to the story.. more so something randomly funny. But with this show.. randomly funny COULD turn into something pertinent so if I remember, I’ll edit this post.

The Sheriff then goes over to the hotel to interview Trish and her family. Richard gives this big kum-by-ah speech but Trish spills the beans to Richard’s wife :: Shay, Trish’s sister :: that her husband is banging Katherine.

The Sheriff overhears it and when he interviews Richard, Richard confesses that he hated Wellington and that him screwing around with Katherine was just to shove it to him.

Well, he was actually shoving it to Katherine but I won’t split hairs here.

Meanwhile… JD breaks into Abby’s room. He tells her that his “big” secret :: the one that he threatened Henry with last week :: was that he put a Roman candle in the Unity Candle at the church :: Ahh! That’s why there was a spent firecracker in the church! :: but that he found something in the forest that he wanted to show her. She resists but he insists.. talking about how Wakefield is alive.

NOTE: A few espisode ago :: before I started the recaps :: one of the island locals tried to hang JD believing that he was responsible for the hanging of his old girlfriend Kelly that swore she would see John Wakefield. When Abby stumbled across the scene, she made up a story about Wakefield still being alive in order to save JD.

Abby told him that she made that up but he was adiment. When they get into the forrest, JD pulls a knife and it looks like he’s going to spaz but instead, they look up and see a hanging body way up in the tree. JD cuts it down and it turns out to be his Uncle Marty :: who was killed in the first episode ::

When Abby runs into Henry, she tells him what they found but when JD pops out from the bushs, saying that it was Wakfield, Henry goes ape shit on him.

The sherrif slaps cuffs on JD and locks him into the kitchen .. meanwhile, Henry and Abby confront the sherrif with data from his attic. Is Wakefield alive? Why does he have an attic full of information indicating that he isn’t.. complete with a fingerprint from after Wakefield was supposedly killed with a note on it saying that it’s a 98% match to the murder? Abby tells him that they are going to dig up the grave and the Sheriff says he isn’t going to stop them.

So they do… and they find a body. Of course , you can’t tell WHO the skeleton belongs TO but it satisfies them. Not the brightest crayons in the box, yknow?

The Sheriff apologies to Abby for sending her away. Saying the he didn’t want him to see him a broken man and that the things he said about her mother :: one of Wakefield’s victims :: was just out of anger.

What could he have said? That she was a whore? Hmm.. inquiring minds want to know!

Meanwhile.. Madison lets JD out of the locked kitchen and he takes off.

Meanwhile.. Richard is talking to his lawyer on the cell phone while walking around the hotel grounds and gets impaled by a HUGE sea spear that swings out of nowhere and goes right throw him. He looks up to see his daughter, Madison, in the window of her room playing cards. He tries to get her attention and you see her looking out the window but he is pulled backwards and disappears.

Madison continues to look out the window but we see it from her perspective and she was actually looking at her reflection and NOT at her father being impaled.

JD.. now running from the Sheriff.. runs through the woods and winds up at the house of the burned man.


On a lighter note.. but maybe not..

Chloe and Cal :: her English boyfriend :: make an appearance. Being stuck on a sail boat without wind is the excuse for them not being in the previous episode. They go into the Cannery bar to make a phone call and witness a couple celebrating their engagement with a ring the dude found on the beach.

NOTE: The ring belonged to Cal. He had bought it to propose to Chloe but they got into an argument :: I think :: and she through his clothes in the ocean. The ring that was in his pocket fell out and he thought it was lost for good.

He asks the dude for it back but that wasn’t going to happen so he tells Chloe what happened and she goes up to the dude and slaps him in the face pretending to be his jilted lover. The girl wearing the ring gets mega pissed and throws the ring across the room where Cal dives for it.

Fast forward and Cal and Chloe are laying in bed. He tells her that he IS going to propose to her but not on that day.. the day where her best friend’s father got sliced and diced.

He turns away from her and I SWEAR TO GOD he had this look on his face that made me think that this dude is just not a bit player.. that he has something more going on..

Like.. oh.. I don’t know.. maybe HE’S the killer?

Okay.. so I spent the last 14 hours listening to this album and I think my first review was both a little harsh and a lot uneduated!

I . LOVE . IT!

If you take each song on it’s one and remove the whole “concept” idea.. it’s a great album.

In fact, I don’t think there is one song that I don’t hate. Maybe not like as much as others but definitely don’t “hate”.

And the drums… omg.. the drums! LOVE ’em.

I’m glad I didn’t write it off althogether and chose something else to listen to today … initially I figured, “… hell, I paid 15.00 for this download, dammit!”

But it was WELL WORTH the 15 bucks!!


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So after two weeks of 85+ degree weather, I finally sucked it up and went into the attic to get my summer clothes.

I brought everything down.. sorted.. washed.. ironed.. organized and put away.

And for what?

For the weather to change back to the mid 50s.

Well.. let’s not use the word “diet” .. for ego sake, we’ll say ‘EATING RIGHT”.


That’s the ticket!!

Anyway.. I was discussing this with Chief yesterday and :: God love him :: he’s willing to do what HE has to do to help me.

This may be a little bit TOO much information so I’ll see if there’s a way that I can make it PG .. or at LEAST PG13..

Ok. R. I’ll see if I can at least reduce it from an X to an R!!!!!

There’s one particular … um.. “position” that Chief likes but I’m WAY too self conscience now to indulge him in.

:: alright, so that’s not so bad ::

Will the thought of wearing tank tops without arm wings keep me from eating things I shouldn’t? No. Will the thought of not having my upper thighs touch :: only a little :: prevent me form shoving a glazed donut in my mouth?


But a page out of the Kama Sutra?

Oh yea, baby! Not THAT will make me sew my mouth up and suck ice through a straw!

So far today I’ve been doing pretty good. For breakfast I had coffee with skim milk (withOUT the 4 teaspoons of sugar!) and a plain toasted bagel with nothing on it.

For lunch I had a piece of grilled chicken :: no marinade :: with lettuce, tomato, pepperjack cheese, bacon and honey mustard in a wheat wrap and finished that off with a small banana.

NOTE: bacon and pepper jack cheese aren’t the BEST things but it was what the cafeteria had to offer and beside, I’m not going to go to extremes. Considering everything I didn’t eat already, two pieces of bacon and a slice of cheese isn’t going to put me over the edge!

In all honesty, I probably won’t eat anything else today. I’m more a drinker then eater and usually when I have lunch I’m not even hungry for dinner.

I also know that THAT isn’t the healthiest thing for me either.. I know all about the six small meals a day .. keeping your metabolism up.. etc.

But give me a chance here… I’ll work it in! I just have to get the prep work in.

Thankfully, Chief knows what he’s doing as far as portioning and the what not so I’m feeling pretty confident.

Tonight, I’m going to take the dogs for a nice long walk. It’s suppose to be pretty cool considering what the weekend was like so it’ll be the perfect time to start the routine!