Getting My Thoughts Together

Posted: May 21, 2009 in Just Me
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Last night.. rather really early this morning.. I read a really long comment posted by Auroracoda on THIS post.

I was in NO position to read anything last night but I get so excited about long anythings :: shut up! :: that I read through it and immediately started to type a reply.

Bad move.

I could bearly keep my eyes open.. In fact, I was SO tired that Chief’s snoring was almost like a lullaby.. but I started typing typing typing and then I realized that it made no sense.. it was all over the map without a flow.

I may never have taken a journalism or creative writing course but I’ve read enough books and articles in my lifetime to know that THIS WAS NOT GOOD.

Especially on that particular post, I really just needed to be clear, focused and concise. Her reply and her view deserve that respect.

So I offer my apology and promise to get my shit together!!

  1. auroracoda says:

    Ewwww you’re going to TOUCH it? hehehe Sorry, old childhood response whenever someone said “Get my shit together”

    I await your reply. :)

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